Such is life

Thankiu so much for all your suggestions! We couldn’t do anywhere far (ie: Sabah, Redang, Perhentian) cause I’m already going to Sabah later and cause we don’t have money wtf.

But thanks to you guys, I think I’m gonna go Serendah and check out some of the food places too!! Except that now I’m quite wary about eating Malaysian food after lau sai-ing like shit yesterday thanks to the chilli pan mee T_____T Actually I don’t even know what gave me the food poisoning… the fake guava I bought from Cameron Highlands, the chilli pan mee or the maggi goreng at mamak….

Anyway I have SOOOOOOOOOOOOO many pictures to post up! We took like 3560 pictures in Cameron hahahaha. Brace yourself for an actual eternity of pictures coming your way soon wtf

As for shanshan, she’s here! All my friends were so excited to see her! As usual I’ve been the butt of all jokes since I came back and they kept saying stuff like “Eh where is shanshan, why you came back without her, go back lah” wtf and they said they’d call me and go “Put shanshan on the phone please” or “Who’s this? Where’s shanshan?” hahahahha stupid friends!

So it was funny to actually see them meet her. Everyone suddenly turned quiet and shy and forgot all the where’s shanshan jokes they once made =_____= We were at a mamak and I saw my sister and her friends and some of my other friends and people kept coming to my table just to see shanshan!!! Not forgetting the fact that I probably haven’t seen these people in a year…..

They’d just pop by and say “shanshan you’re so pretty I’ve heard so much about you” then ciao. OI ME LEH, YOUR SISTER/FRIEND???? *goes to a corner and draws circle

Anyway such is life wtf. I’m going to KL today to do the usual touristy stuff! So sad cause I’m scared of eating now so will probably not eat much wuwu. Will update soon when I have time to even breathe!


  1. Kenny says:

    when u went to cameron? and how many days?

    I just back from cameron, went on last wednesday and came down on thursday.
    The last time I visited cameron was about 9 years ago..hahaha!
    This time around I went with my friends and because now is not peak season, so the accommodation is fairly cheap and less crowded.
    I do not know why they never at least put a ceiling fan cause sometimes when there is no wind, I can feel the hotness..

    Hope you upload those PRETTY PICS of YOU and your friend ShanShan ASAP..hahaha!

  2. Stefanie says:

    Oh shanshan!! I’m a fan of yours!! Miss you so much(not like I see you everyday in MHC)!! Haha..
    Suet, you should go easy on the spices. Our stomachs need to get use to it all over again after spending a year or so spice free.
    P/s: The shanshan part was just to irritate you.. Haha..

  3. Michelle says:

    Sweat, you’ve been to HK for exchange before right? I was just wondering, how do they mark their papers there? Is it by marks or do they give Pass or Fail?

    I’m planning for an exchange to HK next year. Thanks. 🙂

  4. amanda says:

    urgh food poisoning huh.. probably one of the most awful sickness of all.. get well soon ya! hehe.. looking forward to your pics even tho it’ll be a lot!! 😀

  5. ap says:

    hello shanshan i miss u! hihi i’m back to stalk shanshan on your blog yayzzz i love your carousel pic makes me realise i havent laughed so much im short of air for a long time~

  6. melody says:

    why your friends soooooooo cuteeeeeeee oneeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!
    hahahahahaha yayyyyy happy happy happy!!!
    can’t wait for the eternity of picturesssss!!!!!! more plssss!!! hahaha

  7. Angie says:

    haha i saw u and shanshan and barry at yu kee bkt on thursdaY! couldn’t stop staring at you guys! haha, such a nice surprise to have seen u guys! especially since i’ve been reading your blog! :):)

  8. CraSH says:

    i agree with some commenters.. your system is getting adjusted to chilli since you havent have it for awhile. usually i will stay away from hawker food for 2-3 days to get my system ready for the binge!! haha…

    well, looks like you are having fun in msia and shanshan is such a cutie. pls update and send our regards to shanshan!!

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