Being a tourist

Sorry I have been away for so long! I think this is the longest I’ve gone without internet for a while. You have no idea how tired I am now ;______; Seriously I can’t feel my body anymore and I can’t even think straight now. It’s been a super jam packed two weeks for me. All that traveling and bringing a tourist around don’t sound tiring but trust me, they suck out every single muscle and grain of energy from a good way.

I’m gonna skip Cameron’s pictures and post the more recent ones first cause I have yet to take the pictures from my friends! So here are pictures of what I’ve been up to this entire week. I have no energy to write too much and I’m sure there will be lotsa typos so be warned!

Shanshan! Who is the most challenging tourist ever *faints

Went to Batu Caves! Let me tell you what happened right before this picture was taken.

That stupid monkey stole my drink T___T

I was posing for that picture with my empty 100 plus can when this monkey RAN full speed at my direction!!! I panicked and didn’t know what to do so I threw the can at him wtf. He took it and tried drinking from it but hahah it was empty serves you right!

Inside Batu Caves

Ate banana leave rice 😀

Went to KLCC of course!

Pictures are totally not in chronological order at all (I feel like dying now damn tired but die die must finish this blog post)

Are you confused about this picture? Be confused no more for here is the explanation wtf:

It’s physically impossible for me to wink/close one eye so I always have to manually use my finger to close my eye to take a picture with Clement’s camera cause I have to look through the viewfinder or something

Shanshan thought this was funny so she took this picture of me. Barry the kelehfeh on the other hand, was trying to block me so I don’t accidentally fall into the lake hahaha

True story.

I also look like I’m shitting

Anywayyy, to take your mind off that unflattering pose of mine, here’s a picture of us with super long bodies wtf

Don’t have to go slimming centers all, just get a camera with wide lense!

Went to Sky Bar next, which is just right next to KLCC (rooftop of Traders’ Hotel)

All of us. Me, Barry, Shanshan, Matt (Clem’s friend from the US), and Clem

Amazing view of KLCC and the city here

A Guinness girl at heart

Intermission wtf

HAHAHA I wrote this on Shanshan’s palm and told her these are the words she should know before we went to Petaling Street!

Was so tempted to write swear words and tell her they mean something else wtf

Pukimak engkau: You are very kind

Bodoh sial: Ah, this price is too much!

Balik rumah tanam jaggung lah: I think this is a very nice country

Went kelabbing with Maria and Ser Siang!

Barry and I


Will continue in my next post!!!! I still have 20+ pictures of Serendah and 50+ pictures of Cameron wtf

Stay tuned yo


  1. strawberry says:

    HAHAHAHAHHA the monkey part is very cute!! if i were you, i’d surely run away screaming!! did you teach shanshan to say “malaysia boleh!!!” to the airport immigration officers on the day she left m’sia??

  2. amber says:

    kelefeh.. i like the word, LOL… i can totally imagine the scene if ur bf isn’t there. pu tong! there u are, in the pool, looking gloomy and pissed off, with water dripping off ur baju, wondering how the f*** u ended up in the pool, when just a second ago, u were on earth.

  3. Amanda says:

    you and barry look so sweet together…awww 🙂 he so sweet la, scared you will fall so block u from falling.. urm wat is kelefeh btw? *curious* so happy to finally see BazSuet pics again.. hehe..

    lol you look reli tall in the KLCC pics.. i really thought you’re that tall until u say the wide lense camera part.. i love your heels btw!! so nice..

    shan shan is so pretty btw.. and you also so pretty! enjoyed the pics very much. hope you have enuf rests cos i cant wait to see more, haha..

  4. Coco says:

    Pukimak engkau: You are very kind
    Bodoh sial: Ah, this price is too much!
    Balik rumah tanam jaggung lah: I think this is a very nice country

    HAHAHA I love this part! You’re always so funny.

  5. Nurisya says:

    the monkeys at batu caves are always trying to steal people’s drinks. when i was younger, the monkeys stole the whole plastic bag of drinks from us. traumatized ever since :S

    btw, you look really hot in the last picture.

  6. Tynn says:

    “I feel like dying now damn tired but die die must finish this blog post”

    This is why you’re such an awesome blogger and also my favorite!! 😀

    “Balik rumah tanam jagung lah: I think this is a very nice country”

    This one really cracks me up! HAHAHAA!

  7. junn says:

    hello sweatlee,
    im junn,fans of u n audrey that u met on the digi party, who came with the redqueen..
    remember? (LOL long introduction)
    just to leave a comment here to tell u that: its nice to actually see u in person.u look pretty

  8. CL says:

    Thank god u didn’t teach her the swear words!!! Haha..great pics btw! Can’t imagine if Shan Shan actually says all those in a polite manner thinking they are not swear words!!

  9. sweatlee says:

    baz, dont know wht to reply u’re just next to me wtf

    yin, haha if only i taught her!

    jie, haha im only 156cm!!

    dwee, thanks! yala scared edi dont know what to do! ser siang is from msia and maria lives here too!

    liz, thanks!

    mlt, thanks 😀

    hayley, haha she said she wants to come back! so she likes kuaa

    strawberry, hahah i should right!

    rara, haha ill be in trouble also cause ill be with her!

    charis, hhaha thanks!!

    amber, hahah wont laa! i was very careful!

    aud, dont know wtf simply say!

    amanda, kelefeh is like erm… extra.. extra in a movie or something, those unimportant minor roles wtf. thanks for liking the pics!!

    ky, yeah wei if only..

    joshua, haha! i dunno, ask my readers why they read me!

    coco, haha thanks! i try wtf

    bipolymath, hahah ya hor!so niceee

    xiaopei, thanks!

    chris, yeapp!

    nurisya, yeahh very cunning one they all! thanks 😀

    guanyi, 😀

    tynn, awww thanks!

    junn, helloooo! of course remember! it was nice meeting u too 🙂

    jy, she is!!

    cl, haha me too i’;ll be in trouble if she says them!

    mknight, thanks

    claire, hahah of course!

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