Jungle retreat

This post is about the jungle retreat I brought Shanshan to last week! It’s at Serendah and is called Sekeping Serendah. Google it for their official website and more info, too lazy to include the link now but it’s serendah.com or something. It’s basically some houses/chalets in the jungle where you can go to chill and to be at peace with the nature. It’s not super cheap (about RM100 per person per night) but I think it’s quite worth it!

Thank you readers for letting me know about it!

This is the timber house. We wanted the glass house which is much cooler but they were all taken!

Outdoor shower! I’ve always wanted to try showering naked outside *shy wtf

Much needed aircon in my room! It gets really chilly at night but still very warm in the day

It’s walking distance from the waterfall!

Ok so the picture looks better than the real waterfall actually wtf

Matt and me and barry in the background

Damn fun to go under the waterfall cause it feels like you’re getting massaged…although it hurts like hell wuwu

Using Clem’s underwater camera to camwhore

Lat tali lat tali tan pong to see who has to go up to take care of our belongings wtf

Daniel doing the impossible, swimming into the waterfall. I tried and failed multiple times T__T

Random guy with a giant leaf on his head HAHAHAHAHA

People polluting the river with shampoo!

Went back to swim in the swimming pool instead!

Took a million shots underwater.

I have this SUPER DUPER UGLY picture of me taken, which was our entertainment for the day cause we kept bursting into laughter everytime we saw it. Seriously it’s damn ugly if I put it here I swear my hits will plummet to zero before tomorrow wtf

Let’s all not spoil my current image in your head and move on wtf

Barbecue at night yumssss. One of the best parts of the trip!

Daniel’s buttons got stuck on the hammock and we refused to help him hahahaha

Board game at night!! Bring cards/board games over if you go so you can be entertained at night. Very fun 😀

We also brought Maggi and ate supper while playing!

All of us before leaving. That’s our house surrounded by trees!

Ok as usual I’m dead tired now, have to squeeze in blogging before I sleep and my eyes are already half closed T___T Sorry for all these uninspiring/half-hearted posts! Hopefully they weren’t too dry or something.

P.S: My grades are out! I did very well this semester so I’m very happy 😀 All that hard work has been paid off finallyyy

P.P.S: Going to Phuket next weekend woot!

P.P.P.S: One of the reasons why I’m going to KK, Sabah, is to conduct the US Application Workshop. So if you’re from KK/know someone from there and are interested in learning about the American education, do attend the workshop. I really think it’s an amazing workshop (not just cause I’ll be there lah wtf) and you’ll benefit so much from it. More details HERE.

Please help spread the word!


  1. Dwee says:

    It took me awhile to recognize the guy in the red pants. Lol! Shanshan looks like she is enjoying Malaysia. Lucky to have you as her tour guide, I guess.

    p/s: Really curious. Who lost and had to go get the belongings? =P

  2. Hayley says:

    woohoo looks like so much fun!

    eh post that so called ugly photo of yours la so that we too could have good laugh, lol.. 😛

    happy holiday to you and waiting for more updates! ^^

  3. Amanda says:

    i enjoyed readying your blog post and not it wasnt dry as u tink.. lol. it’s rather funny.. eh show that picture lar.. sure very funny 1. i want to have laugh at u wtf. aww too bad that i’m not in KK or from KK, would have love the chance to meet such a great blogger and listen to the workshop as well.. =(

  4. sweatlee says:

    baz, wtf!!! hahah

    ron, thanks!! 😀

    dwee, haha! why? very different meh! haha i dont remember! we did it a few times to rotate!

    hayley, hahaha dunwan!!! damn ugly one srsly!

    strawberry, why everyone wanna see me ugly T___T wuwuwu

    janice, it’s nice! welcome!

    ycloco, thanks! will do!

    jie, hahaha noooo srsly damnnn ugly!

    n, hahaha! see first!

    bipolymath, only shanshan will look good underwater T___T

    uni student, try it! it’s fun with the right people!

    amanda, haha! thanksss! eh dont want laaa srsly will scare everyone away wtf. aww thanks! dont worry we’re doing it in penang and kl as well! come ok!!

    jy, hahah!! i love doing that

    ap, why nais!! normal only what no meh wtf

    clem, hahaha nooo

    josh, thankiu laaa! is that enough for an incentive wtf. nice what the waterfall! although abit small la but good massage wtf.

    tianchad, yeah i was there! it’s okay, next time!

    annie, ermm it was a olympic i think!

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