To the highlands

This will probably be my last post for a while because I’ll be away for the next 10+ days! I’m going to Phuket on Thursday and will be back on Sunday but then I’m going to KK for a week after that. I’ll be posting an advertorial after this too and I did a quite stupid video for it so must watch ok!

Anywayyy I’m finally posting Cameron’s pictures. Will be back to proper blog posts after this ok! I’m so tired of going out already so I foresee lots of alone time=time to think of proper blog posts after this. Oh wait, I start work right after I come back from KK so don’t think I’ll get to blog much after that too T___T

Summer is always like that for me arghghgh. I never have time at all and there are always too many things to do. Maybe I shouldn’t have interned this summer to finally get one relaxing summer before my life as a student ends. But I can’t imagine waking up everyday and not have anything to do either, confirm will die like that!

Okay so I went to Cameron Highlands with my high school friends the other day! I haven’t been there in forever so it was quite fun, especially when you don’t get all sweaty and sticky ๐Ÿ˜€

Snack for the ride! Everyone started complaining once I ripped it open cause they all hate durian. HOW CAN! BLASPHEMY!

Stayed at Clem’s apartment! Our awesome balcony view =D

And of course, steamboat at Cameron is a must! All of us who went except Kai Tzin. Daniel, Swee Win, Heng Li, me, Clem and Matt!

Eh I look light but I’m actually 53 kg ร–ย รถ รถ รถ. Some more I’m so short! Got the shock of my life in Cameron when I found out that I gained 4 kg T________T How did that happen!!! Cut hair already should be lighter what wtf

Me, Kai and Daniel chilling at the balcony woot

What’s life without Heineken!

Played Kings that night!

With Kai in the morning! He’s the photographer (and Clem) for most of the pictures here

At a pretty good tea+scones place. I loveeee scones!

Awesome strawberry sundae at the strawberry farm! Mmm is this why I’m heavier now wtf

Butterfly park! It’s so sad cause this butterfly was dying and couldn’t move and I had to pry it out of my bag ๐Ÿ™ When butterflies reach this size they’ll die ๐Ÿ™

O hai!

HAHAHHA I LOVE THIS BUG!!! IT’S A BUG WITH A FACE!!!! Damn cute! Got mole some more hahaha

Swee Win the scorpion king!!! *mortifiedย ร–

Went to the Boh tea plantation after!

Taking in the smell of tea in the air

There’s a tea cafe all the way up on the hill which is a pretty nice place to chill ๐Ÿ™‚

All of us!

Candid picture of Matt and I wondering how we should pose hahah

By the way, let me show you this awesome picture!!!!!!!1

T____________T tears of joy running down my face. Look at the sun rays! So nice T______T Too bad both kai and i sudah berpunya. Eh sudah berpunya means got lovers already and not pregnant right wtf

I love Cameron! Not hot and so scenic sigh

At the market before heading home!

OH YEAH GUYS DON’T EVER BUY THE GUAVA APPLE OK!!! It’s super yummy and it’s supposed to be preserved guava. We bought soooo much of it and found out later that it’s just guava soaked in sugar and coloring wuwuwu

And then while going down the hill…………….tragedy struck. Our car broke down T____T

Had to send it to the mechanic for a couple of hours so while waiting..

Photoshoot time! nyehehe

Got more but will post later in an effort to look less vain wtf

And then when we arrived at Perak, the car broke down again and we had to call the tow truck.

Woot! Such rebels, we are. Driving against the general direction hoho

Actually we were just being towed by the tow truck T__T

๐Ÿ™ Super tired by now

Reached home around 12am, 11 hours after departing Cameron. Le sigh, such is life.

Despite the last hiccup, this was such an awesome trip! Especially with people who are as stupid and lame as I am hoho. Although I must say I am always the lamest and stupidest of the lot.

Let me tell you a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!1111

What did Batman say to Robin before they get into the car?



must think first ok!




Ans: Robin, get in the car.

HAHAHHAAHAHHAA I’m so lame how

Ok anywayyy this is the end of my super long post now I shall bid farewell to thee. Don’t abandon me ok I may be busy but I’ll always be here. and you’ll all always be in my heart *points at my heart wtf


  1. fiionx says:

    argh :(, should update earlier. Just bought the guave apple last saturday :(. Noticed it soaked with colouring , no wonder the colour got stain on my shirt and fingers.

  2. now is banana cos got people steal my strawberry name asshole says:

    omfg the butterfly and you look eye to eye at each other!!! the hair on my head and arms and legs stand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg you are bloody brave to let it land on your arm!!!!!! eeeeyerrrr I HATE BUGS!!!

    Baz and Aud, how u all make the รœ one ar??!!

  3. jy says:

    hahahahh robin get in the car lol! and btw that sunray pic is sososos nice wuwuwuwu and i like the word berpunya hahaha used to use that word alot back then

  4. amber says:

    long live durian lovers! hahaha. i love durians too, BUT with 1 condition, MUST be super-duper pahit to the max! i only eat pahit punya, one ulas of susu manis and i won’t eat that durian. next please!

    suet li, when u think of rama-rama actually was caterpillar before it jadi ‘swan’ from ‘ugly duckling’, would u still let it berhenti japjap at ur hand? those creepy crawlies… so gross and horrifying looking, plus poisonous somemore. ever seen them on discovery channel, nat geo or animal planet? major ewwwww and.. i think i wanna puke dy just imagining them. ciao.

  5. Ping Ping says:

    And swee win was asking me to go buy the guava apple cuz it’s damn good. I think I’ve seen it elsewhere and heard that it’s just coloring and sugar but I diden know it’s the same thing.

    Luckily I was in camp and couldn’t go out to buy. By the time I was allowed to go out, I forgot about the guava apple already. Too happy to be out. =P I love Cameron too. Miss Cameron, the cold weather and the fun times I had in camp.

  6. sweatlee says:

    scam, erm…how do u know it’s real?

    baz, nice lehhh

    aud, why u bye me wtf

    fionx, arghh! but i think should be safe still? dunnola

    amanda, not funny meh wtf

    leern, eh no serious one!

    abby, the joke funny right!

    hayley, nope didnt! i went before she came. nope didnt pluck la, so expensive!

    banana, who stole your name! use character map to do the O and U!

    jy, yeah i love that pic! hahah it means got lover and not pregnant right?? wtf

    jacquelyn, agree!!

    lena, that one ah..from china!

    michelle, thanksss!

    xiaopei, aye aye!

    amber, YER i hate the bitter ones!! bitter how to eat!! hahah caterpillar also cute ma!

    pingping, haha ya lucky u didnt buy! i had to throw mine away wuwuw.

    lali, hahaha funny though wtf

    coco, ya me too!! so yummmy

  7. lesley says:

    Hey suet, nice pics!! btw, this is very random but i think matt is one of my ex-classmate’s boyfriend. Her name is Nana G. If I’m not mistaken haha. Anyways, i hope you have a good time in Phuket and KK!

  8. SharonChin says:

    the butterfly-on-bag photo looks like those blog shop photos selling bags. anyway suet u should make 1 mini gathering at kk for all ur readers, would love to bump into u!

  9. polka says:

    I love durian chips too!! taste so real!! i always want to buy and bring overseas so that i won’t miss durian too much. The strawberry sundae looks so good! better then mcD…

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