Sabo King

Sabo King

I was stalking random people on Facebook last week when I saw this video by Castrol Malaysia:

It’s about two DJs (DJ Fara and DJ Jane) from Hot FM and One FM who were supposed to interview famous football players because of the football season. They were jealous of each other so they decided to sabotage the other by spiking each other’s drink! Not going to tell you what happened after that cause it’s quite funny hehe

Inspired by this interesting concept, I kepoh kepoh wanted to spoof this video and make my own video of me sabotaging someone very special to me wtf

So without further ado, here’s my video!!!

Did you watch it?? Must watch ok I so susah payah forced Aud to be my victim hahaha. Did you see her face when she got strangled wtf

With my partner in crime. We got soooo many stares while doing this video ok! We were at the Chic pop bazaar so if you saw two crazy girls running around like orang utans trying to sabotage each other, that’s probably us..

It’s not easy to 1. think of what to fight over and 2. think of ways to sabotage such a tiny girl without looking like a big bully wtf
In the end, we settled with fighting over a dress cause we’re both girly like that haha

If you are too free with nothing to do like me, go spoof that video and go sabotage-crazy as well and post your video as a video response like what I did too!

If you are not natural actors (like us wtf although we’re quite lame actors =__=), go watch the other three videos by DJ Fara and DJ Jane on Castrol’s Facebook!

Here are the videos in case you’re too lazy!:,,

But most importantly, remember to watch my video ok!! Who knows maybe while you’re watching it in Starbucks or something, some famous director walks behind you and sees us and thinks we have potential wtf *shameless