Phuket we went

Phuket we went

There was a huge Airasia billboard advertisement in London that says “Cheap enough to say Phuket I’ll go” hahhaahaha how witty!

So Phuket we went.

Our villa! The villa was free for his parents but they invited us along cause there are two bigggg rooms!

How cute!

We had our very own private pool! It was a dive pool so it was about 6 ft deep :O

Barry and I before we head out to the beach. By the way, do we or do we not look alike?? Seriously the more I see our pictures the more I feel like our faces are quite interchangeable. I could very well tag him as me on Facebook and people would think he is me wtf

Which’s either I look manly or he looks feminine and both don’t sound good wtf

The beach and an attempted artistic shot

Notice something? Those are my footsteps (I can hear everyone going duh and rolling their eyes) BUT if you think about it, those are ONLY my footsteps cause..

It’s a private beach! It actually went on for miles and miles without anyone in sight. Too bad it’s not a very pretty beach and the waves were crazy high so no swimming.

Let me introduce you to something so awesome and so orgasmic that once you’ve had it, it’s ALL you ever think about:

Ok so it looks disappointing but this harmless looking 50 sen COCONUT ICE CREAM WITH STICKY RICE, after being consumed, will send  electricity shocks to every single nerve in your body and will result in you craving for it every second of your waking moment (and sometimes in your dreams).

But alas, we only had it once and never saw that kindly ice cream vendor on his bicycle again ;_; Everytime we heard motorbike going vroom vroom behind us, we would instinctively jump and turn around in excitement but only to be disappointed to see that it was just some random guy on his bike.

Coconut ice cream with pulut, I shall remember you till the day I die. I shall remember the way your presence graced my humbly taste buds, and how my eyes lit up when my tongue accidentally chanced upon sticky rice in an ice cream. Who would have thunk!

Anyway I digress.

I PRESENT TO YOU MY NEW BAGGGGGGGGG! (sorry for the sudden change in topic from ice cream to such a bimbo sentence but— I PRESENT TO YOU MY NEW BAG!!!)

The absolute best part is, aside from the fact that it’s super pretty, it’s also REALLY cheap. Guess how much?




RM 28!!!!!!!!!!

*hyperventilates at the thought of it being awesome AND cheap

I should have gone back and bought a million other bags cause they were all so pretty and cheap. Why of all time that I had to be stingy, I was stingy then??! GAH biggest regret of my life wtf

Pretty sunset!

Last picture of Phuket (there are a million more but I just worked till 8.20pm today and I can barely lift a finger now ;_;).

I’m no big fan of Phuket but now I love it! Cause I had the best ice cream ever (an exaggeration, really) and I bought the prettiest and cheapest bag ever (TRUE STORY).

Okay good night everyone, I’ve been sleeping so early and waking up early to swim. Yes, you heard me right, I actually wake up at 7 am to swim because I put on 5 kg in the last 2 months FML. I’m now 54 kg FML and I’m only 156 cm wtf laugh lah laugh lah at the end of the day, WHO has the best bag? wtf

Lose 10 kg in 2 months, possible? If I stop talking about my weight in two months it means it’s not possible and I’ve given up. Given that highly probable circumstance, if that happens, please ignore I ever said I wanted to lose weight.