The Axe Effect

So something weird has been happening lately..

A few friends of mine have been calling me up to tell me that they saw my boyfriend hanging out with different girls and they were quite concerned. When I first heard it, I was very confused as well and obviously didn’t believe them. But today, I saw a bunch of papers in his pocket:

Ok fine, so I didn’t “see” the papers, I looked for evidence in his pocket and found them. Oh well but you know what I mean, see/found no difference lah wtf
Soooo like the typical intrusive girlfriend that I am, I asked a detective friend of mine (yeah so I actually hired a detective…that’s not weird at all no) to sort of spy on him.

Spy is quite a strong word lah, I just asked him to you know..follow him around and take a few pictures. Totally not weird at all, girlfriends do that all the time. He just showed me the pictures so I thought I’d share to see what you guys think.



Why suddenly so many different girls approaching my boyfriend???

I confronted him with these pictorial evidences and he was equally confused as well as to why he is attracting more girls lately. After a looong confrontation and interrogation, we finally came to a conclusion that all these happened ever since he started using Axe.

But how can that attract so many girls??? It’s merely a deodorant.. heck I don’t even use deodorant but still can attract guys WTF (you know, natural pheromones wtf)

That was before I watched this video and found out for myself why they were actually attracted to Barry..


First of all, why are all the girls so pretty wtf

Secondly, can Axe really change how the girls see him?? (must watch the video to find out. EH watch lah I susah payah do)

What is Axe, really? Axe is actually a household brand in the US and is branching into Malaysia. It’s a line of deodorant body spray catered to men and its tagline is it will get you girls in no time (like my boyfriend, who attracted 4 different girls in a few hours alone)

Axe Click – fresh and airy with a tinge of spice

Attracts glamorous girls

And camwhores wtf

Axe Pulse – fresh and energizing with a sexy citrus scent

Attracts sporty and active girls

Axe Vice – arresting fusion of fruity sweetness

Attracts nice pure girls

Axe Dark Temptation – An oriental aromatic and woody mixture

Attracts sophisticated sensuous ladies (Nerds are very sensuous one ok. I would know cause I’m a nerd wtf)

So guys, go get your Axe today to witness for yourself the true power of the Axe effect.

Girls, time to put your boyfriends on leashes! Hahaha

Also, remember to be a fan of Axe on Facebook to see more videos on the Axe Effect (although mine still the best nyehehe tak tau malu)

(Disclaimer: no girls were let near my boyfriend in the making of this video wtf)

P.S: Thanks Ringo for the wigs! ♥ Without them my other identities would not have emerged hahaha


  1. the real strawberry says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHHA i laughed when i saw you run and then pause to lift the bell and then run again ahahahahha wtf so lame HAHHAAHHAHA love you suet! =D

  2. Amanda says:

    Lol! I totally loved the video… you can really be an actress.. i actually really thought it’s true wtf.. then i look at those photos again, eh, how come look like suet one??? lol! then i watched the video then i know already.. LOVED it!! u and Barry really super funny la..i think if this were a competition, everyone else would lose already. don think anyone could have beat this video of yours.

  3. Baz says:

    I’d totally use Axe Vice cos Sweet Suet is damn hot, I’d totally axe her wtf

    HAHA the notes damn cute, I didn’t know you made those! Quite fun to guess which number came from who wtf

    And did anyone notice my triple popped collar? Cos nothing says cool like three-popped-collars wtf

  4. Nurisya says:

    lol, this is a really good post. you look really sweet in the brown wig and floral dress. and your skirt almost had a marilyn monroe moment in the video for the librarian bit.

  5. Amanda says:

    lol.. i love this blog post so much that i keep coming back to read it and watch the video over and over again. i already commented up there but I want to comment again. XD Eh Sunny Suet looks so different la. don look like you at all. Glamourous Barbie Suet still can a bit of your look. attitude is super annoying and so bimbo that i cannot imagine you as her! =P I can only imagine u as that sporty and active girls. LOL! oh i love the wiping of sweat part + serious face part la. i LOL when i see that. don’t know why i laugh. I have very weird sense of humour, you see.

  6. sweatlee says:

    yeinjee, thanks! i tried haha

    kim, thanks kim 😀

    jenny, haha maybe i should wear it out! 😛

    strawberry, hahha ya i like that part too

    kehrol, i try my best carol, really. wtf

    aud, ya hahah so macho wei me

    mimi, im glad it did, thanks!

    annie, 😀 thanks!

    charlie, thanks!

    peivoon, thanks!

    xinli, thanks!

    ah shit i’m repeating my reply to

    everyone, THANKS!!!

  7. L says:

    That is super cute videoooo! I love watching it. Barry with the calculator tak boleh blah. I was laughing out loud. HAHAHAHA. And the barbie gal really good one with the backgound music also.

  8. Lali says:

    but ori suet is still the best.

    eh Axe Boy go play with your calculator la wtf. not even scientific calculator, just the normal one that the chinese medicine shop man near my house uses wtfwtf.

  9. kyh says:

    suet.. is that u at michelangelo’s just now? i had to surf your blog and glance at u a few times to compare and double check wtf. and i came here to see your different identities wtf. lol. hope i din see wrongly, but looked so much like u!

  10. tynn says:

    Hahahah this is so funny! I didn’t realize it was an advertorial till i read the last few parts!
    Good job Suet!
    Oh oh have you seen before the Old Spice tv commercials? the one with the man on the horse..? i think it’s called “the man your man could smell like” or something. Hahaha another American household brandname and a silly ad!

  11. sweatlee says:

    tze, he liked the brown hair one, he said look like zoey dechanel wtf

    kyh, no it wasn’t me! i was at curve! hahaha maybe one of my six twins 😛

    everyone, THANKS AGAIN!!!! muah muah

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