Irrelevant survey

Irrelevant survey

Hello I have no time to upload pictures from my camera so let this be a random post since I haven’t blogged in forever. I’m going to blog about my job soon (after I get the green light from my boss) and I can’t wait to talk about it! Our name will also be somewhat tarnished tomorrow once everyone figures out that the petrol price increase is our doing.. so I have to be quite careful about what I say online.

Anyway I have a question for everyone. This question is of utmost importance because it allows me to really see what kind of person you are/how society behaves under pressure. No lah kidding on the last part, I just want to know that is all.

So this is it: When you’re testing a pen at a bookstore, what do you usually write on the test paper?

Based on my observations at several bookstores (yeah can you imagine me going into different bookstores to look through the papers at the pen section? I really did that), I have hereby concluded that people generally scribble squiggly meaningless lines as such:

except not nearly as artistic..

After scouting around asking for opinions, most of the people I talked to said they usually write “Hello”. My brother said he draws squiggly lines because it enables him to fully test the texture and smoothness of the pen wtf

As for me, I’m always really tempted to write my name but always end up writing something like “Hello my name is oh shit can’t tell you.. hehe” or “Hello is this pen good? Hmm, need to write more” or any other equivalent lame monologues. I believe in writing more than one word cause what if you write hello only and then buy the pen thinking that it’s super amazing but it ends up breaking after that hello how wtf

Lali said she usually writes her name then realizes that mistake and ends up scribbling all over it wtf hahaha

Dom, upon being asked this question, proceeded to write MY FULL NAME in any bookstore he goes into now….. =___=

My other friends, upon being told this, have decided to go on a write-suet’s-name-in-bookstores spree so people will see my name and either think i’m a loser/vain or perform black magic on me cause know my full name already wtf. OK write my name if you must but not in red pen ah later I die wtf

Okay I digressed too much.

So question:¬†When you’re testing a pen at a bookstore, what do you usually write?