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Hello I have no time to upload pictures from my camera so let this be a random post since I haven’t blogged in forever. I’m going to blog about my job soon (after I get the green light from my boss) and I can’t wait to talk about it! Our name will also be somewhat tarnished tomorrow once everyone figures out that the petrol price increase is our doing.. so I have to be quite careful about what I say online.

Anyway I have a question for everyone. This question is of utmost importance because it allows me to really see what kind of person you are/how society behaves under pressure. No lah kidding on the last part, I just want to know that is all.

So this is it: When you’re testing a pen at a bookstore, what do you usually write on the test paper?

Based on my observations at several bookstores (yeah can you imagine me going into different bookstores to look through the papers at the pen section? I really did that), I have hereby concluded that people generally scribble squiggly meaningless lines as such:

except not nearly as artistic..

After scouting around asking for opinions, most of the people I talked to said they usually write “Hello”. My brother said he draws squiggly lines because it enables him to fully test the texture and smoothness of the pen wtf

As for me, I’m always really tempted to write my name but always end up writing something like “Hello my name is oh shit can’t tell you.. hehe” or “Hello is this pen good? Hmm, need to write more” or any other equivalent lame monologues. I believe in writing more than one word cause what if you write hello only and then buy the pen thinking that it’s super amazing but it ends up breaking after that hello how wtf

Lali said she usually writes her name then realizes that mistake and ends up scribbling all over it wtf hahaha

Dom, upon being asked this question, proceeded to write MY FULL NAME in any bookstore he goes into now….. =___=

My other friends, upon being told this, have decided to go on a write-suet’s-name-in-bookstores spree so people will see my name and either think i’m a loser/vain or perform black magic on me cause know my full name already wtf. OK write my name if you must but not in red pen ah later I die wtf

Okay I digressed too much.

So question: When you’re testing a pen at a bookstore, what do you usually write?


  1. yoo-in says:

    my real name and never realised it wasn’t something i should be doing until reading that line about lali…shit?

    but most of the time the scribble pads available will be chock full of old scribbles upon scribbles (until it looks almost solid black) so i end up first adding my own scribble to fill up tiny unfilled areas, before making littles lines or dots on my palm and decide on that.

  2. iwan c.m.n. says:

    writing your name and then oh shit and then trying to erase it – thats a winner hehehehe.

    I must be the laziest peson cause I always do the snake pattern (half a squibble) to see the texture and not to waste time cause the shopkeeper or the assistant is usually checking up on me so I blame them for my lazy half-squibble.

  3. Sharon9280 says:

    I usually write “hello”, coz scribble to test a pen is such a bad idea. I used to have the tendency to buy the cheapest pens (XD) so when I scribble it doesn’t show how sucky it is until I start using it to write. @_@

  4. Yad says:

    the price increase is of the reason of Pemandu existence is to help gov to cut off subsidy.friends told me they increase it by 5 cent per litre so im glad it’s not RM1.50 increase.coz i read it sumwehere in may it will be 5 cent is ok. If only KPDN can somewhat reduce the petrol subsidy they gv out to big big company.those big comp always manipulate their accounts showing they didnt make any profit so they can avoid tax and the most dissapointing thing is, most of the employees is foreign worker.

    oh..and for me, either I just scribble lines or I draw cars.drawing the smoke is the fun part.

  5. smoochie says:

    haha. i always write – hi, sand (my name is sandra, by the time wanted to write r, only recall cant write own name..) then cross out the word sand.. gosh, dint know most ppl here also will write their own name. ahahaha..

  6. amber says:

    i doodle. draw squiggly horizontal lines across the page.

    but since i saw this post last night, i wrote “” across those blank test papers when buying a pen this morning. 😀

  7. yumiii says:

    i usually draw my signature then some squiggly lines (same concept as your bro!) there was one time though, i drew a few pages of stick man comic hahahaha too free!!!

  8. bjk says:

    i write chinese characters! this is through experience. some pen are smooth when u draw long lines/scribble, but useless at all when u write characters with small strokes. my handwriting is somehow italic(u know, joined together that kind) so i will never write roman characters while pen testing.

  9. veronica says:

    HAHHAHa guess what, I always write my first name and realize it the next moment and start cancelling it out with lots of lines so nobody would know my name. Then I’ll proceed to writing monologues too. -.-

  10. Tan Yee Hou says:

    Infinite loop of 8s. It tests the ball’s movements around the rotation about the vertical axis.

    Also, a sufficiently long line will give you a sense of how it will feel when the pen tilts (relative to your initial position). This can be replaced by twisting the pen 90˚ and performing the initial test again.

  11. adelyn says:

    i absentmindedly write my name then cancel my name out repeatedly cos i realize i shouldn’t be leaving my name for the world to see. wtf.

    other times i just draw a squiggle. haha.

  12. Joshua Caezer says:

    it’ll be scribbles and quiggles when i am in a hurry.
    my signature is the most common trademark. and sometimes lame monologues when i am bored. lol. i dont even intend to buy the pen when writing lame stuff. just passing the time until mum finishes shopping. XD

  13. :) says:

    wow i do the exact same thing as you. i always write ‘hello my name is’ but stop after that not cause i don’t wanna disclose my name but because i get lazy and want to try a new pen x)

  14. Gallivanter says:

    Scribble is the easiest, but perhaps we follow everyone else’s lead on this. When you see a piece of paper with scribbles, you tend to do the same.

    From now onwards, when I test pens, I shall write my blog’s name. Haha, cheapskate viral marketing!

  15. Dwee says:

    I am really tempted to write your name now when I test pens. Just so that I got your name right, it is spelled “Liew Suet Li” right? Lol!!

    I usually just write “Hello” or half of my name (cause half way through writing my name, I realized I shouldn’t =P).

  16. Coco says:

    “OK write my name if you must but not in red pen ah later I die wtf” HAHAHAHA. You’re funny as usual. But I believe that superstition also wth.

    I write things like “A beautiful person is reading this right now.”

  17. N says:

    I’m totally amazed by the number of people that said that they would begin to write “my name is….” and stop because they thought that it was not smart to disclose their names on a piece of paper in a stationery shop to people who probably will never meet them.

    People, it is a stationery shop and you are not the only one on this earth with the name John for god’s sake. Stop being so kiasi. Nobody is going to hack into your bank account and steal all your money off a random name on a piece of paper and no, they will not be blackmailing you for Froot Loops either.

  18. norule says:

    i will write some random guy’s name. like my current crush or something. I LOVE MITCH HEWER something like that lah anonymous confession loser or what

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