Hello, today I got into my first car accident FML

My first accident involving cars and not the usual stationary objects eg pillars and potted plants wtf

I just told this story to 3 other people, and everytime I retell it I feel stupider and stupider cause it’s the stupidest accident story I’ve ever heard in my entire lifetime. And before everyone starts panicking, no I’m totally fine! My limbs are still intact, I have no blood gushing out anywhere and I think I’m psychologically okay wtf.

Actually you have to hear my story first, cause once you hear it you’ll wonder why you bother 1. asking me if I’m okay, and 2. reading such a dimwit’s blog wtf

So this is a highly dramatic version of what happened:

I was cruising along the road at 40km/h at most when I stopped at the traffic light. I forgot to put my gear to neutral, I was trying to pick something up from the floor when my foot accidentally got off the brake and BOOM went the two colliding cars. So it was a very very minor hit but I don’t know why the crash was louder than usual. Anywayyy, this is the stupid part. Are you ready to hear it???

So I didn’t know what to do next but I realized I should probably get my car to stop touching his car so I reversed. (at this point my friends went “AND YOU REVERSED INTO ANOTHER CAR?!” hold your horses my dears, because I’m not thatttt stupid ok.)

The guy pointed to the side, indicating that we should park at the side of the road to check the damages. I nodded vigorously, removed my foot from the brake and FORGOT THAT MY GEAR WAS STILL IN REVERSE.

BOOM went the two colliding cars wtf.

At this point I was ready to just take my shotgun from under my seat and shoot myself right there and then, except that I don’t have a shotgun and I still want to live and have kids wtf

So, all three cars stopped at the side and I got down looking all apologetic and remorseful with big wet eyes. A BIG burly indian guy stepped out from the front car and another BIG chinese guy stepped out of the other car. At this point I really wished I had a shotgun…

They looked at me, looked at their cars and both of them waved their hands and told me to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Am I lucky or what!!!!!!!!!!!

You’ll never ever hear me say this again ever but, thank god I’m a girl and thank god my skirt is quite short today WTF

So the end that’s all. I then went to the petrol station to inspect my car and found out that my hood can’t be closed now T___T and it might cost around RM500 to repair it T_______________T

Maybe I won’t repair it as testament to my utter stupidity so I can see it everyday and question my own existence wtf

Thank you indian dude who has a big Manchester United bumper sticker, sorry I broke your number plate and scratched your car! Thank you chinese dude who although looks scary but is actually very kind-hearted! I’ll repay you guys in another lifetime wtf

The end, for realz.