Secret to great skin

Secret to great skin

I was invited by Nuffnang to an amazing event last month!!! Super excited cause it was the first event I was invited to since I’m always away. Once I heard the organizing brand of the event, I was immediately sold. It was Vaseline’s launch for their new line of products and I’ve been a Vaseline user for years so of course must go and kaypoh!


The launch was at this spa place called the Villa Manja and it was sooo beautiful! A very relaxing place provided that you are not a klutz who would fall into the pond hahah


The entire place was set up to feature all the Vaseline’s moisturizers!


Intense rescue for those with dry skin aka me!


With Aud 😀


Ray Guinoo, the senior brand manager of Vaseline, gave a short introduction on the importance of daily moisturizing to our skin.

To be honest, I cringed a few times cause I almost never use moisturizer unless my skin starts to peel. How could I have forsaken the most important part of my body tsk tsk T_T
Seriously I have an alarming amount of wounds all over but I’ve never really bothered about them before. Two huge scars on my knees from basketball, one on my toe from falling down the bike while I was trying to fly a kite (don’t ask) and some on my arms from being a klutz..

After his talk, I looked at my scars and could instantly feel them looking at me with intense rage and hatred for not giving two hoots about them……………………..*instantly slabs on moisturizer


We were then entertained by three elegant dancers which further reinforced my desire to learn how to dance heh


Jojo Struys with Zalina, Kimcun and Daphne Iking talked about the importance of skin to them! Do you know you’re supposed to moisturize everyday because your skin loses almost 100g of water daily? *feels guilty again


All the beautiful women from all walks of life! (except Ray lah, he’s obviously a man)


All the Vaseline moisturizers!

As you can see, I’m quite proud of this picture because it’s a perfect showcase of my l33t photography skillzz
From L-R: Aloe Cool and Fresh (a light moisturizer for those who don’t like the oily/thick feeling AND it smells really good!!), Healthy White (with sunscreen protection too!), Total Moisture (ten times more moisturisation for those with dry skin) and Intensive Rescue (contains Glycerin, advanced formula to help heal dry skin)


After everything, we were all treated with a ten-minute shoulder massage! Woots I can has happy!


And we were also given a hamper full of Vaseline products! I can has happy 2!


And after that I went to Nuffnang’s office to see my old colleagues. This is Firdy! And I included this picture cause my skin was glowing for some reason (maybe cause happy to see Firdy) so I guess it’s quite related to this post haha

Thanks Nuffnang, Unilever and Vaseline for inviting me to this amazing event!