Today I’m really excited because I have one free hour to do anything and everything I want!!! I just came back from Tawau, Sabah on a work-related trip (can my job get any better?!?!) and I’m super tired now but die die must blog. I’ve abandoned my blog for so long but here’s an entry with a million pictures for your viewing!! As you can see, my sentences end with a lot of proclamation marks because I’m that excited to blog!!!

These are from…a few weeks ago when Angie came to visit! Expect lots of camwhore/vain shots.

Now I haven’t seen Angie in TWO FREAKING YEARS, so naturally we were quite clingy and couldn’t stop taking pictures with each other wtf. I love you ♥

I stayed with her in Tim’s house for two nights and we couldn’t sleep the whole night cause we couldn’t stop talking about everything that has been happening in our lives. We kept saying “ok damn sleepy want to sleep” but then one of us would start asking questions and we finally slept at 4am or something wtf

With Audrey! I can’t believe even after two years, once you put three of us together everything was as if we’ve never left each other at all. My college years have never been the same without you guys 🙁

We went Malacca for a day! Too lazy to put pictures of Malacca since we all know how it looks like so let me put a camwhore shot instead haha

We went to Central Market and Aud got cheated by this STUPID CONMAN!!!! Angie tagged him as CHEAT ASS FUCKER hahahahhahahaha

It’s a longgggg and stupid story so read it here at Aud’s blog. Basically this guy didn’t know shit about fortune telling and just randomly told Aud every single characteristic there is and told her wrong info about herself. Angie and I told him that he got it all wrong and he had the audacity to tell us off and chased us from his shop!!!!

But all is well again when we had our fish spa ^_^ Before that we were sooo fuming mad ok. Angie and I even went as far as telling other tourists not to go into his shop WTF if I have to I would bring plycards and signs warning other people and camp outside his shop to protest against his lies wtf

Tim brought us to Klang for Bak Kut Teh! I’ve never tried it even after 22 years of my life so now I can proudly say that I have hmmp!

At Pavilion!

Went back home to continue what we enjoy most. Each other’s company and self-shots wtf. Sigh this picture is so loving I’m tempted to print a poster size of it for my room

Silly shots ensue

Angie’s face looks like those in anime! And Aud why is your tongue yellow wtf

Audrey why are you so freaking cute?!?!!?

ok not anymore wtf. hahahahha how can two such cute people look so scary!!!

Don’t ask wtf. Omg Angie’s melting face hahahaha. We laughed so hard that day I swear I built a few packs on my abs wtf

Went Ampang Lookout Point with high school friends! It was my first time there and it was so amazing to see the entire KL!

Me, Sarah and Andy.

There were 8 other people but I forgot to take a picture ;_; I suck.

Ok last picture before I die of exhaustion! It was Yvonne’s last day at work so here’s a picture of all the interns! Yangli, me, Andrew, yvonne, Reihan and Wei Jia!

With Joyce, our honorary member!

The interns are all leaving one by one and I’ll be all alone later 🙁 I’m having so much fun at work I don’t want to leave can? 🙁


So they took a picture of me at work and made a life size cut-out of me for some event. After that event, I brought home the cut-out since they had no use for it anymore. I came back home, put it in front of the door so when my brother comes in it’ll scare the shit out of him hahaha

Then today I came back, opened the door and saw this:


HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA they added the cap, jacket and fake arm!!

My sister is so freaking funny. One day, when my brother was sleeping, she put that cut-out next to him in bed and scared the shit out of him again when he woke up hahahahha

Then, another time, she put it right outside my mom’s door to scare her when she came out to get some water at night. HAHAAHA

It’s damn fucking scary ok cause it looks exactly like me (duh it IS me) and it’s just standing there with a perpetual smile. So far, that impostor me has been moved around the entire house to scare everyone. My brother said he is no longer afraid of it wtf. We now leave it right outside my house to greet visitors to the Liew household wtf

OK GOODNIGHT! will check for typos in this post tomorrow.