All Hyped up

I’m in a good mood because the clothes I ordered from Hype arrived the other day!!!

Excitement in a package

First dress I ordered is this seemingly innocent floral dress..

With a freaking heart-shaped cutout at the back!!!!! It was love at first sight when I saw it and I knew I had to get it ♥

I saw this next but wasn’t sure if I should get it. After all, it’s just a normal little black dress..


BUT IT ALSO HAS A FREAKING HEART-SHAPED CUTOUT! How to resist T___T Not a single regret, love it to bits!

The next top I got is this toga floral top, but I like to pull it down and make it a tube top instead. I’ve always wanted a frilly floral top but never found the right one.

The last thing I got is this cardigan and it’s only been a week or so but I’ve been wearing this so often cause it’s so versatile! Can wear with a black dress to look dressy, or with a plain tank top to look casual. I especially love all that studs cause it makes me look like a stud wtf *lame is a Singaporean online boutique I just found out about recently and I fell in love with it instantly mainly because the clothes are A LOT better than most online boutiques. After receiving the products, I can assure you that they are of super high quality as well! Well worth the already affordable price 🙂

Plus, their models are so damned hot. Seriously. I’m not even kidding. I sometimes go to their website just so I can stare and drool at their models wtf

More clothes here:


Anyway, I only have two more weeks until the end of my internship. How upsetting because I’ve only begun to really learn how things work here and despite how frustrating things may be sometimes, I still really love this job!

But I’m also looking forward to going back to the US for my senior year. Senior year will be very exciting this time because I will be living in an apartment! with my own kitchen and bathroom (but have to share room with three other friends). Lots of partying and debauchery, lots of laughter and tears, but also lots and LOTS of stress because I will have to figure out what’s next after college. .. ….

Argh, I’m actually dreading it already T___T I thought I just finished SPM a few days ago?? Has it really been 5 years?!


  1. sherlyn says:

    hey gal..sorry…i have few questions to ask….hope u wont get frustrated with it!~ haha

    #1. May i know how much is the postage fees from Sg to M’sia?
    #2. How long it takes to reach M’sia?
    #3. I;m goin to US soon in fall and winter…Do u have any recommendation on face products? cz it’s my first time ever travelling to a country with 4 season 🙁 ehhe

    Sorry for the questions…Hope u dont mind~ :p

  2. the real strawberry says:

    why you wear what clothes look so nice one!!!! why i wear i look like potato one!!!! why!!!! why!!!! why!!!!

    actually i got a stupid question. how do you wear bra with the heart cutout dress? the strap can be seen right???? unless u buy those special very complicated kind of bra which can u wear very low on your hips? (wtf don’t know if you know what i meant or not) i wanted to buy the dress last time but the bra thing stopped me!!!!! i don’t know how to wear it without letting the bra show!!!!! and yes this is a girl asking you. T____T a failure girl. T____________T a failure girl who doesn’t know how to wear bra omfg T_____________________________________________________T

  3. Joshua Caezer says:

    ….. omg. this post is full of female problems. lol. makes me wonder how suet wears it also. XD

    any recommendation for a online boutique for males? just asking for fun. haha. you dont have to go and do research.
    enjoy the remaining days of your internship too.

  4. yumiii says:

    wow… it really has been five years? it really just seem like you entered college not long ago!!!!! T__T time is passing by too fast!! no good no good!! soon we will be finding wrinkles on our face!! O___O!! no gooooood!!!

    btw, super loving the lil’ black dress!!!

  5. sweatlee says:

    amber, thanks! gap yr? nah i dont have time 🙁

    pinky, yeahh very good!

    lali, a girl can never have enough clothes, you know that 😉

    hayley, very good! seriously the quality is amazing.

    sharon, yalor so sad!

    sherlyn, haha dont worry about it! 1, Simply add the items you are interested to cart, When you checkout, the postage charges will be reflected in accordance to the weight of the items. You can then choose whether or not to proceed with order and payment. 2, it’s really fast! like 3-4 days only. 3, hmm i just use my usual face products but slab on more moisturizer and u’ll be fine!

    michelle, yeah love it!

    kehrol, hello sweetie pie wtf

    strawberry, hahaha where got!! i look fat also in some pics wtf. ohhh i was wearing strapless bra and it’s quite low one! and the hole is not too low so cant see the strap! hahaha

    amber, i actually have nubra too haha

    jy, go la! therapy!

    boo, yeap!

    n, n is hot too!

    strawberry, actually yeah not too much =/

    joshua, hahah! ermmm i dunno la dont know any personally..thanks!

    yumii, yeahhh omg! u’ve been reading me for that long too?!?!

    yeehou, hahaha!

    dot, yeah slurppp

    ann, can wear it anywhere wht!

  6. Doug Klyce says:

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