Are You Moist Enough?

Are You Moist Enough?

Remember the Vaseline event I attended a few months ago? Well, guess what, now Vaseline is throwing another event for more bloggers! The best part is….it’s going to be a poolside party AND WHO DOESN’T LIKE POOLSIDE PARTIES???! (people who can’t swim and who always get thrown into pools why of course)

It’ll be in Luna Bar, one of my favorite places in the world!

Nuffnang + Vaseline are throwing a massive sunset poolside party to celebrate the importance of our skin and will be inviting 75 bloggers and their guests! I unfortunately will not be here anymore for the party but since I’m such a kind-hearted soul whose life purpose is to share exciting information with people, here’s how YOU can get the invites:

Step Numero Un: Go HERE:

Here, if you missed it.

Since I’m so kind, another link here.

And here.. ok you got it.

Step Numero Deux: Submit a picture of yourself to your photo gallery

Step Numero Trois: Use the same photo in your blog post entitled Are You Moist Enough? and highlight the importance of moisture to your skin.

Step Numero Quart: Submit the permalink of your post and you’re set!

Not only will you stand a chance to win invites to the party, you get to win cash prizes too!! Which is why I’m submitting my own entry as well cause although I won’t be physically there who knows maybe I can win the moolah $__$ hoho

Prizes for Best Written Blog Posts

1st Prize – RM3,000 cash + RM100 worth of Vaseline products
2nd Prize – RM2,000 cash + RM100 worth of Vaseline products
3rd Prize – RM1,000 cash + RM100 worth of Vaseline products
5x Consolation Prizes – RM200 cash + RM100 worth of Vaseline products

Mmm, I know you want this!!

Admit it, your skin is begging for some!

So this is the picture I submitted:

Cause it shows the most skin hahah.

Anyway why is moisture important for your skin? I of all people should know this because I was born with incredibly dry skin and have been applying moisturizer since the day I was born. No kidding! The doctor pulled me out of the womb, saw my skin, shook his head and motioned for the nurse to bring her some Vaseline moisturizer.

There was even a period in my life where my mom had to apply pure Vitamin E oil on my skin cause it was way too dry and it was peeling! Serious business ok.

So to answer the title of my post, I think after all those years of soaking myself in moisturizer, I’m actually pretty damned moist right now. If I’m not I seriously should just kill myself and do my mom a favor from all those years of 9pm “Sereneeee (yeah my name is Serene you don’t know ar), time to apply moisturizer!” and me groaning and her yelling and me dragging my feet over and her slabbing a million tones of lotion on me.

Skin is after all the biggest part of your body and should therefore be the most important part too. There’s no point buying expensive clothes and shoes and makeup when your skin looks like shit, so better start taking care of it!

All this talk on moisturizer is making my skin feel thirsty hahaha *slabs on some