Back alas

Back alas

Hello I have arisen from the dead wtf. Woohoo!

I’m now back in my college and have been for the past week. I don’t even know why I didn’t feel like blogging about it, but today I woke up with this sudden urge to blog and to finally snap out of it. So here it is a good ole post!

And a super long one too, mostly filled with pictures that are not essentially relevant to this post and/or too many unnecessary pictures of myself. Welcome back! (saying this to myself mostly haha)

This was from….I don’t remember. I haven’t blogged in too long ;__; but it was right before Lali and I went for our haircuts!

I really want to grow out my hair but this length is terrible cause it’s neither here nor there and it gets out of shape so easily! On days like this I get so tempted to cut realllly short grr

After cutting my hair, like no difference only haha

Looks really puffy cause the hairstylist used this powder wax thing which was really good!!! Too bad it’s too hard to wash off and it’s expensive


WHOA! she’s so hot right now seriously!!!

So, I made up this really random poem I at work:

(background info: I was asked to test some pens that will be used in the Cabinet Workshop where the Prime Minister and ALL the important ministers will attend, need to make sure their pens will work!)

I used one pen for every line haha!

Met up with my besties Jammie and Aud before I left Msia! Not our best picture but we only took one T___T

Then off to Hong Kong I went for a few days!

First thing I got at the HK airport! Ah vitasoy how I have missed thee!!!

And then I spent one whole week just gorging down every siu yuk fan on my path wtf. God I love HK food sooooo much I can die for it ok

Don’t wanna post yummy food pictures because I’m kind like that (and also cause I don’t want to look at them now and get cravings)

After a week of overeating, I came back to college! I was so excited to go back to college cause this year we’ll live in an apartment!!! So exciting cause I’ve been living in a dorm room all my 3 years here so having my own kitchen and bathroom is a bonus!

Kitchen! Typical college students kitchen: dishes waiting to be cleaned, lotsa liquor..

This is supposed to be the living room! But Tanya, my roommate moved in here so we can have more space in the other room.

Giang and I’s bedroom!

We have our own bathroom too woohooo

Seriously you have no idea how convenient it is to have your own bathroom and not have to walk down the hallway everytime you have to pee. I used to not drink water that much cause I was too lazy to go pee but not anymore!

Pretty Giang! You’ll be seeing a lot of her pictures from now on 😀

Convocation! Convocation in Mt Holyoke is at the start of the semester, and commencement is our graduation instead.

Kunku and I! Can’t believe we’re seniors and are graduating T___T

^_^ do you like my slippers!

Random camwhore picture because. just because

While I’m at it..

Wore this today..bad idea cause it was colddd out! Nevermind, must wear shorts as much as I can before it starts snowing here wtf

Got my bag and sandals from HK. I love HK so much how T___T

OKAY that’s all! Thanks for putting up with my sporadic posts and hope everyone is having a nice Raya holiday back home!