Full of trash


I feel weird posting something totally unrelated to the below entry right after it..but here’s a story about my life in college.

Before I begin, a big thank you to all the comments and kind words! I really appreciate them and I’ve read each and every comment at least twice. The main reason why I continue blogging despite all my half-hearted attempts at stopping is not because of the money (hell no), or the fame (brings more pain than pleasure actually), but it’s because I have the bestest readers in the world. I have extremely considerate and appreciative readers who take the time to know me beyond what I portray here, readers who always try to understand, readers who are just..more than mere hits on my daily hit counter. That is really the sole driver of my passion to blog 🙂

Anywayyy all emoness aside, here’s my sad life story. Actually it’s not sad at all I’m just exaggerating.

I don’t know if you guys remember, but I used to have a job as a ball collector right? What the hell is a ball collector I hear you ask from the back of the room. Well you know when you play soccer and when you kick the ball way out of the field? Someone has to immediately put another ball in and then go run after the kicked ball right? Well I was that someone wtf

Anyway that’s old story.

The new story is this: I got a new job on campus and guess what it is! It’s a very important job that has taught me so much about life, much more than what college has taught me. The official name for the job is Residence Hall Work Chair but it’s essentially a…..jeng jeng jeng…trash collector wtf

When Audrey did it last time when she was at college, I told myself when I sometimes accompany her on her rounds that when I’m a senior god forbid if I ever become a trash collector too but oh look, I AM a senior and I AM a trash collector wtf

Well the job is actually quite amazing, contrary to popular belief. I am hoping that I will someday publish a book on “How Collecting Trash Taught Me About Life”.

No, I’m seriously saying this with a straight face! You learn so much from just doing something so “low-class” and “dirty” ok!

LESSON ONE: Always be considerate

I want to choke on blood every time I see BANANA SKINS and MUFFINS and SANITARY PADS in the bin for mixed paper. Hello are you really a college student?? Do you not know food is not paper wtf! Did you know WHO has to take your rotten food out of the bin and put them in the appropriate place???

It’s not the sorting out garbage that disgusts me, it’s more the people who couldn’t even pause for one second before they throw their trash in the recycling bins that kills me everytime GRRR

So, after doing this job, I’m always very aware on my actions and how they’ll impact other people’s lives. Wah wah hahha

LESSON TWO: Never be embarrassed of something you’re proud of

That’s right! I’m actually proud of my job. For one, it’s a very important job ok somebody gotta throw your trash out. Also, I’m earning an honest living which will hopefully help pay off my loan later. Although I might have to collect trash every minute for 3 years before I can pay it all off wtf

So..I’ve learned to not cringe in shame everytime someone walk past me while I carefully pick their stupid food out of the bin. In fact, these days, I WANT people to see me doing the trash. Cause I really hope that maybe it’ll hit them that holy shit a human being is actually doing it and not a robot! I better becareful where I throw my trash now. But slim chance lah sigh

LESSON THREE: How to take the trash out, tie it, put another bag in, wrap it around the bin tightly and then tie it in record time

Yeah I’ve totally mastered the above skill! Now I can do it in about 2.5 minutes! I double bag the bins too ok! I’m soooo good at this now I swear I can do this for a living wtf. I have amassed enough work experience for all trash collecting companies to want to hire me wtf

Okay that’s all. I want to make a personalized badge that says “I’m a trash collector and I’m proud of it!” and wear it everyday when I work wtf

How’s that for a stupid post? I think emo suet is better than this stupid rambly suet who bullshits way too much hahaha


  1. Michelle says:

    This is interesting leh. Do you know that after working as a sales assistant, I tend to fold clothes after taking them up and looking at them.

    Similarly, your post gives rise to a new sort of awareness. 🙂

  2. Neri says:

    yeah you’re right , it actually teaches people moral values haha and anyway, I really am grateful and I do appreciate those people who collect our rubbish everyday. People usually respect doctors lawyers etc but no one actually appreciate a rubbish collector and i dont think its actually right. they clean our trashcans everyday as a living doesnt mean they are lowclass or whatsoever. personal opinion no offence 🙂

    and yeah you should defs get a badge and wear it everyday :p

  3. Sophia says:

    Sweet girl, life is such, and you are only human (in reference to your previous post). I also recently walked away from someone I had cared about and thought would marry. It hurt. But if you have to choose and you know why you have to make a certain choice, it is better to do so than to stay and be comfortable yet dissatisfied.
    It takes a great deal of strength to take the first step to leave. And yes you may be just human but because you are human you are also capable of great things. Be strong, and keep up the awesome blogging! =)

  4. CraSH says:

    hmmmm… maybe you want to reword it to “residence hall environmental coordinator” in your resume. i am sure you can drop a few buzz words and focus on the important points to make it “pop”.

    anyway, any job is a good learning experience so don’t ashamed. i think you get what i mean.

    god speed & best in your sr year. have fun!! once in a lifetime moment, you will never be in college as an undergrad again…..

  5. Deity says:

    LOL at your entry! Full of inspiration, it encourages us to be a part of the DBKL or MPPP. Btw, funny suet rocks! Get back on your feet and ready to mambo! That’s the way suet!

  6. yumii says:

    HAHAHAHAH that’s what I love most about you!!!! any job that can earn you money is still a good job okay!! XD I used to clean dogs’ shit and pick ’em up after ten rounds of walk (ten different dogs in a pet shop) every morning last time for four months!! T___T shiteous work but still can get me money to eat!!! 8D

  7. Bav says:

    Get the badge, definitely gonna make your job a lot more fun. It might hit some ppl to actually stop and say thank u. And then there are numbskulls. Oh vell. *shrugs*

    Happy trash collecting =p

  8. Ee Lin says:

    LOL!!! I can’t help but to laugh lo…cause when I discovered that the bottles/cans here (in australia) have a “10cents refund” logo on them, I actually suggested to my housemate that we should totally collect rubbish for a living! So before school started, we would go for our evening walks and collect rubbish. But we weren’t exactly proud of what we did because we used to laugh at those who collect rubbish for a living. wtf. so yeah, now we know better not to laugh at people who are not as well off as us. 🙂 Glad you’re back!

    just realised my story is not really the same as yours. lol. but still…it’s rubbish-related! 😀

  9. Jenna says:

    Hello Sweat Lee I am just your random reader…:)Just wanna let you know that you are one of the most down to earth blogger around. And please, what you do is a honest living! Super admirable… If only those spoilt kids around have the sensibility like you. Good day girl!

  10. norule says:

    such ignorance! quoting suet li “such is life”

    i suppose this job is better than my previous job of working as a data entry admin with the internet loading at 4 minutes a page.

    ps: how do you get used to the smell??

  11. sweatlee says:

    strawberry, stupid people! grr

    txsh, 🙂 i am!

    stef, hahaha u didnt hear me talk about it meh i thought i damn loud haha

    amanda, ya i like it ^_^

    michelle, haha thts good!

    yeehou, hahaha!!!

    neri, aww thanks for appreciating ppl like us wtf

    jie, thanks!

    j, haha i take my job seriously wtf

    bs, i try wtf

    sophia, thanks 🙂

    hannah, hahaha aww so nice la u!

    pancakes, hahah pay me first la wtf

    crash, hahah i wont put this in my resume la! hahah thanks!

    yee, haha! i like both suets wtf

    deity, hahaha!! real anott

    adelyn, yeah it takes great concentration ok wtf

    chickensoup, can u pay me la k, rm30 an hour wtf

    lily, thank u!

    magnolia, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do wtf

    yumii, ya thts wht matters most!

    bav, hahah i am gonna srsly consider it haha

    eelin, hahaha so cute one u all!

    kana, im glad!

    i only…, hahah make one for me la!

    jenna, hello! aww thanks u’re so nice 🙂

    alvin, u da best too wtf

    norule, haha such is life indeed! the smell is damn bad but i think i got desensitized edi haha

    ray, thanks!

    eleventh, haha! im glad 🙂

    angelfire, thanks!

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