My week in pictures

Okay so I’ve been taking quite a fair bit of pictures lately (mostly of myself what else is new haha) so here they are!

Giang and I waiting for the bus to Northampton!

It was one of those realllly nice sunny days! We can has happy 😀

Random outfit picture when the weather got a little colder so I had to layer up

Giang did my nails the other day with a SPONGE! It’s a really cool trick

So basically what you do is you apply two glitter nail colors (she did purple and clear for me)

And then you just sponge it on! Soooo easy. Even someone who’s really bad at manicures like me can do it!

Tada! So pretty!! I’ve always wondered how they do nails like these! Now you know the secret too 🙂

I can has a (white) blackberry! Got this back in Malaysia and now I’m a happy Berry user ^_^

Poser-moser with Lali’s hardcore alligator ring

Random photobooth picture


More random pictures with Tanya too, my other roommate!

Got new scarf from H&M! Actually Lali got this for me for my birthday ♥ ♥ (I look soooo girly btw)

I superrrr duper love it!

She also got me this scarf and the beanie! Now I can be all warm and fuzzy for winter. I’ve never worn a beanie before and everytime I wear it I feel like I look soooo weird! But it’s good for bad hair days I guess..

Hehe I got this bike lock for my bicycle. It’s clearly a kid’s bike lock but I got it cause it’s only $5 where else a normal lock costs $10!! look at the combination hahaha damn cute


guess what! My birthday is in 2 days! Wow, I’m turning 22…..Time really flies. And I’m graduating in May next year! How scary!

We’re throwing a hugeee party cause Giang and Tanya’s birthday is on the 25th while mine is on the 24th! what a coincidence, and we’re all turning 22!

Life is pretty alright these days. I’m only taking three classes since I overloaded last two years so this year I can just take it easy. I really want to take it easy, but a part of me also wants to do more things since this is my last year as a student so I should take as many classes as I can! But I’m so kiasu cause I want to maintain my GPA so don’t want to hurt it by taking irrelevant classes..

P.S: By the way, I’m working on a major research paper on the benefits of internships on improving professional skills so I really need all your help! I just need you to fill out this super short survey here:

I know most of you are students/have been students and will have plenty of things to contribute to my research! The survey will only take 5 minutes of your life. You can do this on your laptop while you’re eating, while you’re watching Family Guy, while you’re on the throne, while you’re partying (oh you don’t know? doing surveys with a beer in your hand is the new cool thing to do wtf).

Just to give you a context on how important this research will be: the results of this study will be used to seriously consider the internship environment in Malaysia and to find ways to improve it. I’ve coordinated with a firm back home to utilize the results of the survey so this research can definitely go towards helping improve internships in the country. So your help will be greatly appreciated!

Survey here again:

Thankiu very much. I will belanja virtual nasi lemak.


  1. rara says:

    should try the sponging thingy later. the nail color giang did for u was really nice! the scarf and the headband’s nice too! and your boot! and your clothes too! hehe..

    anyway, happy birthday in advance to you!

  2. melody says:

    looking super duper gorgeousssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    lovely picsssssssssss!!!!!!!!!
    i love lali toooooooooooooo!!!! she is hot!!!!!!!!!!!
    the most important thing!!!!!!!!!!


  3. amanda says:

    okies! i did the survey dy.. i don wan nasi lemak.. i want the bike lock can? 😀 i don have a bike(neither do i know how to ride one, wtf) but i just want it cos it’s so cute! XD

  4. Tynn says:

    Happy Birthday Ms Suet Li!!! It’s already 1.21am here in Malaysia and I assume you were born in Malaysia thus I shall follow Malaysian timing (one and a half hours late for everything)! =D
    Hope you have a great one and will keep smiling till your cheeks hurt for months! Teehee.

    p/s* Giang’s watermelon nails are sooooo cute! I would like to do it for my nails too! May I have her permission to do so please?? Hahaha!

  5. sweatlee says:

    aud, cause we dont see each other that often anymore ;_;

    hayley, yes! u apply the nail color on the sponge then put on your nails!

    rara, thanks!!

    michelle, hahah so yummy ah

    strawberry, thankiu! 😀

    amy, thanks!

    fiona, thanks! erm she got from korea but i think any beauty store can buy ah?

    melody, thanks!!!! i love her too haha

    valerie, it’s instant virtual nasi lemak! u didnt get meh? haha

    hbk, nah

    jy, haha yeah she rocked that hairstyle!

    j, i dunno born like tht wtf hahaha

    jie, hahah! wht la u!

    dandelion, she went to japan for study abroad!

    lali, i dont have a usual style..

    erlinda, here! yums

    amanda, hahhaa!

    tynn, thanks!!!!!! why so precise one hahah. do lah im sure she wont mind wtf

    eelin, thanks!! why u know my bday is on 24th??

    n, wtf no

    ying, happy birthday to u too!

  6. Jay says:

    Seriously I think you are such an inspiration – if only I had mapped out my plans like you did when I was a student! (im only 23 even though I probably sound a lot older boo) But you’re always doing internship lalala it’s amazing!!!

    I wanted to do the survey for you but I dont think I qualify, sorry. keep up the motivating work xx and beanies/hats are the best thing ever! Check out my blog xx

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