Birthday Weekend

Birthday Weekend

So, as you all know, IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY!

I just turned 22 and the thing is, I don’t feel 22 at all. I feel 19 still, like I just got into college, still unsure about my life and where it’s heading but don’t really care. Except that right now, 3 years later, I still feel the same AND I feel like I don’t know who I am at all and what kind of person I want to be.

Gah why is life so confusing! wtf birthdays are supposed to be a good thing but I always get emo when I self-reflect on my experiences and contemplate about my future.

Anyway my this birthday was really different because I was celebrating it with 3 of my best friends in Mt Holyoke! And this time, it’s SUPER special because 2 of them (who are also my roommates) have their birthdays a DAY after mine. How coincidental πŸ˜€


Giang and I!

We were all going for a nice quiet dinner at this fancy French restaurant!

Lali, me, Tanya and Giang! β™₯



;___; at times like this I wish I have my long curled hair! So hard to pull off a fancy girly dress.

My girlfriend is so hot seriously.

BACK OFF everyone wtf

Tanya and Lali at the French restaurant. YUMS!

Anyway after the dinner, we came back for our huge party! Because we’re all celebrating our birthdays together, we decided to throw a big party!

My makeup for the party! Probably one of my heaviest makeup ever

I did the lower lashes thingy! To make your eyes appear larger cause I have small eyes. Since I’m such a scrooge, I cut the ends of my fake lashes to make the fake lower lashes! Woot so smart *pats self

DJ LALI! Sigh she is both hot and talented, how??

BACK OFF everyone, wtf hahaha

1/10 of the people at the party. Soooooo many people came it was crazy! And I didn’t even know half of them haha. But it was all good fun πŸ™‚

Another shot of the DJ doing her thang

I love that there’s this random chick in a sombrero wtf

This was before people started getting topless WTF let’s not talk about that…’s a girl’s college what do you expect! Parties can get pretty wild..

Anyway that’s all! We were all quite drunk so no one took too many pictures.Β It was a crazy night but we thought oh well, we are now 22, we’re still relatively young and it’s our last year in college so why not! Almost all my friends came and had a lot of fun so I was really happy πŸ™‚

So I guess that’s how I turned 22 this year. Celebrations are fun, but they come and then they go. And then you’re left sitting where you were before all that ruckus started, utterly confused and puzzled, and that was when the realization hits your face hard. Now what are you going to do with your life? Where are you heading? What does your existence mean to you, to anyone? It’s scary how every year as I celebrate every birthday, I realize that as I grow older, it just means I have more responsibility over my life and where I am in the future is solely up to me.

Today, I realize that wow I am really an adult now. I have grown a year older..

and also possibly closer to dying wtf


p.s: just realized the title of my post was BITHDAY and not birthday, thanks a lot for not correcting me, hence making me look stupid on my biRthday guys wtf.

p.p.s: next post will be on my birthday wishes! now i have too much work T_T