Story of my life

Story of my life

Today is a sad day for a trash collector. I was out doing my trash as usual, wait before I tell the story let me show you my cool trash collecting outfit hahaha

ok lah not cool also it’s damn loserish with the neon gloves, don’t know why I want to show you guys also wtf

Anyway back to my sad story.

So I was going on my usual rounds collecting trash from every floor. How the trash bins look like:

They’re almost bigger than me and if there is a lot of trash I almost always break my back trying to carry them T_T

ANYWAYYY back to my story.

So I was collecting trash as usual la la la la dee dum *whistles to song on Ipod (yeah I’m a cool trash collector with Ipod ok) and suddenly I felt this sharp pain on my knee when I carried the trash!! So I looked down and I saw blood gushing out of my knee!!!!

Some stupid moron left a broken mirror in the trash………………….

What’s worse is the glass tore open the trash bag and another stupid moron threw a glass of milk so all the milk spilled all over the hallway! Cis bedebah with my bloody knee I had to get the mop and mop the floor too T________T

Such is my pathetic life wtf

On to happier things!

So I got an Ipod touch for my birthday and I’ve been going on an application-download spree lately. I downloaded EVERYthing from homework organizer to games to ebooks to graphing calculators (who knows maybe one day when I’m shopping at Walmart I might need it to graph my utility from buying a certain product and whatever opportunity cost there is wtf).

So obviously I downloaded the most popular game there is which is the Angry Birds game. I got quite hooked on it and decided to splurge and bought the application for $0.99.

And look!!!

Woot!!! Took me two days to get three stars on every stage in Level 1!

It’s my proudest achievement to date T___T Even happier than when I get As on papers wtf

Oh god I’m such a loser. First I had to collect trash and mop the floor, now I’m telling the world how proud I am for getting three stars in a game…..

Random pictures of my week:

Did my own french manicure! Not bad quite nice right? But I got bored and painted the rest of my nails light blue haha

Since you guys like Lali so much, nah here’s a picture of her drawing. She not only DJs, but she draws too. She’s an Art major NOW BACK OFF SHE’S MINE wtf

I love living in an apartment ^_^ makes us feel like a family. I was doing my nails while she’s drawing and Giang was playing online poker with random guys and Tanya was watching some show on her laptop.

Giang and I with indian clay mask that will supposedly work miracles on our faces. Not sure if it works yet..

Speaking of Giang I have to show you something extremely funny!!!

So I came out of the shower and saw her in this compromising position wtf:

So I was like “oh my god Giang you are so lazy! You even tilt your laptop so you could lie down and chat!”

She didn’t reply me so I went, “Giang?…helloooo Giangggg”

and I found her asleep hahahahahhahahaa

with her hand still on the keyboard!!!

HAHAHAHHAHA damn funny and cute

okay that’s all that’s the end of my story about our sad lives T_T