London bound

London bound

I’m going to London for fall break! (leaving day after tomorrow actually!)

Yeap that’s right! Because my schedule is so relaxed this semester, I thought why not take an entire week off although my break is technically only two-day long wtf. It sounds rebellious and all, but in actual fact I’m only skipping a 1-hour Physics class and squash (this might be novel to some people, but we have to take PE classes to graduate here. So you know, it fits into the entire liberal arts thingamajig to make you more well-rounded and all)

My sister is in the UK now so I’m going to meet up with her for her 21st birthday! How exciting 😀 London is always so cold and wet and windy so I really don’t know how to pack for this trip. I’m tempted to just bring a raincoat and windbreaker wtf but I have neither so I guess flimsy dresses and ten thousand layers of scarves+cardigans+coats it is!

Other than that I really don’t have any updates left. I’ve regressed to my usual Moho self lately and keep giving myself a big heart attack when I accidentally get a glimpse of myself in the mirror wtf. No I’m not even kidding………..I wish I was T___T

So basically this stupid dry weather is giving me a big pain because for some weirdass reason, I keep having pimples sprouting left and right on my face the very day I came back!?!? It ALWAYS happens when I come back lor, and then they never freaking heal. So I have let’s see..5 red dots all over my face. I look like I have a bad case of zit attack, which is actually true..

Sigh. And not to mention it’s getting so cold now I have to resort to wearing jeans and hoodies T___T Technically I can still dress up but I wake up 10 minutes before class and I’ll be lucky if I can even find a decent hoodie in my grogginess. This is also why I never wear makeup anymore. Also why I can’t style my hair and have to pin it back and look like shit.

/end of rant

SERIOUSLY how come I regressed so quickly this time! This is what happens when you go to an all female-college. No one gives two hoots what you look like and you somehow always manage to delude yourself into believing that you look good just the way you are, au naturale, when it’s probably not that true wtf. How oh how did I become this lazy T_T

In my defense, I have very important things to do that keep me awake till the wee hours of the morning, hence my inability to wake up at least 30 mins before class so I can wear nice nice and slab some makeup on and do my hair nice nice. You don’t want to know what important things they are, because they are so mind-blowingly important that you will be so impressed at their importance and may never look at me in the same light again due to this overwhelming aura of intelligence emitting from me wtf.

Truth is, said important things are:

1.) playing Angry Birds on my Ipod touch

2.) oh that’s it wtf

You don’t understand!!!! Angry Birds may seem like a frivolous game for losers, but in actual fact it utilizes the theory of physics, gravity, angular momentum and insert other scientific/smart sounding terms wtf.

Why I spend so much time on it is because I want to get all three stars for every level in every stage but it’s sooo hard! I only wish I have even half that same robust amount of determination when it comes to doing schoolwork wtf.

Say got nothing to blog about but how come I’m always loaded with so much bullshit it’s quite amusing actually haha

Okay that’s all, will blog during my trip (maybe) if not I’ll see you in a week!

p.s: a super talented Korean singer!