Snapshots of London

Snapshots of London

So I’m in deep shit. I have a 10-page paper due in two days of which I haven’t started and I’m super jet-lagged and still in holiday mood wtf. Hence, to hopefully transition myself from that to hardcore nerdy Suet, I shall blog but at the same time try to only spend minimal amount of time doing it. This is indeed a challenge, but it’s a challenge I shall take in hopes of becoming a better person wtf ok ignore me

Here are some random pictures of London! Definitely not the complete set but I only have a few seconds to blog so here they are!






#6 Fav picture of the lot, I had an amazing photographer





#11 The only camwhore picture, believe it or not.

#12 Sunshine after the rain

That’s all! Time to put on my nerdy glasses for now!