Snapshots of London v2

Snapshots of London v2

Second installment of my London pictures!

I didn’t really do any touristy things, in fact I made it a conscious effort to not visit any monuments/historical buildings because I’ve already done it before and I just wanted to experience London as it is this time. But what I love about London is it’s inevitable to chance upon these beautiful sights where ever you go!

#1 The famous Big Ben

#2 London Eye

#3 Some classic looking building in …where ah..Leicester Square I think

#4 Random picture

Actually not random lah it’s very well planned to be sandwiched in between sightseeing pictures and pictures of irrelevant food wtf

#5 Famous red velvet cupcake from Hummingbird. Don’t know why it was wayyy too sweet this time around for me!

#6 Amazing fried noodles in an unassuming looking Chinese shop. Oh my god looking at this makes my stomach growl like crazy T___T

I love how the chinese food in London is so freaking authentic compared to what we have in America. No nonsense like chop suey and general tso chicken and other sweet shit like that. I ate Chinese food every single day during my trip without fail ^_^ Four seasons roast duck SLURP!!

#7 A guy in corporate suit chained to some planks near the National Gallery. I think he’s trying to make a statement..selling your soul to private corporate firms?

#8 while waiting for the train

#9 Sad picture of me wtf

#10 View of Thames from the room

#11 By the Thames at night

#12 Dinner for two

#13 Happy Suet after shopping at Primark BEST STORE IN THE WORLD. Everything is super cheap!! Although not as nice as my baby Forever 21 but still, it’s cheap!!! I can has happy!

Actually I’m very sad cause I didn’t take pictures with my sister!!!! So angry! Went all the way to see her but didn’t take pictures as proof wtf.

Anyway something very dramatic happened when we were in Leeds to visit her. We rented a Smart car and drove all the way from London to Leeds and then we stupidly parked the car in this parking lot. When we went to get the car, we realized that that outdoor parking lot actually belongs to a store and they locked all the gates leading in and out of the place!!!!

We were very sad and all but then! We saw that two of the poles were actually further apart than the other poles! I don’t have a clear picture of it so let me draw wtf


Aiya bad drawing but it’s something like that. We noticed that the space in between those further poles can fit our Smart car! But problem: there’s another pole after that outside, so we have to cleverly¬†maneuver¬†the car after that! It’s SUPER tricky but we can’t possibly leave the car stranded there so it’s a risk we had to take.

So we realized that we couldn’t even get the car up the curb cause it’s too low. Then light bulb! We could just CARRY the car up the curb since it’s a smart car so it’s very small and light!! Except that although it’s light it probably weighs like 700kg wtf.

So my sister and her friends went to get their guy friends, and along came four big guys who play Rugby hahaha

After carrying the car up the curb, we were faced with another obstacle. The distance between the poles were actually JUST right for the car with no space to spare, but how does one make sure the car doesn’t move a single millimeter so it doesn’t scratch, and then cleverly maneuver it to turn so it doesn’t hit the other pole???

Well after a lonnnnng time trying to do so, they did it!! They, cause i didn’t do jackshit but stand and close my eyes for fear that they’ll scratch the car wtf. I’m such a sissy T_T

It was an eventful night and thank god for Smart cars!

Okay that’s all, I’m going to study now!

Ah shit now my stomach is making such a big fuss after seeing that fried meehoon picture! Damn you yummy meehoon! As revenge, I shall..lick that picture of you on my computer screen wtf.