2ne1 makeup

2ne1 makeup

Okay so I haven’t done this in a while because I’ve been too lazy to put on makeup and even if I do, I’m too lazy to take a million pictures of myself (surprise). But I was feeling vain the other day so here’s a makeup post!

For Halloween this year I decided that I’m not going to do anything because it’s overrated and people only use it as an excuse to dress slutty anyway…(actually I was just too stingy to buy a costume wtf). I then decided to put on really scary makeup instead but on that day itself I got incredibly lazy and would rather watch Weeds (loser).

But then Giang and her friends wanted to be 2ne1 and all that hoohaa putting on makeup in my room inspired me to do my own makeup even though I wasn’t going anywhere wtf

So here it is!

I didn’t really take pictures of every small step so this will do.

I used pencil eyeliner to first line my top lids, then gel eyeliner THEN liquid eyeliner

Pencil eyeliner for bottom, made it a lot thicker than usual

Added dark brown eyeshadow to sort of blend the colors so they don’t appear that harsh

Added fake lashes and done! The glue dried after a while so it didn’t look that obvious after. Also added a bit more brown shadow to make it look darker. I love this look!

I thought I made them really dark already and I felt like my makeup was ridiculously heavy but actually doesn’t look that bad..

Here is a very rare picture of me smiling with my teeth!

Since this post is already filled with vain pictures you might not care too much about, let you cringe more lah. Here is a picture of me looking like a kid. I’d like to think it’s a picture of me smiling with my eyes ^_^

In case you were thinking “why wasn’t she wearing anything??” I shall put on more clothes to protect my dignity wtf

(btw I really love my current hair now. OHH YEAH forgot to say the short red hair in my previous post was fake wtf. it was a wig. whoops…………………)

(aren’t you glad THIS is my real hair? but without styling it still looks like shit)

ok that’s all! that’s the vainest I can go without cringing myself hahaa.

I have lots to blog about but recently I caught this really lazy bug that makes me feel like I don’t have the motivation to do ANYTHING but watch tv shows. Argh. I need to get rid of it pronto so I can move on with my life!!