FML trash story #185

So I have renounced my partying habits for a month or so now and I suddenly don’t feel like going back to that lifestyle anymore. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I’m pretty much done with my college life, pretty much sick and tired of the same scandalous shenanigans of women making out with each other, too much booze and dancing with the same people every single time.

It gets old. Girls thinking that they are straight but then you see them with their clothes off macking some classmate of theirs only to sober up the next day and realize that they are fucked cause now they have to face that said classmate and pretend that they’re gay. And then you have the true blue actually straight girls, randomly slutting up to and sleeping with anyone with a certain overglorified sexual anatomy that is disgustingly perpetually hard and dripping.

And who said college was fun again? American college parties are the most overrated and overhyped phenomenon I have ever encountered, and I have the rights to say that because I have been to aplenty.

Anyway the point of this is not to be all angsty about college parties, but to provide the backdrop and context to this story I’m about to tell you.

So it’s a regular Saturday night and I’m down with cold. Friends asked me to join them in this big party on campus, to which I politely declined because 1. I’m done with partying, at least for now, 2. I’m sick, and 3. I have better things to do like write my long overdue paper while listening to justin bieber. just sayin’

I realized around 1 am that I forgot to do my trash duties for today (for the uninformed, I work as a trash collector wtf) so I put on my trash outfit and went to collect them filthy trash. Ladeedum minding my own business working my ass off to pay my college loan lalala. Then when I was tying one of the bags up, someone came and asked if she could throw her trash. Obviously, this kind trash collector said “Go ahead dearie, throw all your trash out. There you go, throw them alllll out and feel better”.

To my utmost dismay, guess what came out of that unassuming black plastic bin.

I’ll give you a hint. It starts with V and ends with OMIT.

I cannot begin to describe how low my heart sank upon seeing that torrential downpour of intestinal juice and someone’s dinner and the 23410 litres of alcohol she irresponsibly drank and thought she could take BUT OBVIOUSLY SHE COULDN’T AND LOOK WHO HAS TO CLEAN UP AFTER HER FUCKING MESS I FUCKING HATE COLLEGE STUDENTS

Upon seeing that I immediately stopped breathing but it took a few milliseconds for my olfactory organ to receive the memo from my panicky brain and I accidentally took a whiff of it T_____________T Woe is me.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, I forgot my Ipod today and I heard some people going “Eww! OMG” while throwing a disgust look at me….

I mean by now I’m pretty used to disgust looks (trust me I’m surprised at how often I get this too) but I’ve never actually heard people EWW-ing at me since I have my Ipod on most of the time. Hmm this makes me wonder how often do people actually EWW aloud at me.

And the weird thing is, I felt no emotions when all this happened. I’m completely desensitized by now so I really don’t see what the big deal about collecting trash is. Am I really that much of a loser who deserved to be EWW-ed at? I’m doing well academically, my GPA is 3.92, I have an amazing life with people who love me and I’m working so I don’t have to ask my parents for cash, so who are these people to make me doubt my self-values and integrity?

So I’m collecting trash on a Saturday night when everyone is out partying their lives away, how come I don’t see the problem? Should this be a problem in the first place?

Eww eww eww, eww your face lah eww wtf

That’s it, this is the end of my trash story for today. Thank you for tuning in wtf


  1. kehrol says:

    haih my love some people are just stupid and overprivileged that way. damn gross la puke puke donno how to puke into something like the toilet bowl issit or a plastic bag have to puke into the damned dustbin then summore after that donno how to pour it down the toilet bowl issit wtf college students my foot la go back to kindy also better -.-

    that is not a problem la you have better things to do with your life than to just spend it partying away. trust me on that.

    and way to go with that 3.92 ms overachiever <3

  2. LX says:

    Blooming sheltered C and ends with UNTs! The reality is that they have no clue what reality is and I sincerely hope it comes up and bites them in true self centred asses! Cheer up sweets! HUGS!!

  3. Popcicles says:

    I work as trash collector before to support myself in college. Just like what you said, there are nothing to be ashamed of as you work to earn your own money. Shame on those who judged you. I’m proud of you actually! Cheer up!

  4. amayying says:

    I think many people around you is proud of you because u’re earning your own money instead of ranting about how poor and how sad your life is and not doing anything to help yourself. Trust me, most people who works as a trash collector or something are very likely to success in the future. And look, you have cgpa of 3.92, that is enough to prove your intellectual level compared to those irresponsible college girls who had fun and never thought about life.


  5. zwei says:

    when we know what we are doing, we won’t care about what people say about or how they see us; because we know very well what and why we are doing so. it is not a problem when you don’t see it as one. keep fighting girl! 😀

  6. gin says:

    You deserve every shred of your integrity and dignity for being a responsible adult in working so you dont have to ask ur parents for money and still doing well in studies. i respect you for doing all this, really.

  7. reader says:

    T________T 3.92…so smart. Can you blog about how to get that kind of GPA ah? Haha. Mine’s MISERABLE compared to yours. I honestly just want an Upper 2nd and I’m not even near that cutoff point yet. I’m already a junior. Sobs. The life of an average student…sigh

  8. Goingkookies says:

    Hey.. there is NOTHING wrong with being a trash collector and you should not let ANYONE make you feel bad for it. It’s an honest and hardworking job that’s just not many people can handle.. it’s not degrading.. it’s people who think that it’s beneath them that needs to do this kind of humbling stint to bring them back to earth.

    I guess you probably just outgrew the let’s-get-wasted-and-drink-and-be-skanky scene.. which is good cos that means you’re probably at a happier place with friends you’re comfy with etc… =)

    Cheers k..

  9. tiffany says:

    woah, i must say you are super smart, you gpa are incredibly awesome. anw, they are so mean, whats with the eew. without people like you collecting the trash for them, they most probably are living in a super disgusting dorm.

  10. Yerdeh says:

    Hey Suet Li, I’ve been quietly reading your blog for months now and I must admit that the barrage of sad posts is a surprise. Hang in there. College is only the beginning of a long road, give it all you’ve got then take a year off travelling 🙂 Don’t give up now!

    My fav graduation speech? Steve Jobs, to the Stanford graduating class of 2005:

    “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.”

  11. sweatlee says:

    kehrol, yala seriously damn fml moment! not overachiever lah, not 4.0 also WTF

    lx, thanks <3

    popsicles, hi fellow trash collector! wtf do u miss it sometimes? wtf

    amayying, shah eh u say one ah! i better be successful in the future wtf.

    zwei, it's hard to keep my head held high sometimes la haih

    angle, thank you for waving my flies away /boo for a moment i thought these flies are my imagination wtf

    trashcollector sifu, yala! people are damn inconsiderate seriously!

    michelle, noel partying is not sucky wtf. awww you're so nice!!

    gin, thanks /big wet eyes, i feel better now!

    reader, hahaha! everyday study and be a loser lor wtf. nolah kidding, just suck up to teachers wtf! nolah kidding again haha. just study smart, really one.

    goingkookies, thanks for ur encouragement now i feel like going to do trash wtf

    lali, born in a lower caste wtf

    tiffany, yeahlah so damn unappreciative! sigh

    yarded, hey! yalah i don't know why i've been so emo lately also, quite angry at myself for that wtf. yeah i've heard of his speech! thanks 🙂

  12. -cutegal- says:

    and so i quote ” we r all busy n heading to our own paths but i want u n jess to know tht i’ll alwiz reminisce all our fond memories..juz d 3 of us… ”

    missing you and jess suddenly… have a great life.. 🙂

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