Double trouble


Two tragedies happened this week.

Tragedy #1

I was stressing out because I had so much work, so naturally I needed some online retail therapy. I went on Asos, spent $80 on a bikini, a dress and some lingeries T__T (actually this is one tragedy, but since I haven’t shopped in months I think this is well-deserved). So as I was looking at the clothes, I saw this:

And I thought to myself, “hmm my hair is almost her length…and I’m sick of the same hairstyle….and since we have almost the same hair and she looks so good in this hair I THINK I SHOULD CUT MY BANGS TOO!”

In the midst of all that pre-exam anxiety and going home excitement, I appeared to have completely disregarded the fact that 1. she’s Caucasian, 2. she has a long face, 3. she’s obviously ten times prettier wtf and 4. this hair is probably after lots of styling

But forgive me, for I was stupid.

So, I went all cutter happy and cut my bangs short and straight across…..

And after I cut it, all the previous memories of my disastrous experiences with short fringe came flooding back to me T_____T

I’ve never looked good in short bangs before, why would it be different now when I still look the same wtf. And I call myself a college student when this is not exactly rocket science to put two and two together.

Anyway, this is how it looked like RIGHT after I cut it:


Sorry it’s super blur cause it’s a screenshot from when I was skyping with Alex and he took a snapshot of it and emailed it to me with the the title “Aspirations need to be managed” and attached both the model’s picture and this picture WTF hahahha

So then I thought hmm, maybe I need to curl it to give it more volume first. Guess what?

I burnt my forehead with the curling iron  T______T

Hello I’m Harry Potter wtf

So now I have NO choice but to put my bangs down until the burnt mark goes away or until it grows out more, whichever comes first wtf

Yesterday I went to the mall so I put on some makeup and realized eh, actually it looks a lot better if I have makeup on so I don’t look like a kid. But I showed the pictures to my friends and they still think I look like a fact they think I look like an emo kid with the makeup FML.

Sigh emo kid then emo kid lah. It’s better than “chinese school kid” or “ah lian wannabe” or “kpop start wannabe” so I’ll take emo kid anytime

I think it looks better with earmuffs but I can’t possibly wear them indoors wtf

It looks slightly better with a hat but I can’t wear this in Malaysia when it’s 33 degrees outside!

Random. Just showing you I can’t do this

Worst comes to worst I’ll wear eyemask lah wtf

Or my bunny ears wtf

Is there a way to make your hair grow faster? Eat more eggs? Drink milk? what??

Tragedy #2

I went to the mall and to my favorite store in the world, forever 21, and realized that I cannot fit into size S anymore. CRISIS!!

WORST DAY OF MY LIFE T_______T I’m gonna lose weight now for sure! What kind of stupid metabolism do I have? I hardly eat these days!!! GAH.

Hahaha why are both my tragedies so shallow. I feel quite stupid now after writing them out and remembering that there are millions of people who couldn’t care less about their hair or weight and have bigger problems in life. It’s okay, I shall compensate for my bimbo-ness with a super intelligent post next about..umm..about the value of education or something serious like that.


  1. sammy says:

    my hair is slightly longer than yours and i’ve been contemplating to get bangs for quite sometime! now that you’ve cut it, i’m so inspired to get it cut right away! you look great! 😀

  2. AP says:

    hahahaha as another fellow shallow being obsessed with weight and hair i suggest going pixie, totally rad! lol i tried that one time i think u have a gd face shape for it, it looked ok on me even though i have mooncake face and that was the fattest period of me life. btw i went through an intensively extensively excruciating bout of weight loss if u need tips i have cartloads wtf losing weight without losing your mind is a fine art it is *insane

  3. melody says:

    why are you sooooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!
    actually, it isn’t that bad!!!!!!!!
    and i think your hair and you look better than the model anytime!!!!!!
    all the best in the exams!!!!
    go go jia you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. fiionx says:

    ehh ! still nice whatttt. I still have long way to go till that length :(. Aigu.

    and with earmuff you look like kpop female singer and with hat you look like a pretty mannequin!

    Aiks! I shall wait for my hair to be longer first then cut it like yours 😀

  5. irene says:

    the bangs are cute! i’ve read somewhere that if you want hair to grow faster, you should wash hair with hot water. not sure why, or if it really works, but that’s why i wash my hair with hot water, then switch the shower to cooler water for the rest of my body! lol.

  6. norick says:

    still pretty as always..^^ oh..does your head ‘scar’ pain like harry potter =P
    ermm wish u will be able to fit into s size again.. keke..

    and pls give me ‘super intelligent post’ anytime hahah.. i got enlighten by your recent entry on m’sia education system..despite many are condeming how bad are we now.. i have to say that quality education comes from quality teacher and the student themself..

  7. Dwee says:

    It is a privilege to look younger than your age. Embrace it and be happy with it! Btw, I realized you look like a korean girl with your hair like that. You can go around greeting people with, “Annyeonghaseyo” & etc. LOL!

    The pic of you in red is a little *ahem* not your best look, but in the other pics, you still look good. No worries!

  8. cd says:

    Don’t worry la. You wear cap ayam t shirt also pretty. You cut your hair senget also pretty.

    Cannot fit size S huh?? Deng deng denggg…. need to lose weight la… **actuallyyy a reminder to myself, mine is 54.6kg. F***CKKK!!!!!!** How to get back to at least 50kg???


  9. zwei says:

    u look so cute!! (i hope u see this as a compliment. >.<) i can never pull off bangs like that. i had a cut like this a few months ago and it was a disaster… +___+

    but u look cantik molek! 😉

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