A new beginning

Hello everyone!

Happy new year! Happy 2011! As for me, happy finally-going-to-graduate year! I’ve been waiting for this year since forever and I’m so glad it has finally arrived. But now that it has arrived, I’m actually feeling uneasy because it means it’s my final few months of being a student.

Oh well, brand new adventures ahead! That’s if I won’t end up as an unemployed bum living off my parents when I graduate….which could very well be the case hoho.

Anyway, I don’t have anything to blog about nor do I have any amazing pictures of my life right now, so here are some camwhore pictures.


Look at how awesome my skin is in this humid weather! Screw expensive and overpriced facial products, all you need to do is move to a tropical country 😀

I want to blog about my 2010 but I feel so lazy now..I’m sprawled flat on the floor reading newspaper and eating papaya and watching Shin Chan dubbed in Malay on TV and listening to my mom gossip about people I don’t know. I’m having such a great year already! Haha.

Happy New Year again everyone, may you all have a greattttt year ahead cause I know I will be! Although I may officially be classified as UNEMPLOYED soon, I’m sure there are always things for me to do. Suddenly I’m engulfed by this overwhelming feeling of excitement, a feeling that anything is possible as long as I feel like it is.

Can’t find a job? Go travel around the world and take time to figure out what I want to do! No money? Start saving now and travel cheap! Can’t find a suitable job? Make a job for myself!

I’m sure things will be fine and will be sorted out in time. I have a feeling.. that this will be an amazing year for me 🙂


  1. melody says:

    happy happy happy new year!!!!!!!!!
    YES!!!!!! 2011 is and will be super duper awesome, fantastic, amazing superbbbbbb year!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  2. yumii says:

    happy new year, suet!!!! i got a feeling that 2011 is a superb year too! =D enjoy your unemployment for a couple of months!! you may find a job you love too!! happy happy new year suet!!! glad you are back! can’t live without chuuuu! 8D <3

  3. YapThomas says:

    Hey! It’s been a while, since I commented. Hahaha.
    Couldn’t resist but when you said this

    “Can’t find a job? Go travel around the world and take time to figure out what I want to do! No money? Start saving now and travel cheap! Can’t find a suitable job? Make a job for myself!”

    I thought to myself, why not make traveling the world your job? Haha.

    Happy New Year, Suet Li

  4. John Evans says:

    You look great! Were you at Sri Garden? My daughter Juliana Evans is now a celebrity in Malaysia, but if you have been overseas I am sure you would not know about her.

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