Pictures accumulated since I came home! And for some weird reason, I have stopped taking pictures with my camera hence these are pictures from my friends’ cameras. I’ve gotten so lazy that I don’t even want to charge my camera or whip it out to take pictures anymore ;__;

From..umm..3 weeks ago?

Karaoke with the girls! Jiameei, Aud and Hui Wen 🙂 And Li Tat also but he’s our photographer wtf

I can’t do this T_T

Semangat singing Beyond’s something something hoi something wtf. It starts with Kam tin ngo~~~ Sui yan something something wtf

All of us!

I was bored as hell at home so Ginny rescued me and brought me to her house! More like a pet store cause she has soooo many dogs and rabbits! I love dogs ^_^

also, people say ginny and i look alike and i think we do in this picture!!

This sneaky hyperactive fella is my favorite <3

Sorry I’m jumping all over the place. This is from Aud’s fake birthday celebration last week! Her real bday is actually in Feb wtf

The girls and Eric da pimp

Camwhoring with Jammie’s awesome G11

I love my blazer from h&m!

Cheese! (notice we both have pimples at the exact same spot under our lips haha)

With my bestest friend in the whole wide world wtf

I actually like my hair now! I’m glad it’s not at that awkward neither here nor there stage but I can feel it getting there wuwu.

What else did I do ah? A lot of things actually I’m just too lazy to take pictures every time. Can’t believe my holiday is over in a few days and I have to go back T___T Let me be hardworking and post more pictures first.

Over the weekend we went to Penang to visit my cousins and grandparents!

Me and my cousins in front of some temple wtf. I think this is the snake temple..

This is Char Kuey Teow wtf. I shall not torture you with more food pictures but goddamn I miss this already!

All of us in front of another temple somewhere (i suck at this). I’m holding the voter registration form woot! I’m now officially a voter.

Random stupid pictures:

Me eating a banana innocently *blink blink

me eating a banana happily. “want some? :)”

me eating a banana somewhat seductively

me eating a banana angrily wtf “HAVE SOME BANANA WILL YOU?!”

I clearly had too much time on my hands.