Came back to campus a few days ago to this:

Wow this picture looks too good to be taken with my blackberry, it looks like a postcard!

It was nice at first to see all that snow, but then this happened:

can’t really see, but it was snowing quite hard outside. which is fine and dandy at first cause it was sooo pretty

wow look at all that fresh snow on the ground!

and then it got ugly and started getting too much.

but it’s okay cause classes are canceled!!! for TWO consecutive days, which shows how bad the weather is now.

but it’s really nice to take pictures outside when it’s snowing cause everything is super bright!

Out of boredom (and depression from this cold), I went on an online shopping frenzy again!

And bought too many clothes T__T but forgive me for I am weak. This time I chanced upon a Singaporean clothing site called Club Couture, an international fashion label that recently arrived in Malaysia!

This is the first thing that caught my eye! I super love this dress but too bad it’s wayyy too small for me T__T who ask me to eat so much recently, now I can’t even fit into an S anymore!

So I gave it to Giang and it fits her perfectly!

Ah, jealous max! But it’s impossible to lose 15 kg and be as skinny as her so it’s okay haha

Don’t you love this dress as much as I do!? It’s so classy from the front and voila, super low back!

The full back. The top part is made from this mesh netting material, super awesome T_T

I got this corset tube top that I really love as well! Ah, can’t really see the details here but it has a criss-cross corset back and has lace all over! I’ll take a better one next time when I’m using a better camera!

Lastly, I got this romper cause I’ve been meaning to get one! It looks way better on the tall model but still not too bad lah I guess.

Clubcouture has a low shipping rate of just $7.95, so time to shop more especially when the weather is terrible outside and I can’t go to the mall! Hoho

Too bad I can’t wear any of these clothes now and have to layer up and risk looking like a fat dumpling T__T


  1. yosie says:

    snow! so pretty! will never see that in california. sometimes i wish i was in a snow area, but then i would hate to do manual labor like snow shoveling.

    the romper is cute on you btw!

  2. melody says:

    Happy happy happy bunny new year to u!!!!!!!
    all looking super duper gorgeous!!!!! even in d snow!!!!
    Actually, u can wear that dress!!! haha
    Gong xi fa cai!!!
    May all that u do prosper!!!!
    And dream big!!!!

  3. sweatlee says:

    yosie, shoveling is actually quite fun!!! i just discovered it yesterday. well, it probably wouldnt be fun if i have to do it more than once haha

    michelle, i loved it!

    belly, i dont think they have it anymore 🙁

    lorraine, i don’t think they have it in msia yet! but check the website

    jaclyn, i hardly shop online actually. asos? forever21? haha

    imsohigh, err ok

    melody, hey happy new year too! thanks for your wishes 🙂

  4. Grace says:

    We’ve been having TONS of snow over here at New Haven too. Are you in the super icy phase yet, with huge icicles that can kill you if they fall on your head?

    I’ve actually seen people ski to school in the past weeks. So cool!

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