Guess where I went before I came back to college?

Damn right, it was Hong Kong! You’d think that I should get pretty sick of that congested city by now but I kept going back cause I’ll have to fly there before I fly back to the States anyway so why not stay a few days first.

Ah, what else is new. Packed until cannot breathe but thank god the weather was amazing!

The famous streetside curry fish balls which I’ve never been a fan of. They’re too chewy and elastic for me, but actually tasted rather good on cold days.

I was wearing my wool coat, but it’s actually warm enough to do without it! It was around 15 celcius the entire time which is the best weather ever. I kept turning to Alex and screaming “I love this weather so much!!! ^_^” until he ignored me wtf

And yes, Alex is my new boyfriend don’t have to keep asking anymore ok?

It got really warm after this and I had to take off my coat and leg warmers in public. Not shy one wtf

Haih this is the ideal weather for shorts and boots <3

Took the Star ferry to HK island! I usually prefer staying in Kowloon cause it’s more authentic. The main island is too modern for me.

I think I’ve taken the same picture a million times now but it’s still so pretty and mesmerizing

Being emo at Causeway Bay. I wasn’t emo actually, I was feeling more like….

this wtf

happy bunny year!

I wish I get to celebrate CNY at home 🙁

(and yes, i’ve gained weight. don’t need you to keep pointing it out ok? it hurts ok? it hurts so much that i puke my food out after every meal ok? T___T kidding lah, but still i don’t think it’s necessary and bordering on being quite mean to keep commenting that. this is why the society is so superficial and so conscious about being skinny. what kinda role model are you to kids?? can’t people be happy and merry and eat a little more wtf)

We then went to Wan Chai to have this crazy spicy crab dish. The restaurant is called “Kiu Tai Lat Hai (spicy crab under the bridge)” and I’m sure the crab was very good, except that I couldn’t feel my tongue after the first bite.

Being Malaysians, we were overly ambitious and arrogant and thought we could handle spicy food, so we ordered the second spiciest crab and almost died wtf. Look at all the dried chilli!!! Siao ah

Slow exposure thingymajig

went up to the peak for this view again! I don’t think I’ll ever get bored of it. I’ve gone up to that peak about 6 times now and have taken this very same picture and posted it up here over and over again wtf

we were only in HK for 3 days but it felt quite long because we walked like 8 hours a day wtf and walked almost EVERYWHERE! I’ve concluded that that’s the reason why people there are so skinny despite the fact that they eat so freaking much.

also, another observation: the food in HK really disappointed us this time. It’s so sad T___T Alex thinks cause the real authentic Hong Kongers have all migrated to everywhere else and hence the HK food in San Fran/London for example are actually as good if not better now. This is a great thesis to my final research paper on Chinese culinary history.

Yes you hear that right! I’m actually taking a class on Chinese food. The class is called Comparative Culinary History: China and Italy. It’s NOT a class about food, nor is it a class about eating. It’s an intellectual class on culinary history and comparison between both countries in terms of their culinary roots wtf


went paintball before I left Malaysia last last week!


I’ve never gone for paintball before so I was actually quite nervous after hearing all the horror stories about people getting hurt near their pepet (aud it’s you btw don’t deny wtf). I couldn’t sleep the night before and kept thinking of how many layer of clothes I should put on wtf

i went with my ex colleagues and some of them are super hardcore! scary sial. some more my boyfriend was in the other team and I swear he secretly wanted to shoot me for all the pain I put him through wtf

but alas, smart (and cowardice) me was hiding behind the barricade the entire time so my team won most of the games for having the last man standing (me) because I basically just hid and shot people but they couldn’t shoot me hoho

in retrospect, I feel like such a loser now cause it was quite an expensive game and all I did was hide =_____= but at least I don’t have bruises on important parts of my body ^_^

aih, i’ve only been back for about 2 weeks but i’m sooo ready to graduate already. have to suck it up for the next 4 months!


  1. massiel says:

    omg i LOOOOOVE curry fish balls. so jealous. and the weight gain is understandable, what with the cny and all we do is EAT, EAT, and EAT! you’re not fat, but you should not gain any more weight. asians have short limbs so when we gain weight our limbs looks short and stumpy. and we become moonfaced if we put on some weight too. fml that happens to me whenever i gain a kilo. so i make sure to say super slim to avoid that. but i am glad that you are happy and have a new love in your life. that’s the most important thing. f*ck what anybody else thinks.

  2. phoebe says:

    aww i missed your long posts! nice to see you blogging again and i think that most of your blog readers like me would be happy for you regarding your relationships, haha, tell us more about alex soon!

  3. N says:

    I think you’re as fanatic about I am and that’s saying alot cause I’m completely nuts about it. If the property market wasn’t so fucking crazy, I would move there in a heartbeat. I go every year now just to stay sane.

  4. ap says:

    same here u din put on any la hk pics look grrreat but u’re showing symptoms of a weight-concerned asian girl cornered by unforgiving asian society. if u lose it u will get cornered by the same ;_; so yeah give ’em a fuck yall dun worry be happy there are thin chiobus aplenty but i’ve noticed that girls that are not thin tend to have more presence, some pple just carry their weight well it seems. so while thinness is proportional to mass-marketability, being your natural weight means u attract your niche crowd the special someones thats my theory lol….omg culinary course on china??? vs italy??? O.O sounds like it was built for me *pasta obsessed cheena resident

    btw i think for gd authentic hk food need to dig deeper into out of ways alleyways where rusty grandpa grandmas imbued with dying tradeskills and creaky joints sit on wicker chairs complaining….. alot of lineup places in hk plain suck

  5. coriollis says:

    You’re just chubbier now cos you’re in a much better place. Happiness does that to a person. And between a depressed stick of a person and a happy well-fed ball (LOL), I choose the ball ^^

    No pictures of you and alex??? sad face.

  6. yosie says:

    wowow you went to the under bridge crab place! we chanced upon it when we got lost one time, but too full alr to go in.

    dan tat!! so delicious. there is a really good place in sf that has it, if you’re ever out west you shd try.

  7. yumii says:

    no lah you are not even considered fat or overweight or whatever lahh! you still look pretty and hot as usual. don’t care what those trolls said. i bet they are overweight dumbass sitting in front of the computer and they belly so big, they balance a cup of water on it, and they suck the drinks out from a straw. hahhaha (i noticed there are some crazy trolls trolling around here recently)

    as long as you are happy being who you really are, then nobody can say a word about it. Ganbarimasu in this four months! Looking forward your return to malaysia!

  8. Amanda says:

    fat? where got fat?! lol. haih i think those who says u’re fat are seriously blind. =_=

    happy bunny year to u too! <3 it’s my final year too. damn scary ar! i havent even start my classes and i kept thinking of how hard it’ll be already. (cos i got some senior friends who told me about the tough subjects)

  9. boo says:

    it’s funny how you worshipped barry so much not long ago and now it’s “alex” bla bla..”my boyfriend” bla bla. moving on is one thing, but to rub it on the affected people is another..hmm…i think these commenters are just being nice so that you’ll tell them more about alex. well i’m curious too, but i just think this article has no respect for your ex who was wonderful to you not too long ago.

    • yumii says:

      dear boo, we are not being nice to her because we want to know more about her new bf. in fact, i had always wanted to tell suet that it is better if she won’t engage bf matters in this blog anymore because im sure some of us are still feeling the effect of bazsuet break up. we do not want to have that feeling any time in the future, anymore.

      but still, who am i, A READER, to say anything about how she manage her blog and HER LIFE?? BESIDES, what do we know about her relationship with barry? do you know what is the core problem in the relationship? are you the worm in suetli’s stomach? No. And how long do you need to get over someone? she had six months, isn’t that enough? and you cannot control love. if you fall in love, you fall in love. you cannot chose NOT TO fall in love.

      i know some of us still cannot get over bazsuet, but is she can, we can. we are just readers, btw. we are not her life adjustment bureau.

      • boo says:

        hi yumi, of coz i only know bout bazsuet from what she has written. be it good or bad, it has come from suet’s writings only. who am i to judge? i’m not her life adjustment bureau, i’ve my own life to lead. but when you put things out there so publicly, you can’t expect everyone to accept what you’ve written. if you expect good comments, you gotta accept that you’ll get some negative comments too. maybe i’m reeling from the after effect of their breakup. IF i am, then it’s due to what i’ve read only. so don’t blame me for voicing out MY opinion.

        • yumii says:

          hi boo, i don’t ‘blame’ you for your opinion but i just want to say that it is still not fair for us to judge her as a person or a lover because we don’t even know her in real. we just know her blog. i’ve lots to say about what happened, but i chose not to, coz i know where I, as a reader, stand. I can only wish her the best. i believe she might have enough judgments from ppl who know her. she doesnt need us to judge her here.

        • passerbyreader says:

          i agree with boo. as a reader, we have our rights to express our opinion, good or bad. we are not fans, and not a need for us to worship her or agree to everything she writes.
          i used to read and like her blog, soon i get disspointed by the way she accepts good/sugar coating comments, and frown upon ‘not so good/honest’ comments/advices with the ‘fuck ya all, its my life, i ll live how ever i want’ attitude.
          i think alot of readers will choose to remain silent rather than commenting too much as since it may not be appreciated.
          i used to care and concern about this lovely gal behind this blog, but now, i think i should just read the blog for entertainment purpose only.
          in that way, certainly no judgements/comments/feeling about her life or wat so ever..
          even if she reply back on this comment, i will not comment further, not becoz i agree with her…becoz i think it would b just a waste of time..

    • sweatlee says:

      wow, i’m quite dumbfounded to read this. rubbing it on to people who are affected? i have no idea that i’m not allowed to move on until the people who are affected (by right it should be me and barry) have moved on properly too. i mentioned alex so often because in my previous post people were asking who i went on these trips with and completely went berserk when i mentioned his name without saying who he was.

      to be honest, my readers have too much a stake in my personal life. it’s getting way scary for me to handle

    • imsohigh says:

      i think she is just trying to find happiness

      after breakup surely will feel loneliness

      so is it wrong to be happy?? everyone deserve to fight for their own happiness

      seriously why bother pleasing the “society” and confined by their so called morals lahh

      all i know i want be happy ill just do whatever i want who gives a shit about others opinion or what they think

      immoral or not its our life and we have should do our best to make ourselves happy who set the rule that one must be forever alone.jpg after a breakup lols

  10. Redoxon says:

    Yeah man, i thought you had a lo0ng reflection about ur r/s with barry and why u wanted to end it cuz u realise that there’s more to life such as ur aspirations, freedom etc etc. And so u ended the r/s, not barry but the r/s. But now, so quickly, u are in another r/s?! Haha. wad about that long reflection u had in ur post entitled “five yrs down the road” etc? It’s quite confusing. oh wells.

  11. jassy says:

    it doesn’t matter if you gain weight or not, just as long as you are happy with who you are and as long as your hips don’t hurt because of the weight…mine do 🙁

    hongkong looks nice especially at night (as i’ve seen on amazing race asia) and i hope to visit it one day though have apprehension because the only mandarin i know is “hello” 🙂

  12. sweatlee says:

    hi, it’s been more than half a year since i broke up. i’ve been through highly turbulent times since, and now i’m finally happy.

    i’ve moved on, i hope you guys will to. if this persists, i’m not letting anyone into my personal life so publicly anymore.

    • massiel says:

      you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone. you lead your own life and make choices you deem are best for you. but when you share your private life via a social medium, expect some people to get errr….overly attached (borderline dysfunctional. that’s one drawback to sharing your life with veritable strangers. =X some people need to get a life of their own and stop living vicariously through others.

    • Ju Hui says:

      Hey dear
      i am just a passer by reader too…
      just to say: you don’t need to explain yourself really…

      This is your blog totally & do/write/say what you want. And ultimately, you are the driver of your own life.

      You are doing great & you look awesome (jealous laa)… lucky to whoever is with you!


  13. LX says:

    It’s amusing for me to read the comments that are fluttered here. Suet share(d)s her life experiences on this blog and her being expressive has got diddly squat to do with any of us. Read, partake and interact if we desire but i personally don’t think we have the divine right to tell her how long before she can move on or start her life over again, or even start spouting divine wisdom when we know none the better about what went/goes on in her life. For the self righteous lot, as William Shatner once said to his fans, “get a life”. Suet has hers and she deserves to be happy regardless of the past, present or future. More importantly, independent of those who drop by her blog with the sole intent of judging her expressions and experiences.

    • yumii says:

      i agree with you LX. U_U especially this remark : “Read, partake and interact if we desire but i personally don’t think we have the divine right to tell her how long before she can move on … or even start spouting divine wisdom when we know none the better about what went/goes on in her life.”

      seriously, give her a break and give us, other readers, a break.

  14. cd says:

    Alamaakkkk… sayangggg suet li. You happy, I happy. No matter who you with… as long as you happy. Positive energy IMPORTANT!!!! Jgn la pulak You all nak hentam si Suet just bcoz dia bersama dgn orang lain.

    Macam mana la Rupa si Alex ni. AKu imagine Alex Ferguson… yg pernah jadi coach si Beckham…. Muahahahahahaa…

  15. sweatlee says:

    angle, it’s my sister’s wtf. and cause i was wearing so many layers ma!

    kehrol, the culinary class is more intellectual and has a better prof!!

    amber, haha!

    massiel, except that i wasn’t even at home for cny wtf.

    michelle, damn tiring T_T

    phoebe, except that some readers are not like you, and it’s disheartening and makes me not feel like blogging anymore

    n, hahha! don’t we all love HK

    ap, hahaha weight concerned asian girl. ive always been concerned about my weight, and it doesn’t help when people keep pointing it out. omg i love your theory! hahaha

    corollas, haha! good choice now im happy! aiya i post his name also people so bising, i’ll do it slowly in time.

    yosie, yeah there are only like 5 tables inside! so always very full. i love dan tat, tell me the place!

    yumii, i hate trolls so much T___T but i have a feeling most people are like that, superficial shallow and just looking for me to fail/gain weight/be miserable wtf. the expectations are crazy, in regards to my physical appearance and even now to my relationship. i hate blogging sometimes T___T and thanks for defending me later on. i wish everyone is more like that!

    amanda, my classes are fine cos i already took the tough ones before, but scary to be a senior la!

    boo, i didn’t realize i was worshipping barry before, but because we were together for a while, i think it’s natural for me to have talked about him a lot. anyway we’ve broken up for a while now, so i hope you move on too. i have no idea my personal life has such an impact on others, and it shouldn’t really. this article has no respect for barry???
    that’s completely taking it to another level. i didn’t know my blog has to please so many people at once. can’t talk about dating someone new cos it might offend my ex bf? whoa.
    seriously, i really hope you’re just a troll and you’re not for real, cos it hurts to have my genuine reader think this way.

    redoxon, i had no idea i wasn’t allowed to fall in love along the way while searching for other things outside my long term rship. this is disheartening, waking up in the morning reading a comment like this.
    sometimes i wonder why i even bother. it’s been seven fucking months. give me a break

    jassy, you have to visit it!and you don’t need to know mandarin, just some cantonese will be helpful. but still, it’s fine without knowing any canto!

    yingwen, h&m! thanks!

    sharon, yala my own sister also never bising i dunno why everyone so bising

    massiel, i get it. being overly attached and getting upset is one thing, but writing snide remarks and making ME feel upset is another.

    juju, thanks! i really don’t know why some people are like that 🙁

    lx, diddly squat hahaha sounds funny. who is william shatner wtf? i’m fucking happy with my life now are people just unhappy cos after so long, after the barrage of emo posts and depressing posts, im finally happy? is this the problem?? haih oh well, i love you

    yumii, thanks yumii T_T

    rumtum, haha cannot la must jaga! i also wanna go back..

    cd, why cant everyone be like that T_T si Suet hahahhaa so funny omg. eh don’t say that, he hates alex ferguson hahaha

    whenpenmeetspaper, it’s disheartening, really. i try to be real and honest, and this is what i get.

    weijiea, u lah not here! when u come back we go paintball. adilah was there also!

  16. imsohigh says:

    its normal to gain weight after starting a relationship .. happy mah

    anyway the most ideal body for a woman is to have body like victoria beckham … her body is just perfect and so high fashion but not easy to maintain .. require big discipline

  17. LX says:

    Errr if you’re interested on the william shatner bit this is just as amusing as some of the comments here. I wouldn’t go to the extent of saying your readers live vicariously thru you but some are bordering between insanely and obsessively judgemental – especially those that haven’t even met your personal acquaintance so that’s just plain sad. Humorous but nevertheless sad.

  18. Amy says:

    Love u Suet. I’m sorry about the random jackasses feeling the need to hurt u in order to make themselves feel big. They probably weren’t coddled enough as children or were breast fed till age 25 wtf. Now if u actually made no mention of any boyfriend or relationship ever they’d be questioning ur sexuality. Nothing will appease those cowards except the downfall of genuinely sweet people. I wish happiness was as contagious as the flu, then maybe a little light would shine inside their cold dark bitter little hearts =D

  19. be steady says:

    hey suet,

    this is bound to happen, ppl will state their op.good & bad.
    1st reason, why would they give negative comments is tht she/he must have been dump n can never hold a staedy relation like u n barry once had, hence the negative comment..=) those with nice comments are happy for you…

    don take into heart wat these ppl say as ur livin ur life, n not their..who are they to say? you wouldn be surprise ‘boo’ might have trouble finding a partner who doesn cheats..

    ppl who say tht they are affected by ur personal life is utter bulshit! have they got no life till they av to live within how u live?

    right or wrong..u can only decide for its ‘u’ who would truly understand wht ur going through..=)
    u be the judge..ur happiness is all tht matters…not theirs..& not forgetting u deserve to be HAPPY!

    never be affected of wht those selfless ppl say or think..
    all the best in life!

  20. N says:

    Aiya why so much drama la. I’m a guy and I think it’s no big deal. She doesn’t need to mourn anything. Life is short, what happened is in the past and there’s no sense in immersing yourself in it any longer especially when the situation doesn’t call for that at all! This whole Suet-Alex_Barry thing is completely over-dramatized. It’s a relationship, when one fails or is incompatibly lost, a new one starts- that’s life, get over it already. “-_-

  21. Baz says:

    As much as I appreciate some of the sentiments here, it’s all a bit ridiculous. What happened between Suet and I remains between us both, and what’s going on between her and her new bf is between the both of them. It’s a bit silly to pretend you have a say in her life. Let her be, just sit back and read.

    Sorry, felt like I finally had to step up and say something.

    Back to browsing reddit and forever alone wtf.

  22. amanda says:

    Hi suet! I still love your blog n you. No matter what happens. I too was devastated with ur break up with barry.

    But if one keep on wallowing in post break up, tell me what do u get from that?? Seriously la. Try to accept her decision. It’s her life. Her happiness. Her decisions. Enough with the judging! U can voice ur opinion but think properly first. -.-

  23. yumii says:

    Dunno why but i have to tear up a bit to see Baz’s commenting here. So happy that he commented. BAWWW.. i’m so over-emotional. T_T

    Suet, trolls will always be trolls. Trolls do not like others to have a better life than them, so they pick up your past or whatever that can hurt you, to comment about. Don’t let them get to you. Josze is right, what’s 5 trolls compared to 500 of your loyal readers who wants the best for you?

    YOU KNOW WE LOVE YOUUUU! ♥ *hugs* and we’ll just laugh together with you when you lament about your weight gain. hahahaha. boing boing suet’s tummy! hahahhaha jkjk! be happy! laughter is the best medicine!!!!

  24. Daisy says:

    Too much of drama going on guys! I miss baz suet but it seems like they have both moved on so give it up pls n baz, I seriously think u r a real gentleman for speaking up for suet after all that has happened. Baz, all e best to u n I’m sure u will find someone who is meant to be.

  25. iqa says:

    i love your blog! i’ve been reading your blog since you started writing at xfresh! not too sure whether u remembered me but have we all grown to be what we didnt think we were back then 🙂 take care!

  26. Janet says:

    Please don’t stop blogging, I love reading your blog..I miss your make-up tutorials…And FYI, u are NOT at all fat…you are petite and still have hot screw those people saying you are fat..they are either blind or just super blind..hehe. keep it up..;)

  27. kelly says:

    SL, yes, please ignore the 5 negative comments out of 500 encouraging comments as per josze! You gotta understand the fact that as you get more popular on blogs, always be prepared that there will always be losers/haters ard 😉
    It’s similar to as even superstars; be it Jay, Jolin, S.H.E or etc, they will always encounter the same with haters too.
    So please don stop blogging, life is too short for us to care too much! Just do what you want & live life to the fullest as not many ppl had a chance too 🙁
    Cheers babe!

  28. charmingS says:

    lol they are trolls la. theyve been trolling around pretty girls sites. go to lowyat forum and you’ll know. a friend of mine is one of the victim of this idiot. this same idiot. he will say things to make you angry, then get your attention, then somehow make you blog an angry blog about him. -_-
    so don’t bother


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  35. Gavin Corrow says:

    Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point. You clearly know what youre talking about, why throw away your intelligence on just posting videos to your blog when you could be giving us something enlightening to read?

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