World spins madly on

World spins madly on

This post will be the most meaningless post cause I’m neither emo nor happy nor sad nor anything, so it’s just one of those nah here are some pictures and what I’ve been up to lately posts.

1. I’ve been going to the gym everyday successfully for about two weeks now and I’m so proud of myself T___T Sometimes I get sooo freakin’ lazy but I’ll just push myself anyway and feel a lot better after. I go to whatever drop-in classes they have about 3-4 times a week (usually it’s pilates, step, kickboxing or zumba, which is a really fun dance thing) and I’ll play squash and run for the other days.

Not only that, I also have a yoga class twice a week, but I don’t even wanna count that cause it’s so boring. Just sit down, pull leg on head and put arms under legs and roll like a ball then lie back and meditate for 5 mins wtf.

2. It’s exactly 2 weeks before I leave for Spring Break!!! I’m so excited! Fourteen days before I can embrace the warmth of the sun, frolic around the beach until I get covered fully with warm sand, traipse around the old town in search for the famous Mofongo (supposedly extremely sinful mashed fried¬†plantains¬†with bacon), and be all drunk on love and on Puerto Rican wine.

(this explains why I’m going to the gym so religiously now wtf, need to work off those curry mees and nasi lemaks I overconsumed in Jan)


shanshan my love T_____T it’s my first picture with her in….7 months?!?!? She just came back from her semester abroad in Japan! And as usual I have to look like shit next to her wtf it’s ok ignore my existence in that pic

Prepartying before going to the Drag Ball, basically a party where you’re either supposed to dress like a drag queen (if you’re a guy) or dress as a guy (if you’re a girl). Everyone clearly didn’t care to dress their parts except me, and even that I failed.

We swore off beer and hard liquor, and sticked to wine the entire night!

Simone, shanshan, jerusha and emily!

Ok we got a little too drunk that night, but it’s okay cos it was so much fun!!! Best part about being to a women’s college is that it’s so much more fun being drunk around your girlfriends than when guys are around.

Posting this picture up although my face is red as hell and I have bloodshot eyes cos shanshan looks good and she hasn’t appeared in my blog for months!

Sorry blur pic but this is my attempt at being a guy wtf. Clearly fail with my shorts

My first attempt lagi fail


We came back early from the party cause it sucked but I was still buzzing from the wine, so here

There are more pictures of the night but to protect our dignity I shall not post them up.

4. Other random pictures:

The chef gave me a bottle of mayonnaise and a million pieces of seaweed so here I am eating the best shit ever. Just squeeze some Jap mayo on the crunchy seaweed, fold it up and eat it, SO DAMN GOOD. Everyone thinks it’s disgusting though ;___;

This was during Chinese New Year and I was video-calling with my sister in the UK and my family in Malaysia. My bro with the ugly afro is showing us some kueh kapek and my cousin is showing us some bakua while my grandma is still trying to figure out why they were showing food to the computer wtf

My current Y U NO. Damn lazy to do my schoolwork laaa

5. I have a sad story. I lost my second pair of glasses yesterday T____T Glasses are not cheap ok and I don’t know why they mysteriously disappear everytime! Now I have to wear contact lenses every morning grr. I have a theory, that it’s not really me being careless with my stuff but it’s because there is a mysterious GLASSES STEALER prowling around campus. Said thief will snatch glasses from unsuspecting kind looking victims and make them walk around in the cold all day looking for them.

Now I feel better about losing them hoho. For my next pair of glasses, I’m gonna put the string around them like the ones grandmothers have so I won’t lose them again T___T To maintain my cool image, I will bling my string and add pearls and shit so I don’t appear like a loser wtf

Ok the end of today’s updates please come again next time bye