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I don’t remember the last time I haven’t felt apologetic about not blogging as frequently anymore..but this time I really have a legitimate excuse. I’ve been really swamped with work, and will be so stretched out until the day I graduate. Really not complaining cos this is so much better than being bored out of my mind and be dissatisfied most of the time.

Good news is I’ve progressed to stage 4 of the Teach For Malaysia interview! YES, there are FOUR stages, and stage 4 is seriously harder than I’d prepared for. We have to attend a day-long assessment, and will have four more “obstacles” to go through. I’m already swamped with school work and the running of Malaysia Forum as it is, so preparing for this will take up whatever remaining energy I have left T___T

It’s 4am now and I shouldn’t be awake but it’s one of those rare times that I actually feel like blogging so bear with this super long post!

Speaking of Malaysia Forum, I wish I’d remembered to do this sooner but if you’re a Malaysian studying in the states, you do NOT want to miss out this event! For more info: www.malaysiaforum.org/nmf/

So I went to Puerto Rico for Spring Break two weeks ago and never got around to posting the millions of pictures taken so here they are! I loved the entire island so much, from the beautiful beaches to the amazing food and friendly people, it’s what I had imagined my last spring break to be <3

Possibly my favorite place ever, this hilly vast piece of land right next to the sea where people flock to to fly kites.

where children’s past times include rolling down the hill without a care in the world

where it’s right next to the magnificent Spanish fort

where the sun seems a lot more tolerable

and people a lot happier

hard to see why this is NOT my favorite place in puerto rico!

look how far my kite was!

flying my kite, LIKE A BOSS


absolutely love love love this picture Alex took

(most of the pictures are taken by him anyway)

me with my trusty map and a cup of passionfruit ice cream. don’t you love these quaint streets and alleys? probably one of the most romantic towns i’ve been to

snuck into a very old antique/vintage store selling the most random things possible. the boss was sitting outside chatting with his friends, clearly not very concern with his customers. 1960s playboy magazines were strewn across the piles of vintage magazines, broken toy collectibles in one shelf and dainty china plates in another, rows and rows of records and worn books that have probably survived many owners and generations. a sleepy shop in a sleepy town, unperturbed by the waves of touristy capitalism. i’m in love.

MOFONGO! which is actually pretty overrated 🙁 everyone told me i had to eat this traditional dish of mashed plantains, but we only found it truly good in this really hole-in-the-wall place called Yurta. isn’t it always the case?

but this was so damned good i can cry in my sleep just thinking about it *tear

shanshan and i at another fort

sorry these pictures are totally not in sequence at all, not like it’ll matter if they were!

stop being so beautiful T____T the place i mean WTF hahaha totally just saw how that can be misconstrued wtf

with yijin and shanshan

how much my hair has grown! barely 7 months ago it was as short as an incredibly overworked chinese school boy’s hair

at this wonderful place that sells exact replicas of doors in the town

this how restaurants should be!

free rum at the Bacardi factory! 😀

old-school coffee machine at a local diner/bakery called la bombanera, also known as my second home. coffee here is to die for, and the toasted bun with butter is just wayyy out of the world!

pirates of the carribean

can’t think of a caption

sorry for the half-hearted post, it’s almost 5am now and i’m typing with my eyes closed. serioculy i am so don’t correct me for my typos ok this is sheer dedication at work it’s not always that i sacrifice precious sleep to show the world what i’ve been up to

WHOAAA i really typed the previous paragraph with my eyes closed and i only have one typo!!! i guess if i can’t get this teach for malaysia job and any other job, i’m just gonna get someone to hire me as a umm.. typist who types with her eyes closed wtf. maybe some bosses have a strange preference for someone like that wtf ok goodnight. clearly losing my sanity.


  1. crash says:

    cool… should have called me, i was in costa rica for a month for work. haha.. company just built a new facility in costa rica for our medical devices division.

    it is actually a very nice place, i spend my time walking and eating around town with some of my co-workers. and lots of cervesa!

    will probably be spending at least 1-2 months out of a year there. so say hi next time if you drop by… i might be in town.

  2. koalabear says:

    i love how your blog is still so honest and real!

    too many bloggers nowadays are posting nothing but advertorials after advertorials.

    this blog is still sweatlee 🙂 keep it up!

  3. imsohigh says:

    waaa like the first picture… the waves look so cool….. so nice to be able to travel around the world…. me sked virus dun dare go outside msia.. malaysia is the safest place in the world..

  4. stephanie says:

    When it comes to places I wish to visit, I’ve never given Puerto Rico a thought, not until I saw your pictures! I especially love the picture of the alley with the black cat. Wish to visit Puerto Rico one day!

  5. sweatlee says:

    amy, thanks!

    joy, she is 🙂

    bs, u should if the opportunity arises!

    belly, it’s gorgeous, but i still think lijiang is more beautiful 🙂

    miemiemie, yeah i miss my long hair too, cant wait for it to grow!

    lx, you say one ah! who hires kite flyer??

    aud, haha become a lot simpler edi la, too lazy to do much

    crash, costa rica not super close also!

    koalabear, aww thanks 🙂 i blog so infrequently though,,

    nyrac, it’s really nice 🙂 haha why must put pictures!

    strawberry, haha it’s as blue in sabah too!

    imsohigh, malaysia is pretty too 🙂

    tax, erm i got them from h&m!

    elizabeth, it’s really pretty 🙂

    steph, i think you’re gonna love it!

  6. amyyy says:

    Gorgeous vacay, hope you are refreshed. I remember at least twice in my childhood trying to fly a kite and the air just decided to stand still T.T. Even when the weatherman promised santa ana winds I got squat T___T

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