Eat shit sleep

Hello I’m a little bored today so here’s a pointless entry with x-amount of pointless pictures. OKAY fine I’m just procrastinating and avoiding having to do all my work and I have senioritis ok I’m graduating and I’m taking “fun” classes that are not really my major so please don’t be so hard on me!!!! T___T *foreverdefensive wtf


Random set of pictures on one cold lonely night after going crazy working on my accounting exam.

This is me being sad, and me being angry (with a bottle of gatorade). I just realized that my sad and angry faces are almost the same..

It was 4.30am (look at the clock) and I was bored, don’t judge.

Actually let’s play a guessing game, guess what my expressions mean before you read the text and if you guess right you get +100 points for being stupid enough to entertain me wtf

This is me with fake pitiful “please help me do this *blink blink*” face and me with real pitiful “HELP ME or i’ll dieeee” with tears and smudged mascara face wtf

Sorry the pictures are so tiny, I don’t know why they got resized and I can’t be bothered to fix them.


This is me with a real interested face, and me with a fake you’re so funny and interesting hur hur hur face

Actually I was damn in character hor! Angie said she could feel the sincerity in my genuinely interested face hahahaha

REAL HAHAHHAHA OMFG YOU DAMN FUNNY MAN *slaps thighs whole restaurant pause and look at me face

Why I look like shit when I’m genuinely laughing wtf. If you know me personally you see me with this face 80% of the time cos I always laugh at my own jokes *sad/angry

Bored out of my mind with a tinge of evil thinking-of-ways-to-take-over-the-world face

omg i’m graduating face

omg i gained 5 pounds face (true story)

omg i don’t have a job face

omg why am i showing this to everyone face

trying to devise a way to dig my nose discreetly while everyone is not looking face

(what? no one does this but me?? wtf)

ok fine this is such a boring game I don’t know who came up with this silly idea in the first place *stares at Angie for thinking it was fun wtf

That’s all back to work everyone. Back to trying to not panic while I find a way to manage both senioritis and the looming amount of work. Two weeks to finals, one month to graduation, one month and 3 days to saying bye bye to this place forever T________T

Suddenly feel a bit sad but who am I kidding! I’ve been waiting for this day since forever, can’t wait to be a contributing member of the society (ha..ha right..) and not just eat shit sleep repeat cycle everyday.


  1. strawberry says:

    one month to graduation? that’s so fast!!!! enjoy this remaining one month to the max cos no matter how much you hate there, once you leave and step into the big bad world and start working, (scream) YOU WILL MISS SCHOOL LIKE CRAZY!!!! trust me!!! auntie has been there wtf

  2. Random dude says:

    Interesting.. haha. You’re really leaving for good huh? Well all the best! Sorry my bro’s gf gave me your website about US and stuff. random! haha. am at Pennsylvania anyway. take care 😉

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