Eat shit sleep

Eat shit sleep

Hello I’m a little bored today so here’s a pointless entry with x-amount of pointless pictures. OKAY fine I’m just procrastinating and avoiding having to do all my work and I have senioritis ok I’m graduating and I’m taking “fun” classes that are not really my major so please don’t be so hard on me!!!! T___T *foreverdefensive wtf


Random set of pictures on one cold lonely night after going crazy working on my accounting exam.

This is me being sad, and me being angry (with a bottle of gatorade). I just realized that my sad and angry faces are almost the same..

It was 4.30am (look at the clock) and I was bored, don’t judge.

Actually let’s play a guessing game, guess what my expressions mean before you read the text and if you guess right you get +100 points for being stupid enough to entertain me wtf

This is me with fake pitiful “please help me do this *blink blink*” face and me with real pitiful “HELP ME or i’ll dieeee” with tears and smudged mascara face wtf

Sorry the pictures are so tiny, I don’t know why they got resized and I can’t be bothered to fix them.


This is me with a real interested face, and me with a fake you’re so funny and interesting hur hur hur face

Actually I was damn in character hor! Angie said she could feel the sincerity in my genuinely interested face hahahaha

REAL HAHAHHAHA OMFG YOU DAMN FUNNY MAN *slaps thighs whole restaurant pause and look at me face

Why I look like shit when I’m genuinely laughing wtf. If you know me personally you see me with this face 80% of the time cos I always laugh at my own jokes *sad/angry

Bored out of my mind with a tinge of evil thinking-of-ways-to-take-over-the-world face

omg i’m graduating face

omg i gained 5 pounds face (true story)

omg i don’t have a job face

omg why am i showing this to everyone face

trying to devise a way to dig my nose discreetly while everyone is not looking face

(what? no one does this but me?? wtf)

ok fine this is such a boring game I don’t know who came up with this silly idea in the first place *stares at Angie for thinking it was fun wtf

That’s all back to work everyone. Back to trying to not panic while I find a way to manage both senioritis and the looming amount of work. Two weeks to finals, one month to graduation, one month and 3 days to saying bye bye to this place forever T________T

Suddenly feel a bit sad but who am I kidding! I’ve been waiting for this day since forever, can’t wait to be a contributing member of the society (ha..ha right..) and not just eat shit sleep repeat cycle everyday.