Mad for feathers

Mad for feathers

Hello sorry I have disappeared again, I’ve been burrowed under the dim depths of the cold and unwelcoming library for the past week finishing up my last paper of my entire college years. Let’s all take a moment to say a silent prayer to both rejoice and mourn that fact.

read about food until damn sien already

I was stupid enough to decide that I should write on something challenging since it’s my LAST RESEARCH PAPER EVER so instead of being normal like everyone else who’s writing on the differences between Chinese and Italian food, I wrote about the relationship between politics and food. In particular, I wrote about the role that food plays in politics, both as a symbol of power and as a political tool. Thanks to my overambitious decision, I ended up spending THIRTY freaking hours on this supposedly “short” ten page paper. Just kill me lah.

Ok I know no one wants to hear me ramble about uninteresting school work, but bear with me since I’m getting quite sentimental about the end of my college chapter *sniff.

9 post it notes before I get to go home! Tomorrow I’ll be taking down 3 T___T (must remember to play some kinda ceremonious drum rolls when i tear them down)

The other day at this super crowded party some drunk girl with incredibly high heels stepped on me and I swear I could feel that heel digging into my flesh. It’s healing now T_T

Got an award! I don’t want cert gimme moolah wtf

It was Pangy Day the other day, aka best day of the year cause it celebrates the end of the semester and the glorious warmth and sun after 5 long painful months of winter.

Me and the other Malaysians! Sin Seanne, Emily, Jerusha and Dina.

sorry arm too short and tercut off emily haha

it’s A BUNNEH!!!! WHITE FLUFFY SUPER CUTE BUNNEHHHH! The Biology department is leaving cute furry bunnies for anyone who wants to play with them to de-stress ^_^

We went canoeing in the upper lake next! Sigh I will miss how beautiful my campus is. This lake is extraordinarily beautiful in Fall, when the leaves turn red and orange and yellow.

emily is very happy!

while i’m taking my rowing job very seriously wtf

i like the length of my hair now!

i will miss my pretty library T___T although it’s been a place of nothing but sheer misery for me the past few years

So I went on a crazy feather earrings shopping spree the other day cause I was feeling down about something  *guilty. But they all cost about $4 each so it’s not that bad!

These ones are longer than my hair haha! Also very heavy. I think I’ll use the feathers to tickle people if they make me mad >=(

Also quite obsessed with dove/sparrows now because I’ve decided against getting my sparrow tattoo so here I am buying anything sparrow-like I see wtf

And here’s another pair!

Haha kena tipu, actually it’s the same pair as the first one. (my hair looks awesome so must commemorate before it grows out further into that ugly neither here nor there length ok)

and here’s a very rare picture of me smiling with teeth 😀

sorry ah I so vain, but I’m no longer going to be a college student after this May, and since I’m going to be a teacher I can’t post vain pictures of myself all over the net anymore so I’m going to suffocate you all with them now wtf

Oh ya speaking of which, I got accepted into Teach for Malaysia! After a very intensive, challenging and laborious application process consisting of 5 stages of interviews and mock lessons and assessments and tests, I’m extremely thankful that they’ve chosen me to be in their first cohort!

I’m not sure if I’m accepting it for sure yet though. Gotta convince my parents that it’s not JUST a teaching job 🙁 (mom told me this the other day: you went all the way to the US to study and you are coming back to teach, what a waste!) (issue 1: why come back, stay in US. overseas= good, home= bad; issue 2: be a teacher??? what atrocity!) tsk tsk, teaching should really be perceived as a more noble profession than this. After all, who are all of us today without a good teacher or two?