So my promise to blog every few days has failed miserably 🙁 but I’ll start NOW!

I’m sick of coming to my blog only to realize that I haven’t written a new post in more than a week. For some reason I kinda expected a blogpost to miraculously appear out of nowhere wtf. I wish someone would invent an auto blogging mechanism and embed it in my head so while waiting for the train or while taking a dump or while staring into space, I could just go “ok start recording. Today I feel a little blabla…blabla…blabla..end. Post” and tada it’ll be typed and posted on

HAHA omg that’s such a good idea! Can do the same for emails and texts and basically everything in life. So the tagline for the product would be “Control everything in your life, from the confines of your mind”

Tsk tsk, such reliance on technology scares me. (wtf so contradictory)

Anywayyyy I’ve been busy with work lately. Have been working from 9 am-8 pm everyday, and they were telling me that when my fellowship starts end of the year, I’ll have to work even harder than this. Whaaaat! I immediately went “but what about my life?? I won’t have a life anymore!” and Dzameer, one of the cofounders, said, “Yeah you probably won’t for 2 years, but think about the many children’s lives and the impact you’ll make”. Grr I hate him for putting things into perspective for me 🙁

So yeah, the end of today’s short post. In the meantime, here’s a picture of a baby calf I stole from somewhere while googling image for “baby calf”

Moo, I’m so cute look at the heart shaped sign on my head!