Weekly Update

Weekly Update

Hello from a lousy blogger!

Why does time pass by so fast? I thought I was just born yesterday but now I’m 22 years old already wtf. I thought I just blogged yesterday but I realized it was actually one week ago and now I have to blog again ;___; Can someone invent that auto blogging thing already!

Sigh how can I be like this! blogging is supposed to be a hobby, not a chore. I think I know why I’m like this, it’s because I barely have time to do anything these days so whenever I have even one tiny minute of free time, I usually whip out my Kindle to read the 500+ books that are waiting to be read. (by the way, Kindle rocks, and my Kindle is white with peach leather cover and it’s so awesome everytime I take it out my cool-o-meter is increased by 100 times. Actually more like my nerd-o-meter T_T)

Anyway, today I feel rambly and now that I have time to sneak one short post, I’m gonna be an efficient blogger! And like all efficient bloggers, I actually have pictures to post! Pictures of me and not some random calf picture I stole from the net!!! I’m so excited can you not tell wtf. But unlike all efficient bloggers, these pictures are taken with my phone and not some DSLR/cun camera so pardon the bad quality.

From a million years ago, went with Ginny and Nat to this awesome Korean restaurant and ate this SUPER yummy…thingamajig. Don’t know what it’s called already but it’s like maggi goreng tambah all kinds of vege drowned in spicy sauce.

I was very very skeptical about this whole bubble tea rage in Malaysia now but then I tried this in Gong Cha and tried more in Chatime and now I’m hooked. I swear they put some sort of jampi in the tea to get people going this ballistic about plain ol’ bubble tea.

Went with Alex to this seafood place in Ampang cos I was craving for chili crab. I didn’t know any good seafood places so I googled “best seafood restaurant Malaysia” and this restaurant’s website said “we are the best seafood restaurant in Malaysia!” and I turned to him and said eh eh we must go to this one! They are the BEST! Stupid so easy to con me one T_T

Ok faster recommend me good seafood places!

Went to Ikea with my family and saw that they’ve stocked up on the dogs! The last time I went they only had one dog left (the big one, which I bought, and I sometimes think my dog is alive. On a few occasions, I remember clearly that I folded his tongue in (you can fold his tongue and snap his mouth shut one) and the next morning his tongue was out!!! I swear he’s alive, like in Toy Story *big wet eyes* so now I talk to my dog everyday cause I know he can understand me wtf)

So anywayyyy, they even have the small dogs now! I don’t know if I should buy one so he can accompany my big dog but now I’m a poor unemployed person so can’t afford to waste money on soft toys.

This is my life everyday now. KTM sucks cos they are never on time and they come very infrequently but oh well, my life could be worse.

I usually take the ladies’ coach so I don’t need to face gross perverty men who’d stare at me rudely but they’re usually super packed until cannot breathe kind. Sometimes it gets so packed that I basically have no space in between me and like 5 other people so I don’t have to hold the pole and I still won’t fall! Fulamak.

Today I thought to myself that gross men > being sandwiched to death so I took the non ladies’ coach and was surprised to find that men are actually not that disgusting after all wtf

Woke up yesterday and was shocked to see how long my hair is now, I’m finally a woman again and not some prepubescent chinese school boy T___T

I was given less than a day notice that I was going to be interviewed on BFM live, how nerve wrecking! It was an interview with Dzameer about Teach For Malaysia and they thought it’d be great to interview someone who’ll be doing it as well. It was quite scary at first when I thought of how judgmental I usually am when I’m listening to people’s interviews on radio and I thought of all these people who’ll be in their cars stuck in the jam listening to my croaky voice. But Caroline and Ezra were so friendly and nice that the entire thing was actually quite fun!

Here’s the podcast if you want to listen to it, but I warn you first ah I was talking very fast.

Finally here’s an emo picture of me Ginny took for Vanity Dreams

Ok that’s all for today, I have 10831 more calls to make to people who are applying to Teach For Malaysia. Have a good weekend everyone!