i had a dream

last night i was so tired from walking ten hours straight that i collapsed immediately after i showered. i slept extremely soundly for the next 12 hours or so in my dodgy hotel room near king’s cross, and had one of the best dreams ever. i dreamt that i was standing in front of 40 or so 13-year olds on my first day as a teacher. the day went surprisingly well, everyone was so eager to hear what this bright-eyed young teacher had to say, everyone paid attention when i told them that i was going to establish rules and my first rule is “hormat-menghormati” and everyone was in agreement when i said we should have mutual respect for each other. they put their hands up when i asked questions, and answered very happily and proudly. and only one kid was sleeping.

i woke up with a smile on my face and told myself that that’s exactly what i would say on my first day in my classroom. except that the kids in my classroom would probably walk out even before i write hormat-menghormati on the board.