The English land

Hello! I had a glorious ten-hour sleep so now I have so much excess energy I don’t know what to do with it! Of course, I could go exercise or something since I have gained x amount of weight since..since I was thin (3 years ago wtf), but it’s so hot outside and it’s so cold and nice in my room…I’ll start exercising tomorrow wtf

So! I figured I should just be more hardworking and start posting the pictures up! Although my mom is still nagging for me to unpack, I really feel like blogging now so let me finish this post before that fleeting feeling disappears again.

This is a picture of the entire Teach For Malaysia team! I’m going to blow this up and put it on my wall cos I miss them already (actually no, it’s just cos I look good wtf. I don’t usually look good when I smile so must cherish it!)

I have about 60+ photos of England that I want to post up so might as well do it now when my semangat is so membara-bara!

I think the thing I like best about London is every other building is just so pretty and historical looking! Just being in a place like that makes you feel quite cultured, like you’re in a place that has a lot of history although you don’t necessarily know the history behind it wtf

Tower Bridge! which is sadly always mistaken for London Bridge. London Bridge is actually just a normal looking bridge hahaha

This is Camden Market! Don’t know why it’s famous, nothing much to do there but see shops selling super gothic clothes

This is some crispy chicken thingy sold by a Malaysian guy. He knew we were Malaysians right when he saw us and started shouting to us in hokkien and malay, whoa we must be emitting powerful Malaysian aura

Don’t know why half the pictures on my camera are of food and of me eating, once a glutton always a glutton wtf

A shop selling super vintage toys!!!

I would totally wear everything in this shop! But they’re all super pricey, like 60 pounds for a top CRAZY

With my sis and her boyfriend, Peter, at a crepe stall. He looks like a thug but he cooks very well and is a gentleman ๐Ÿ™‚

I may have left Moho, but Moho never left me wtf

Harrods! Where you can never afford anything inside, even if you sell your limbs and kidneys. and ovaries.

After three days in London, we went to Leeds where my sister lives! This is the view from her apartment, so awesome T_T

We went to Yorkshire the next day! The building at the far end is just a big deal..they have castles everywhere..

My mom and I. I’m wearing a million layers cos it’s freaking cold despite it being summer T_T

Yes, trying to be artsy wtf

Aww, English houses!

a nostalgic looking carousel

No idea what this is but just wanted to show you how grey the sky is. Peter said: 90% of tourist pictures of England turn out like this, so don’t worry it’s not just you.

I like York, it looks exactly like how I would expect an old English town north of London to look like..

with narrow alleyways

and crooked looking shophouses

and vintage sweet shops

with small doors cos people back then were a lot smaller haha

and kinky donuts wtf

we had fish and chips next by the cathedral, since you know we’re in a very English place and all so might as well go all out and eat the most English food

Had afternoon tea after at Betty’s! I love scones with clotted cream <3

While I was posing for this picture, my mom said “you better don’t smile, you look better when you don’t smile” so this is me with an angry face wtf

Younger sister was tiptoeing, she has an obsession with being taller than me in all pictures

With a macaroon. Told you my pics are all of food T_T

Okay I still have tons of pictures but I’ll post them next time! Today I’m in a very emo phase for no reason at all (is this what happens when you’re in your early 20s? You keep getting blue and keep thinking about life all the time wtf). I think I need more friends to hang out with so I won’t have time to feel this way. I think I need to party more, the last time I danced was…ok I don’t even remember T___T I think it was..6 months ago?

Maybe that’s why I’m feeling like this, I haven’t had fun in forever! All I’ve been doing is reading on my kindle and playing sudoku on my phone omg I’m such a loser. My mom told me the other day: “I think you read too much, that’s why you’re fat. Stop reading, it’s bad for you.” WTF. hahaha..ha..ha. But I guess it’s quite true, so I’m gonna go swim now. or run. or dance. or play basketball. or just cry my sorrows away wtf


  1. strawberry says:

    the vintage sweet shops look like they’re from harry potter movies! and the narrow alleyways look like they’re taken right out from a jack the ripper documentary *shudders

  2. mandy says:

    Hello Europe! brings back memories~~ *_* i went there this time of the year last year for my sister’s graduation too. I love the weather there. and i know what you mean by despite the fact that it’s summer, the place is quite windy and freezing. lol. luckily it’s just summer though. if it’s winter, i don’t think i can stand it.

    oh-oh congrats to your sister!! ๐Ÿ˜€ what major did she graduate from btw? awww u must be so super proud of ur sister huh? ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. georgina says:

    omg! you went to york! i’m back in my home country now and i was in york for my studies for the past 2 years. pictures of york just brings back memories to me again. sigh, york is a really nice place. i’m glad you like it too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. sweatlee says:

    strawberry, haha! that’s england for you!

    michelle, it’s pretty small but cosy!

    mandy, yeah it’s freezing in winter! now it’s just nice. she did hospitality and business management! yes super, hope she finds a job!

    georgina, haha i loved it!

    sharon, oh oopsie wtf

    chris, shah maybe hor!

    cc, thanks!

    vivi, shah aww that’s flattering but my smile is nowhere as nice as hers!

    imsohigh, no wor wtf

    CC, haha it’s a tad too pricey tho!

    lily, aww thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    jessie, u have to go europe!!

    erlinda, ya man it’s super long now! feel like a different person haha

    eve, thanks!! i’ll try to blog more from now on! *gung ho

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