Chitter chatter

Hello all, I’m blogging to let you know that starting from tomorrow, I will be a normal person and not a bum anymore!

After my one month internship with TFM, I was travelling for a bit and was bumming A LOT (for 3 weeks to be exact). I did nothing at all for these 3 weeks, practically just eat shit sleep everyday. Watched a whole season and a half of 24 (love it!!! watch it if you want a fast-paced chair-gripping show which pushes you to think beyond what your ethical boundaries are), watched a little bit of Game of Thrones but stopped cause I “accidentally” read the whole synopsis so I know the ending is quite sad and I don’t want to depress myself wtf

For the next two months, I will be volunteering at a refugee school in Sentul. I really want to get teaching experience before I start Teach For Malaysia, but I won’t be paid for the next two months and I have to go alllll the way to Sentul so I hope I don’t chicken out! Anyone drives to Sentul from Subang? Boleh tumpang? Otherwise I’m taking KTM and it takes 2 hours *slits wrist

I’ve also been sleeping at 4/5am every night, so starting from tonight I have to sleep by 12am and I don’t quite know how to do it T___T It’s 1 am now and I feel like the night is still so young! I tried to trick my mind into thinking that it’s late by adjusting my watch to 4am but because I consciously adjusted the watch with a sane mind, the trick didn’t work wtf. Why I so stupid how to teach -____-

Random picture (actually not that random, I specifically wanted to put it here to show you that I am actually capable of smiling with my teeth! Whee! Very rare so must post up and pretend to call it “random” so it doesn’t appear that I’m vain and that I just cin cai found these pictures so might as well post them up)

Today I went to Fitness First cause I bought this monthly trial thing and the trainer used the machine to check my body composition and told me that..

she..she..told me *sobs hysterically* that… I…

I….*grabs tissues and blows into them*

that I….*makes loud blowing noise*

I have 30% body fats…


The first thing she did after printing the paper out was made a very loud and noticeable gasp and said wow…

and I was like HUH why why tell me why am I dying wtf

and she said “30% is A LOT. Maximum for women should be 24%”

MAXIMUM is 24% and I have THIRTY percent body fats. That’s like obese or something already!!! ONE THIRD OF MY BODY IS COMPOSED OF FATS. Not vital organs, not bones, not skin, not muscles, but pure FATS. And all this while I kept consoling myself and told myself that I’m not fat, just big boned WTF

Actually I know it can’t be true and it’s a trick to get me to sign up, but what if I think it’s a scam and disregard it and it’s ACTUALLY true *slits wrist

I mean…I know I gained weight but this is very shocking. So I’ve decided to go to the gym everyday from now on but today I ate a fruit tart cause evil Julian forced it down my throat wtf. So tomorrow I’ll try harder to be more disciplined!! *game face on

That is all.


  1. Julian says:

    WHERE GOT?! For the record, Suet Li came to my house for the fruit tart after seeing it on Twitter! Next time I’m really going to force it down your throat and also make you drink copious amounts of hot chocolate. Don’t play with me ah wtf

    • Fareeza says:

      omg you two. HAHAHAHA. GET MARRIED AND HAVE FAT BABIES PLS PLS PLS. name one of them oi suet, i miss you. come office ah, i got no kawan to laugh with anymore T_T

  2. Jayn says:

    nonono, Fitness First is all liesssssss! When I was on their month-long trial, they said the same thing to me, so I went a-googling and it’s max 33% for woman…lies!

  3. t3ngt3ng says:

    Not only Fitness First, in fact other gyms also the same. They told me I was obesed too. But anyway workout is good for our health 😉 After 2 weeks my body fats went down from 31% to 27% lol. True or not entahlah…

  4. Dev says:

    30% is A LOT! Try to check at other places too…like Marie France for example, just pretend you wanna join they’ll help you check your weight etc. As for me, I don’t care bout the fat percentage in my body as long as I don’t weight more than 50 kg I’m happy already coz my height is only 157ShorTcm wtfwtfwtfwtf

  5. Natasha says:

    Hi Suet! A long time silent blog reader here. Don’t know why suddenly motivated to comment wtf. Not that I have anything to say oso. Kbai wtf

    I swear I am, umm, somewhat normal wtf.

  6. ABC says:

    hello! to sleep early, all you need to do is go to bed early! i’m someone who used to sleep at 3am and got up at 7 or 8am. now i sleep at 9pm (wtf) and get up at 6am 🙂

    its easy. just bear rolling on bed for 3 hrs for the first 2-3 weeks before falling asleep (you find that your rolling hours reduce day by day). 2ndly, DO NOT TAKE AFTERNOON/EVENING NAP no matter how sleepy you are. and try working out 1-2hrs everyday to sleep better at night. and wake up early!

    its just practice. you just need to adjust your biological clock. if you wanna perform better in the day, sometimes you may need to sacrifice your night life. for me, it’s all worth it! 🙂

  7. sweatlee says:

    julian, lalala noone listening to you wtf

    fareeza, why u always want me to give birth to fat babies! i know the torment ok i won’t let them live through that wtf.

    jayn, arghhh i hope so!

    michelle, nevermind more motivated to lose fats!

    strawberry, hahaha u damn sohai. and yes id still know it’s u wtf

    yeehou, wtf u must do homework first

    ccc, hmm..

    jean, indeed i am.

    emily, i have small boobs, thats why need to worry wtf. and ya hor hahahahha good observation skills

    tengteng, if true then good lor! just believe and make yourself happy la wtf

    dev, oi im 157 but im 54kg wtf thats why need to lose weight cos i used to be so much lighter T_T emo wtf

    natasha, hey! hahaha why u so cute wtf. i also got nothing to reply u but cincai reply la wtf

    abc, but i always take naps T___T must cut them out already!! just force myself to stay awake only but damn hard wuwuw

    aud, hahaha come go measure wtf

    leena, it’s in sentul boulevard! actually i go from 9-4pm though so it’s a bit hard right

  8. fiionx says:

    no worries la =.=. im much fatter to you to be honest and it shows 33% fat contents in my body. =.=

    this is a strategy to make you feel worried that youre fat so you will join the gym.

  9. leecheng says:

    late reply, but it’s PERCENTAGE, so keep in mind that if you weigh very little, but have not much muscle definition, you can be 40kg and still be like , 30+% body fat. what you need to do is not lose more weight (by doing cardio), but increase your muscle mass (weight training). you might gain weight, but since it’s a percentage, you will end up lowering your body fat %. there was one time i managed to lower it down til I was 20% body fat, but by then i was pretty much errr… boobless. so i decided gain weight and become have higher body fat % also better, so low for what. hahaha!

  10. leecheng says:

    hi leena.. sadly, no such thing as target fat reduction through exercise. it really depends on genetics. really true when said some people are born lucky. and some people, they strive til everywhere thin as a stick, but still have tummy. so in the end, just take it ez. ;P

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