Flutters of the heart

Flutters of the heart

Happy things that have been making my very depressing week slightly better:

Having the time to read and just focusing solely on how the plot in the book thickens

Being alone in a very public area with lots of loud chatter – and to not only not mind but actually enjoy the solitude

Girly afternoon tea with my best friend who convinced me to screw my diet and just enjoy the taste of good red velvet cupcakes and macaroons while it lasts

Trying to inject colors to an otherwise dull lesson plan

How did you use to remember the colors of the rainbow? Mine was Michael Jackson Killed His Brother In USA hahaha poor MJ.

Well behaved kids who actually pay attention to everything I say

Making an otherwise boring topic like the convection of heat really fun. This is a mini homemade tornado!

Those pictures were taken with my Ipod touch and edited with Instagram, the rest of the pictures were taken with my camera.

Happy dainty earrings

Creative tag lines by an organization I’m extremely proud to be a part of

Today, we visited a school in Batang Kali for a half-day meet and greet session with 150 students and their parents. All 8 of us future teachers were quite nervous since it’s our first proper school visit where we actually have to interact with our students in full blown Malay since they almost don’t understand English at all.

This school is chosen for Teach For Malaysia fellows to be placed at for 4 weeks during our training, so we had to convince them kids that it’s REALLY fun and they should attend the “summer camp” even though it’s during their year-end holiday. I think we did a great job, cause they were all super enthusiastic at the end of the day! We also had to convince the parents, which wasn’t too hard since all we had to say was it’s FREE and they were sold.

We ran a one-hour long activity filled with games and basically drilling to them that learning can be fun and why education is important, and at the end of the day I was completely drained! Not only did I have to speak out really loud to get their attention (using my teacher voice, NOT to be confused with screaming like a lunatic), I’d also underestimated how absolutely tiring it is to speak in Malay. No idea how will I be able to have the energy to teach for one whole day if I already feel like dying after one hour T__T

But it was all completely worth it cos we were able to get the kids to be excited about school! They were probably just excited to see such young enthusiastic people as their teachers, so I hope they don’t hate us too much when we begin to make them work harder than they’ve ever worked before.

You know what, I think I’m going to really enjoy my next two years 🙂 I foresee lots of “WHY THE HELL AM I DOING THIS TO MYSELF???!” but I just have to tell myself that it’ll all be worth it. And it will be.