Party with XPLAY!

Party with XPLAY!


I was invited to XPLAY’s last party at Opera, Sunway Pyramid a few months ago but I couldn’t make it! Apparently it was huge and featured lots of local and international artistes like Funky Kopral, Estranged, Projek Pistol and Wicked Aura, and MC Vibe.

There was also a battle of the bands! (tell you a story, I used to date band guys so I was quite crazy over bands for a while. That was also when I started getting gung ho about learning how to play the drums, started falling in love with local bands (DISAGREE!), started being all hipster..and I also organized a battle of the bands. The story is, I managed to get Dragonred and Disagree to perform for us, FOR FREE. The event was terrible, the bands in the competition were bad, the venue was bad, the crowd was meh..but can you believe it! I damn cool wtf)

Anyway, XPLAY is hosting their next party again but this time it’s going to be at Johor! So for all you southern folks who hate coming to KL, don’t miss this out!


Date : 24 September 2011

Time : 7pm till late night

Venue : Cabana Club, Johor Bahru

Featuring DJ Shark, DJ Benz and DJ Ken


Excited? How to get free passes!

Super easy, all you have to do is like the XPAX Facebook page and register your details to get free passes!

Summary for all you lazy people:

1. LIKE Xpax Facebook Fan Page @

2. Check out the XPLAY app in the page

3. Choose the XPLAY location that you wish to party at (JB or KK…or BOTH!)

4. Register your details to get 1 FREE pass!

5. Print & show your e-mail confirmation at the entrance!

More parties coming your way in November, some in Kota Kinabalu, some in KL, so make sure you don’t miss them out 🙂


As for my birthday THIS SATURDAY, I’m going to finally get my car. I really wanted a Saga but everyone is so against it especially my parents, so I’m just gonna get a Myvi. Wuwu so common T___T but I don’t wanna get a Saga and it breaks down and everyone will laugh at me.

*whispers* I’m also getting a tattoo for my birthday. Finally got my parents’ approval….ok fine they didn’t approve but they didn’t say no either. So I guess it’s a yes wtf

I wanted to party for my birthday at first but since I’m going to Arthur’s Day with TAIO CRUZ tomorrow, I think I’ll have a quiet birthday this year 🙂

Have a good weekend!