EPIC weekend

I’ve had a pretty tough few weeks lately, but I’m quite glad that’s all over now. I’ve been quite emotionally traumatized and upset about several things, so maybe someday I’ll blog about it (but it’ll be a very very vague and cryptic post).

For now, I have some backlogged pictures to post! (especially from my birthdayyy, which will have to wait for another day)

Two weekends ago, I followed a friend to Kuala Kubu Bahru with the EPIC team to help build a house for this orang asli family! I’ve been doing nothing on weekends so I thought I’d better do something productive and not while my life away watching more TV shows and spending more useless hours in the mamak.

I was quite nervous at first cause the last time I really roughed it out was yearsss ago and I’ve been such a girly feminine girl since, how to build house and carry bricks and bathe in rivers?? But I’m really glad that the entire experience was so amazingly positive that I would definitely do it over and over again 😀

The team had been there two weekends prior to this to build the basic structure of the house, so this was what greeted us upon our arrival on Saturday morning!

Ibu Biah’s (not in pic) old collapsing house. She has many daughters, sons and grandkids and the small house is clearer way too dilapidated and small for them.

So we began working!

Our team was tasked with fitting the doors and windows, and because the power drills were not working, we had to manually screw each bolt and screw in. IT WAS TERRIBLE. but not impossible so we screwed and screwed away.

Jason’s an expert at screwing now.

River time! Extremely rewarding 20 minutes.

Back to work we went. We worked from 8am-6pm both days *flexes biceps

The old house and the toilet next to it (the outdoor one with white cloth)

New house! 60% done

Just keep painting, just keep painting

This dog’s name is Chicken!

Tired but happy, I can paint for a living now

Inside, after day 1

Our view from our dorm

Day 2! Break time with ice cream uncle!

I’m also awesome at hammering. Seriously awesome. Awesome giler. Awesome until don’t know what. Too awesome can die. Awesome is my middle name. I’m awesome. Awe-some.

The inside!!!

Almost there!

The back kitchen area

Very proud of the drain Triffany and I painstakingly shoveled in the rain *flexes biceps again

View from the hill behind the house!

Ben drilling with extreme focus and concentration

7 pm, almost thereeee!

Group pictar!

8pm, giving moral support to those who were installing the last panel!

9pm – DONE! Inside the house.

And then we went for dinner, the end wtf.

All in all, it was a very VERYYY tiring weekend, but every single effort, every single sweat drop and aching muscle was completely worth it when we saw the smiles on Ibu Biah and her kids’ faces upon completion of the house. I would never have thought I could ever build anything other than Ikea shelves, what more an actual real house.

EPIC aims to make the world a better place, one home at a time. If you have the time and energy on your hands, do volunteer to help them out but make sure you remain committed! I always believe that the best charity is one that is consistent and not just done on random spurts whenever you feel charitable.

Even if you can’t volunteer, do spread the word and hopefully more people would sponsor such an amazing grassroot initiative!

I was very pleasantly surprised at how amazing the people I’ve worked with that weekend were. Everyone had either a full time job or was studying, but still took time off the entire weekend to slave their asses away. It’s not easy AT ALL to build a house from scratch and it’s great how everyone worked together as a team despite the varying levels of experience and skills. Malaysians are so amazing *tear wtf



To folks who missed the last XPLAY party at Johor, don’t worry cause there’s another one coming up in October! This one will be way bigger as it features some of the best DJs like Paul Van Dyk, DJ Gluseppe, Terence C, Darkroom Tale and Mister Ariffin.

Details of the party:

: 22 Oct 2011

: 7pm – you want to go back

: At Helipad, Sepang International Circuit

As with the other parties, admission is absolutely free and it’s really easy to get the tickets!

1. For Xpax or UOX members, just have to reload! Register by sending XPLAYPVD to 28881, reload RM50 and you’ll get a voucher for one free ticket!

2. Subscribe to Instanet monthly at RM50/month and win 2 tickets! (while stocks last). More info: www.instanet.com.my

3. If you’re a Celcom Broadband customer, activate Musicube and stand to win 2 tickets! (while stocks last). More info: www.celcom.com.my/broadband

4. Download special XPLAY packages from THE CUBE (www.thecube.my or visit the WAP site at http://m.thecube.my) and stand to win 2 VIP passes.

To East Malaysians, don’t worry if you can’t make this party cause you can still go to the next XPLAY party at Kota Kinabalu! It’ll be at Bed Club, 8th October featuring DJ SHY (she’s super hot)! Entry is also free, just have to go http://on.fb.me/XPLAY11 and register for your free passes!

More info on all XPLAY parties here: http://xpax.com.my/promo_xplayfuture.html


  1. Ms. Orang Asli says:

    thank you for the selflessness =) maybe the person above me should look at the photo of the old house for comparison. that lasted for as long as Ibu Biah was there right?

    out of curiosity, any practical reason why you have broken pieces of clay in the drain?

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