On internships

If you’ve been following my blog since I started, you’d know that I’ve always been working random jobs since high school. From my time as a waitress, as an event promoter, as a flyer girl, as a nurse, as a trash collector, to all my many many internships, I’ve amassed quite an eclectic list of working experiences.

I’ve always wanted to talk about how important internships are for my own personal and professional growth but never really got around to it. Prudential approached me recently and told me that they want to create a platform for young adults to share experiences and advice on life. They found that most often than not, formal education does not actually prepare us for life at all. I cannot agree with them more!

So they created a forum for young people like me to contribute and I talked about how internships have prepared me for life after graduation (very happy with the topic :D) Do visit this page and like it, and while you’re there, read my super long (but very genuine ok) article and like it too!

Faster read ok I took a lot of time to write it. Actually, that article is akin to my CV except a lot more wordy hahaha. So there you go! my full resume for all to see. Please hire me wtf