Siapa ada extra baju kurung?

Siapa ada extra baju kurung?

In need of more baju kurungs!!!!!!!!!!11

Just realized that I’m leaving in 2.5 weeks and I only have 5 pairs of baju kurung, and we HAVE to wear baju kurung everyday for the next 2 years and 2 months (even during training).

So if you or someone you know have some to give away (ugly also nevermind wtf), please consider giving them to this poor teacher!

Email me at expectationx [at] gmail [dot] com


I have so much stuff to read before my training *stress. About 500 pages of pre-reading to do, and reflection essays to write. Will blog soon!

p.s: speaking of clothes, I’m actually really upset that I have to bid farewell to my entire wardrobe for the next few years. Bye bye pretty flowy dresses and skimpy sheer tops and shorts. Hello baju kurungs of every imaginable design and color.