1 day to Institute

1 day to Institute

Happy picture because this is a happy post!

Happy post because I’m finally leaving tomorrow for Institute (Teach For Malaysia’s training for two months) (back story: I’ll be joining Teach For Malaysia’s first cohort and will be teaching in a rural government school in Negeri Sembilan next year for 2 years)

I’ve been talking and waiting for this day for FIVE months since my graduation, so it feels quite surreal that it’s finally becoming a reality! I just finished packing and it was the hardest packing session I’ve ever done because I cannot bring ANYTHING in my wardrobe T___T

We’re only allowed to wear baju kurung during the formal sessions (7am-9pm everyday), and only trackpants and big t-shirts outside those times. So……yeah…..bye bye pretty dresses, scanty shorts and nice tops for the next 2 months and 2 years. (This is probably my biggest sacrifice :P)

Trackpants from high school days. For some reason, they’re a lot longer and bigger than I’d remembered them to be, I think I’ve shrunk in height. Honey, I shrunk my legs!

Bye bye, my entire wardrobe. Awesome maxi dress from Vanity Dreams.

Cute stationery, moleskin, Murakami, kindle, Teaching As Leadership textbook – I’m all set and ready for Institute!

This was taken on the way to my future school last week. Very picturesque 2.5 hour ride but I got too carsick to fully appreciate the view. There’s no highway to Simpang Durian, and the entire ride there was through extremely winding roads that have no street lamps. I don’t foresee myself coming back for the next 2 years, bye bye civilization!

Other random pictures from my phone:

Very happy day cause I got Murakami’s latest book! I’ve read all his other books so I was pretty determined to get this one as soon as it came out too. Could have gotten it on my kindle, but I’m a true fan *teary eyes from overwhelming loyalty

Before my haircut a few days ago. I was so tempted to get a super short haircut again, but I’ve waited almost two years for my hair to grow from my previous short boycut so I chickened out 🙁

This is all extensions by the way, my hair is not that long

Real hair length

This was taken a while ago while I was still volunteering at the refugee school. I was on a very competitive batu seremban competition with a bunch of 11 year olds. Lost terribly to all of them. The champion of batu seremban in that class was this small Myanmarese boy who was super good!

They were all damn cute, when I was on the verge of losing, everyone kept trying to encourage me. “Teacher, don’t throw so high! Teacher, you can do it!” and when I managed to complete one round, everyone clapped enthusiastically and gave me a “I know you can do it” look T_______T

I love kids so much T____T

We conducted an experiment in class the other day on density columns!

Sorry suddenly jump to a picture of food wtf. This is the making of maggi goreng with luncheon meat

Tastes really good but not as good as mamak standard yet. Need to spend more time standing next to the mamak guy while he cooks so I can steal his skillz

The day I got a pimple so big I almost got swallowed whole by it. Pimple doesn’t look malicious here, but it was so evil that I could hear it plotting for my demise. Popped it THREE times and it finally died a slow painful death. Took 2 weeks to recover. Moral of the story: drink more water

When Angie was here last week! Crashed someone’s birthday party at Kampachi *awkward smile

That’s all, I don’t know when I’ll get to blog again. Do follow my Twitter for more regular updates, especially if you want to know how the training goes and know more about my teacher life!




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