Cikgu Suet Li’s adventure: Week 1


I realized I haven’t blogged in weeks, but things have been crazyyyy! I wish I could get someone to blog for me because there’s so much I want to say but don’t have the energy, time and internet to do so.

So, I’m officially a teacher now! Students call me Cikgu Suet Li cause I think Cikgu Liew/Ms. Liew is too formal. I just drove the 2.5 hours home from a long day of teaching, so I literally  cannot feel my legs now but I want to update about my first week as a teacher in a rural school!

On the way to my school!

Yay, almost there! but another 40 mins more -___-

Cows crossing whenever they want, super scary!

The other day, I saw a goat lying in the middle of the road like he owns it. LIKE A BOSS!

My school! and view from my balcony. I live IN school!

I moved in last week and things were quite tough at first because we hadn’t got our electricity until two days ago. Use candle only T__T But! I surviveddddd. We also had to clean our inhabited house, we cleaned the cobwebs and dead insects and scrubbed the entire house! I’m very proud of myself that I survived cause I’m actually quite a princess. I don’t clean and I need aircon all the time, but now I’m such a kampung girl! *pats self on back

Angeline, the other TFM fellow, cleaning

Srs bsns

EUGHHHH. BUT it’s super clean now ^_^

Meeting my kids for the first time. So excitinggg

Anyway, about teaching! It’s been………challenging. Very challenging. I mean I know it’s going to be tough with these kids, but it’s beyond imaginable. First of all, I’m having problems with the boys catcalling and making kissing noises at me wtf. It sounds stupid but it’s a very real problem! Whenever I walk at the corridors, the boys will start, sometimes they even call out I Love Youuu.  I’m a teacher and this is really disrespectful! If it persists, I’ll have to talk to other teachers and get them to talk to the boys. They wouldn’t like it if people do that to their mothers/sisters too. Plus, I’m new, so maybe they’ll stop when they come to respect me later.

As for my classes, I found out that I have sooo much work to do with them. I was given the “back” classes for Form 1, and their diagnostic came up to be 0%. Some of them are illiterate, it means I have 7 years of catch up to do before I can end this year for them to be on par with the proper form 1 level. FEEL SO ANGRY that teachers let these kids waste 6 years of their lives! 6 years of going to school and coming back with absolutely nothing, learning absolutely nothing.

I guess that’s the biggest motivating factor for me. These kids don’t deserve to go back with another year of nothingness. They deserve to learn, they deserve progress and success. There’s absolutely no way I’m giving up until they show 7 years of progress in one year. It’s going to be hella tough though, but I’m glad my anger at the inequity is fueling my passion.

I also have one “best” class in Form 2. To be honest, I’d say they’re the best class only because they are well behaved kids. They don’t run around when I teach, talk or punch other people. Academic achievement wise, they’re averaging at a B-/C. Definitely NOT good enough.

Eventhough they’re well behaved, the other naughtier classes were definitely more engaged and active in class. The “good” class has a blank face whenever I talk to them, and would say yes in unison to ANY question; it’s as if they have been programmed to be that way from years of formal dictator-like schooling. It’s really sad and I’m planning to change that culture 🙂

My school is literally a drive-thru fruit farm! We have fruit trees all over and we can just pick the rambutan, durian, langsat etc anytime 🙂

It’s not official until you have your teacher name tag!

My poor kids had to carry their tables and chairs from the 3rd floor of a building to the 3rd floor of another building. They were so tired by the time they got to class!

Sometimes it’s Cik Sweat Li, sometimes Suet Le, sometimes Sweet Le -____________- Call myself Li la sigh

Meet Mr Chicken! He’s my timer for all my activities and I get the students to say “Hi Mr Chicken” and “thank you Mr Chicken” and they love it! Soooo cuteeeee

There are definitely plenty of challenges ahead but I’d say my first week of teaching went pretty well 🙂 It’s just a lot of hard work so prayers/positivism/words of encouragement are welcome!

Will blog again when I have time. Thanks for reading, everyone. Sorry for the lack of updates!




  1. ..*AnNiE*.. says:

    Cikgu Suet Li, I love this post of yours because it inspires me! I’m going to have my teaching practice next month and I’m pretty excited (and scared too wtf). But seeing how passionate you are towards TFM makes me realize I should be equally passionate as well. So continue to be passionate okay wtf.

  2. lynn says:

    I know you probably get this alot (Ive never read your comments box so I’m not quite sure, but one more doesnt hurt I suppose!), but I respect you for taking up this challenge. My hope for you is that you’ll never loose hope/give up. One improved results sheet is one kid saved, and education is one of those things that bears fruit slowly and painfully, but very necessary. On behalf of your future kids, THANKYOU for doing this. If there is any way I could contribute (though not physically unfortunately), please let me know.

    on another note, I’m glad you’re still blogging. Tough as it is, I hope this is another thing you will keep at. Because reading past entries is one of those most rewarding things you can give yourself to see how far youve come, and in times of need, can be your renewed hope and motivation! All the best sweet-li! haha!

  3. Felicia~ says:

    the cat calling will persist for quite sometime..and it may never even stop.. so when you feel that it’s getting serious and u have identified the few main culprits, snap at them and show them some dominance. *remember Cesar Milan from Dog Whisperer* sometimes, they just need someone to give them some order.

    it is very disheartening when you see your kids so far behind in terms of proficiency in the language. Heck, mine are 17 and didn’t even know the meaning of ‘fly’. The only way to stop getting demotivated is to stop thinking of getting them to pass miraculously, but to focus on simple learning goals. The process > the product, and as long as they ARE LEARNING something from you every lesson, that’s an achievement itself.

    once again, ALL THE BEST CIKGU SUET 🙂

  4. Jaclyn says:

    <3 that's the exact feeling I had when I volunteered myself to teach in a rural school during semester break. low grades/passing rate, and the kesian part is the students have to cross a bridge which is consider scary and dangerous to school every day but they seem enjoying it lol. but yea it feels sad. ALL ZE BEST SUET 🙂 xo

  5. Angie says:

    truly inspirational. 🙂 I really hope the very best for you and for your students. Sometimes they just need someone to believe in them , and you are truly my idol. So much love from someone so young. I know that they will benefit from all your passion and everything.

    I am gonna go into teaching soon, after working for 1 year, in the corporate world where money is all that matter, i’m jaded. So I’m gonna go into teaching and see if i can make a difference in the world.. i hope i can be someone like you. Passionate and awesome. 🙂

    ME GUSTA!!!

  6. Tan Yee Hou says:

    I’m not sure if this is the right way, but if someone were to catcall me, I would march up to the mofo, give him a slap and make him stand under the hot sun with his arms raised at 1 & 11 o’ clock position for an hour.

    That should do the trick, so kurang ajar.

  7. Amanda says:

    Hi Cikgu Suet Li! I admire you. Absolutely, totally admire you! If I’m in your shoes, I don’t think I can do it. I don’t have the patience and I give up easily. BUT you don’t! That’s the spirit of a true teacher should have. If you’re my teacher, I would thank you every single day of my life for your existence. As for the catcalls and etc, well, being a pretty and hot teacher, that’s one thing you have to face. lol. I think some disciplinary action should be taken upon them. Cause it really IS inappropriate. =/

    I believe you can do it Suet Li. Cos you’re awesome like that and I can see the drive and passion that you have in wanting to really help them. Not many teachers are like that so yea.. u’re gonna be awesome. You know I have this teacher, who uses reverse psychology to teach us a lesson. He NEVER scolds us. Just talk in a tone so soft and kind and gentle, i mean, what’s not to like about him! Then he will make me feel all guilty and then I will work REALLY hard to get good grades.. Just because I didn’t want to disappoint him. I guess it all comes down to PSYCHOLOGY. If your students like you, chances are they will do their best to succeed. Hope this helps. Cause it really made a difference for me in secondary school, so perhaps it might help you too. 🙂 Good luck, Cikgu Suet Li!

  8. strawberry says:

    hahahahahahahah @ the boys wolf whistling at you when you walk past. reminds me of my high school days when the boys kept disturbing this girl in my class who has very big boobs. i mean, B-I-G boobs, like this ( o ) ( o ) wtf. when she wore pink bra, the boys would go, WOW strawberry milk today! white bra, WOW full cream milk today! black bra, WOW rotten milk wtf. and they’d love to say stupid shit like send that girl to africa, her milk alone can feed 500,000 people whereas food rations only feed 500 people wtf. so mean!!! but i gotta admit i laughed quite happily over there when i heard it wtf *guilty

    someone should make the boys wear see-through pants too so we can laugh at their i-am-not-a-boy-not-yet-a-man packages. eh good idea hor? maybe you could petition your school to test-try it wtf

  9. Goingkookies says:

    Love this post!! It’s like journeying with you to a whole new world of experiences. It’s nice to know that we still have people like you who want to make a difference and is endeavouring to do something about it!

    All the best for 2012 and may this be an enlightening year for you and your kids!! 😉

  10. chefmel says:

    Very inspiring and you have all my respect! *salute* While many at your age (including myself) could have chosen a path that could give them a lot of freedom monetary wise, it’s so inspiring that you actually chose to give something back to the society. I’m feeling a lil guilty myself now. haha.

    *salute again*

  11. sweatlee says:

    annie, thanks and good luck! feel free to email me if you wanna talk about anything ok!

    aud, yes wtf. always call me sweet li sweet li -__-

    lynn, i hope i won’t give up too but it’s going to be really challenging to be positive all the time. i will definitely put it on my blog if i need help, there’s a community service part next year that i would need help for! thanks for your encouragement!

    felicia, yeah u’re right! thanks 🙂

    jaclyn, thanks!

    haniblythe, i love mr chicken!

    axiao, they’re helping me 🙂

    ricecracker, thanks!

    angie, good luck yo! email me if you wanna ask anything 🙂

    yeehou, hahhaha good idea wtf

    amanda, you know what, i’m actually a very impatient person so i’m quite surprised i could do this too. i think when you really try to put yourself in their shoes and understand why it’s hard for them, your patience level goes up. hahah reverse psychology! awesome, i will definitely use that trick 😛 thanks so much!

    bs, awwwwww that is really sweet la!

    strawberry, WHY U DAMN WTF one hahahhaha aiyoyooyoyo im a teacher edi, cannot joke like this with me edi wtf

    zorro, hi! wow i just read it! glad to have teachers like you 🙂

    goingkookies, thanks! all the best too 🙂

    chefmel, monetary wise, things are very shaky but i feel super motivated everyday (for now haha) so i guess that’s all that matters! thanks for the salute though!

    alex, thanks! 😀

    yinling, aww thanksss!

  12. strawberry says:

    har really ah? cannot write dirty funny jokes in your blog anymore ah? 🙁

    my life has become meaningless. goodbye sweatlee wtf

    *puts head on railway tracks
    *chants “i’m waiting for a train, a train that will take you far away…”
    *KTM train comes
    *becomes reincarnated as Eva Mendes’ sister
    *Ryan Gosling enters bathroom by mistake when I am showering
    *Ryan Gosling says “oh my, you’ve grown up very very well”
    *Ryan Gosling ditches Eva and falls in madly love with me
    *Ryan Gosling and me live happily forever after somewhere in canada where we kill wild bears to make pai gwai wong wtf

    sorry i am in a very delusional and talkative and typative mood today. and also WTF mood

  13. strawberry says:

    hello it’s mrs gosling here again wtf

    seriously, if all those stupid stuff i write here might get you into trouble with the parents or your school or students or even Obama wtf, let me know ok! the last thing i want to do is to cause you any trouble with the rubbish that i write here 🙁

  14. HiLo says:

    Cik Gu,
    Your passion in teaching will make a great difference in the lives of your kids. Am very proud of you.

    Thank you for being you who you are. Just reading your blog is enough to perk me up, although am not a teacher.

  15. Ophelia says:

    I’ve been reading yr blog for a couple of years now. I must say I am quite surprise at your new determination.
    In your previous blogs, you camwhore alot, blog about love, clothes, and all girly stuffs. Basically I see you as just a typical vain city gal that is waiting for prince charming to sweep you of your feet. (Even so, I find your blog interesting. That’s why I stay tuned. :P)
    I never expect you to have the guts to actually do something that I will not and cannot imagine myself doing.
    Bear in mind, what you are doing is definitely NOT EASY. Not many girls can actually have the determination to go through with it.
    I’ve gotta salute you, and hope you will persevere for nurturing Malaysia’s future generation. Wish you all the best in your future undertakings, hope things will go smoothly and turn much better, and may you find your prince charming (if you haven’t found him yet). 🙂

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