A rendering for Cikgu Li

A rendering for Cikgu Li

Got a really amazing poem from one of my readers the other day so I thought I’d post it up here. Also because I’m too tired to blog…… (ehem lazy ehem) (but actually I’ve been getting only 5 hours of sleep lately so I’m feeling quite dead also) (need to drink some ayam brand essence)

So! This reader has emailed me a long poem he/she wrote about me before and I absolutely LOVED it. Didn’t think that he/she would write me another one, but this poem is way more awesome and really good! Thank you, whoever you are, for taking the time to write this! I feel very very flattered and blessed to have a whole poem written about me 😀

Like the placid stalk that holds the proud leaf
Through storm, wind or nightly breeze,
So is a teacher who molds the mind patiently;

But there is one suave Li who is learning not
Just to mold minds but inspire lives lovingly.

Like those tidal shifts that occur when the
Sun, Moon and Earth are jilted by gravity,
So will teaching have its set of difficulties;

But there is one cikgu Li who will persist
Unwaveringly as long as she can patiently.

Winter has its summer, Spring has its fall
Through yearly seasons they come withal
So is a teacher’s career that is a tall order;

But there is one sweet Li who will brave
Each season and leave a mark on pedagogy.


Teach! Oh teach, pretty Ms. Suet Li!
Teach until you would have inspired
And changed minds, lives and society.

Teach! Oh teach, young Ms. Sweet Li!
Until you see the child before you set
On a path of success and meaning.

Teach! Oh teach, mighty Ms. Sweat Lee
Until you would see a small spark
Ignite itself in the little growing mind,


Some days will leave you weary from
Planning each lesson meticulously
Only to realize they are not learning.

Some days will leave you excited from
Meaningful questions that are posed
In the way they ought to be.

Beyond this, you have the power
And capability to mold each mind
Patiently just by inspiring them
In each lesson constantly.


Teach! Oh teach, feisty Ms. Suet Li!
For you maybe on Earth for reasons
Beyond your understanding
But your student will always
Remember you for inspiring!