I’ve been away all week (school holiday week) in our usual training center in Gohtong. Things are really beginning to look quite crazy from here on. I thought the past three months were tough since I’ve been working practically every second I was awake, but now we are thrown into a bigger and scarier roller coaster.

Since all of us don’t have our diploma in education, we’re actually studying WHILE working full time. We’re currently enrolled in University Utara Malaysia doing our Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) and will have to attend classes twice a month and almost every school holiday. Not only that, we have tons of assignments to do – just like any other university student! which is mind blowing because we barely sleep as it is with our full time teaching job.

But I’m not complaining cause after this, I’ll be a certified teacher and will get another degree so yays! Just that I’m really really…reallllly dying since I’ve feeling quite burnt out and still didn’t have time to recuperate just yet. I’m just taking each day as it comes but I’m feeling quite sad actually because I don’t have time to plan better for my classes. I want to do SO MUCH more and be a better teacher cause the kids deserve that, but I’m just swamped right now 🙁

Anyway I was feeling quite nervous to go back to school because

1. I haven’t had time to really plan my lessons properly,

2. I knew the kids would be out of control after the holidays

3. I knew I need to reset the classroom culture (positive and negative reinforcements, consequences, rewards, class policies, rules, expectations etc) but I didn’t have time to prepare much!!! GAH so angry!

BUT!  my kids were surprisingly not out of control like I thought they would. I was imagining monkeys being released into the wild, books flying in all corners, kids thumping chest on their tables ala king kong. but nada, just kids who didn’t do their homework. Phew!

I’m entering my two most challenging classes tomorrow so I really hope they’ll be somewhat controllable too. I just need more time to PLAN PLAN PLAN! I need so much stuff: books (ESPECIALLY books, all kinds!), stationery, papers, volunteers!!!!!!, gifts as rewards, more hours in a day…..

I’ve been getting lotsa emails offering to help, so thank you so much! I just need to set up an FB page to list down what I really need, but I don’t have time to T_________T Will keep you guys updated when I do! But I won’t accept monetary contribution because it’s quite unethical I think, to ask for money using my kids.

Breathe breathe breathe. Just gotta breathe first then I’ll have the energy to push on further. Should I start taking chicken essence wtf? Vitamin C? What gives you more energy?

Ok abrupt end cause gonna collapse soon. Nap time then continue planning the night away. Fun fun fun.