The blogger teacher

The blogger teacher


I haven’t blogged in a month. A whole month! That’s unprecedented. There are a few reasons why I haven’t been blogging, but I suspect the main reason is because suddenly, I’ve been getting a surge of people in school coming to tell me that they have read/ are now reading my blog. I mean, I know they will eventually find it, but I didn’t really think that there will be thaaaat many people reading and the depth of what they will read.

For example, two weeks ago, a bunch of teachers told me that they’ve seen my pictures when I was in the states. Dude…that was like a year ago? And I’ve disabled the sidebar so you can’t go to the posts based on the monthly archive/category archive so they must’ve pressed the previous page and read through every page?

That’s not the worst part. Students (classes I teach and classes I don’t teach) have been coming to me and asking me the most randomest questions about my blog. “Teacher please tell us how you lost weight!” “Teacher, why did you cut your hair so short?” “Teacher, your dad is in Abu Dhabi right?” “Teacher, you went to London last year?”

I was seriously quite dumbfounded to hear all that. These are things I blogged about a looooooooooooooooong time ago!  And I know most of them only look at the pictures since they won’t read the words (not being patronizing but I know my students, they won’t/can’t read English. Unless they google translate it haha. Even the teachers told me they don’t read the text cause they can’t understand much)

So yeah, I think that could be the prime reason why I’m a little wary about blogging. Granted, I only blog about school these days but it still makes me worried about what I should/should not talk about. Talking about my personal life is completely out the window, since they’ve also begun to look through my tweets/pictures I’ve tweeted. One girl came to me and talked to me really seriously about my boyfriend (his looks, his race, his hair etc) and she told me she found a picture of me and a guy on twitter and assumes he’s my boyfriend.

It’s very scaryyyyy! I think they’ve never had a teacher who is so open with her life (I always go into relief classes and tell them all about my life and experiences, they love my stories!) and are very curious about me. Also, when a student finds out things, that shit goes viral very quickly. And I don’t even have to tell you how gossipy they can be. If they see me with nice earrings, they’ll start talking about how expensive they are and how rich I must be (my earrings are always the RM10 for 3 pairs kind wtf). It’s quite amusing.

But my students can be so adorable too! One boy came to me one day and whispered cautiously in my ear, “teacher, jangan marah ye, tapi saya google name teacher. Lepas tu saya pergi tengok image. Saya nampak gambar teacher! Banyak sangat!!” (actually a bit lazy to translate but he basically said he google imaged me and saw a lot of my pictures)

My heart kinda stopped and I was flooded with a million thoughts. What kinda pictures are they?? Omg I hope I wasn’t wearing anything too sexy. Oh god why am I teacher now?? Was I being inappropriate? Never in a million years did I think this situation would arise two years back.

Then, in a meek voice, he asked, “Teacher, kenapa teacher takde jerawat dalam gambar dulu tapi sekarang ada?” (why didn’t you have pimples in those pictures but you have them now?)


I mean, this boy just went through all my personal pictures from before, and this is all he’s asking me????????

I was obviously quite speechless for a while and he thought I was angry that he was googling me, so he kept saying that he was using the computer at the computer lab and apparently he typed “s” and “suet li” came up so his defense was someone already googled me before therefore it’s not his fault.

HAHAHAHHA don’t know whether to laugh or cry. So I just told him that I’ve been getting pimples because my students are driving me crazy (true story).

A few girls, in their English journals, have also written to me and asked for my advice about losing weight and cutting their hair. I guess it’s a good thing after all haha

Anyway, I can’t believe I’ve written a whole post about this. It’s been an extremely tiring day so I’m going to sleep now! (it’s 10 freaking p.m.) We have our sports day tomorrow and I’ve been working like crazy decorating the tents and getting (begging, more like it) students to help me with the march and forcing them to participate.

I never would have knew this before I was a teacher, but being a teacher is seriously the craziest job in Malaysia. We do every single thing imaginable and it’s really quite draining. Aside from being an educator, we’re also clerks (oh god, sometimes I feel like I’m more of a clerk than a teacher, with all that filing, report-writing and paperwork), we’re also drivers, painters, builders, coaches, interior designers, odd-job workers, negotiators, NANNIES, guards, parents, and the list never ends.

Just today, I was scurrying my kids to the river because there was a water cut in our area. Some kids have been coming into our house to shower, and there were too many of them so I brought them to the river instead.

In all honesty though, it’s been fun. I don’t think I will ever forget my two years here.


p.s: remember A, the boy I talked about in the previous post? After our talk, well more like after my talk with him checking his nails, he’s been doing great in class. He’s also been talking to me more, always chipping in with random comments and greeting me shyly whenever he sees me. I’m really glad things are working out with him 🙂

p.p.s: I’m actually realllllly frustrated with a lot of things the government/ministry is doing now but I shall bite my tongue on this. I just have to say though, they are really making our lives a lot harder than they already are. Sigh.