Raya is here!

Raya is here!

Thought I’ll write a short post telling you all that I HAVE REPLIED COMMENTS IN THE PREVIOUS TWO POSTS!!!

WOOT! It’s an achievement for me because I’ve been a very very bad blogger and have stopped replying to comments since I started teaching. I remember the old Suet would reply to every comment thoughtfully because I know every reader has put a lot of thoughts in writing his/her comment as well. The old Suet also has tons of time at her disposal which I don’t now T__T

Someone mentioned that he really misses the pre-cikgu suet posts and I could not have agreed to it more. I miss my old blogger self too. Aside from my vain, narcissistic side, I thought I was a lot more outgoing, chill and fun too. Now I’m so serious and boring! Yeah I’m inspiring now but I feel so grown up! I feel like I don’t have a personality anymore where else I used to think that I was a person with lotsa character (chehhhh perasan)

It’s funny though, because I feel like I’m really my old silly self when I’m in front of my kids. I would dance (yes -___-), sing off-key (cause I’m tone deaf), tell very very stupid jokes and am generally very stupid with them. But because my blog is public, I feel soooo constrained with my thoughts and writing. I can’t be my true self (true self is actually quite bimbotic) for fear of being judged as not being a good educator. Truth is, why should your ability to teach and how good a teacher you are be measured by the personality you exhibit? Is there only one type of person who can be a good educator?

When people found out that I’m a teacher (people who know I have a blog and who have seen my blog – but don’t necessarily know me), they are genuinely surprised that someone as vain and bimbotic as me can be a teacher. So I post pictures online, so I like makeup and wrote about clothes, does that mean I’ll be a bad teacher/role model to kids? The society is so harsh that it scares me. A person’s substance, intelligence, level of┬áperseverance and heart should never be judged based on how much she cares about her looks.

Vanity and intelligence are not mutually exclusive. So my blog used to have a lot of pictures of myself, but I’ve also written many many many deep and thought-provoking posts. How come people don’t take the time to read those first before jumping to conclusion on who they think I am. I’m perceived as shallow and superficial, but not taking the time to read beyond the pictures makes them worse.

I meant for this to be a short one paragraph post but I’ve gotten very rambly :/

I think it’s because I have nothing to prepare for tomorrow! Everyone is in Raya mood already and I’m actually really excited for my 10-day break as well! Though I think 10 days for this is a little too long and we have to replace back some days for Saturday classes anyways.

Anyway, have a good Raya break and Selamat Hari Raya to all my Muslim readers! In my ongoing effort to foster a better relationship with the other teachers, I’ve bought a few jars of Raya cookies -___- The staff room has turned into a bakery these days and we have all kinds of cookies left right center. I’m really excited to be opening them up and to be able to eat them in public after Raya! Haha.