Everyday is an exciting day

Everyday is an exciting day

Hello after one month of absence!

This is a glorious month because it’s my birthday month! So I vow to keep my excitement as each day comes because we all know that an unexcited, passive, boring teacher is the worst teacher to have in a classroom. It’s good that I’m an easily excitable person so everything that happens everyday always keeps me genuinely happy anyway.

I have pictures to share and an exciting news at the end of the post! I think I’m using the many derivations of the word exciting too liberally haha. Going to start off with some teaching-unrelated pictures first.

This was taken two months ago at my best friend’s wedding. Can’t believe it’s been two months since that incredibly exciting (here I go again) day!

Me with Angie who flew from Canada just for that weekend. Angie is always an amazing company because she’s as easily excitable as I am! Everytime we see each other again after a long period of time, we always get along so well as if we never parted 🙂

I’m also overly tanned here because it was the weekend after my Sports Day where I got baked like crazy.

Seeing Audrey in her wedding dress the first time made me cry T___T I think I’ll cry like a baby when I see her first baby bump too T___T Can’t believe she’s all grown up now T__T

At the wedding dinner with the super cute Up house! I’m the one in white in case you have forgotten how I look like since I don’t post that many pictures of myself anymore haha. L-R: Tze, Jiameei, Angie, me, Huiwen, Jolene.

Ok that’s it, on to teaching pictures! Keep in mind that I can’t put too many personal pictures because I have a lot of students and teachers reading my blog.

Yes, I’m now an Arts teacher too! I have no idea what to teach them so I just teach them what I know best – how to draw humans/anime-looking people haha

This was taken during extra class one day. My extra class is super muhibbah one cause I have Chinese, Indian, Malay and orang asli students. This is a proud teacher moment, my kids teaching the other kids 🙂

Another super super proud teacher moment too! I had the kids write an essay and told them to be very creative with it. This is a boy reading another boy’s essay (really funny essay) to another boy and laughing about it. LOVE it when they have fun with English!

This is so logical I absolutely cannot find a flaw in her premise hahahaha I love my kids.

Another proud teacher moment! Maybe I should just name this post “Proud teacher moments”. These are my kids editing each other’s essays before sending them in. I gave them the criteria I use to edit their essays and they switched books and marked their friend’s essay.

After 40 minutes, none of them finished marking and complained “Teacher, it’s so hard to mark!” I used that opportunity to give them a lecture on why it’s important to read through their essay first before handing it in. Imagine 40 minutes per essay x 30 essays. And I have 5 classes’ essays to read so 150 essays x 40 minutes = 6000 minutes!

“Imagine I have to spend 100 hours to mark all your essays every month! That’s if I don’t sleep, eat, go toilet or take a break at all. It’s so sad ok, when my friends ask me out I have to say no. Do you want me to have no friends, no life and to die a lonely death by the river???!”

Kids: Noooo teacher!

“Yes! So pleaseeee check your essays first and please don’t make so many mistakes. Or I’ll haunt you forever”

Dramatic betul lah teacher ni.

One cheeky kid asked: kenapa nak mati tepi river teacher?

“Sebab macam kesian sikit hehe”

Class erupted into laugher. This class really knows how to feed my ego!

This is Jaya reading Peter and Jane Book 3A !!!! PROUD MAX! It took her 9 months to get here though but we’ll still soldier on! Target is Book 5 by the end of this year. Although she can read better now (can pronounce words), it’s still hard for her to comprehend what she’s reading. Slowly..slowly.

Anyone knows the Oh My English crew? If you can get me connected to them, my kids and I will be indebted to you forever!!

This is why I need more books! I’ve been buying them for some of them (they love love love the Wimpy Kid’s Diary series). This is from the best class so they can read higher level books. Please donate more books to me if you have some that you don’t want anymore! Not too high level please, my better kids can only read books like Wimpy Kid’s Diary, not even Enid Blyton yet.

To above and beyond! Misty drive back to my kampung.

Tyre suddenly erupted when I got into the highway on the way home last weekend. Thank god the ronda guy came to my rescue!

And I’m soooo thankful it happened at the highway. To get home, I have to go through 1-hour of isolated kampung roads before reaching the highway and if my tyre burst then, I wouldn’t know what to do. There’s no phone reception most of the journey and I don’t know how to replace my tyre too. Actually, I do but I’m a chicken and am always scared to get out of my car if anything happens.

Thank you again LEKAS ronda guy! Don’t know why so bad luck tyre burst for no reason 🙁

Amazing relaxing time with my abandoned 1Q84 and a cup of sweet potato latte and great company 🙂

Can’t wait for December holidays although TFM fellows only get about 3 weeks off. Lots of work to do before then, and lots of planning to do during holidays too but I can’t wait for not waking up at 6 a.m! I hate waking up so early can I just teach somewhere where I can wake up at a decent hour!

Anyway it’s late (11.30 pm GASP) so time to sleep. Thanks for reading!

OH YEAH. Almost forgot my exciting news! I just got invited to speak at TEDx youth KL. Say whaaaaat?

p.s: sorry for the liberal use of exclamation marks and sorry if it got annoying. It’s an exciting month so must punctuate with !!! to show how exciting everything is!