24 on 24

24 on 24

So it’s my birthday today! I turn 24 this year so as usual, I’m going to write a birthday post to talk about how it feels to be a year older. I’m expecting this to be a long rambly, personal, introspective post so be warned that it might get lengthy!

Let me start off with teacher-related stuff first.

When I walked into school today, I immediately got a barrage of wishes from my kids. They knew it was my birthday because I have the same birthday as one boy and I once told him that only awesome people are born on this day (also gave him a fist pump after that -I’m such a cool teacher hahaha)

So I was feeling quite happy and excited about today before my classes already!

During my first class, I wrote on the board (amidst notes on grammar and boring stuff) “Happy Birthday Syahfiq! Only awesome people are born on 24 Sept!” and everyone broke into laughter before wishing him as well.

After the class ended, the monitor went in front and cleared his throat.

“Attention class!”

Then I made fun of him cos he sounded so serious hahahaha I’m such an evil teacher! Gonna get bad karma.

Then he continued. “Today is a very special day because it’s someone’s birthday…”

“I want to thank Teacher Suet Li for being our teacher, and would like to wish her all the best. We promise to do our best in our English exam as your present! Stand up class.”

Then he got everyone to say happy birthday to me in unison T_________T What did I do to deserve this T_______T

I was soooo freaking proud of him cause he said the entire short speech in English and he was clearly very nervous to stand in front and to speak English!

Some of them gave me cards after. I am so touched but cannot cry must maintain cool macho persona wtf

Then, in my second class, they sang me a birthday song the moment I stepped into class. I stood there awkwardly (I am SUPER awkward when people sing me birthday songs, please don’t ever do that to me!) and tried to smile but was blushing intensely.

I can’t believe my kids are so sweet! They kept saying sorry for not giving me presents but I told them I really really just want them to do well, not just in exams but in life. So teacher lah me.

Anyway, now here comes the lengthy introspective serious part haha.

Come to think of it, I have so much to say that I don’t even know what to say. Birthdays are a great time to reflect on our lives so I guess I’ll attempt to do that..

The past one year since my last birthday had been a complete 180 degrees turnaround for me. During this time last year, I was going through an incredibly tough time that had caused me to doubt my sanity and integrity as a person. I was in a really bad shape then and I don’t think any of my friends could really recognize me much too.

In fact, I was really hesitant on starting my journey as a teacher because I was in such a bad emotional wreck that I thought me being a teacher would just be a hazard to my future students!

Thankfully, I went ahead with it anyway because it seemed silly to give up something I believe in because of a feeble excuse of a problem that I could easily fix (though it didn’t seem easy then). I am also just really REALLY thankful that I had a great bunch of people as my support system when things were crazy. My family, my friends, my readers even, were all there whenever I needed them. So thank you everyone for hoisting me up to where I am now! My students have you to thank too :’)

Actually, I’m trying really hard to word my “lengthy, introspective and personal” birthday post because I’m no longer at a position where I could just babble on about everything freely. I can do a password protected post, but it just takes too much effort to deal with the mailing list and sending out passwords (but thank you everyone who has been emailing me to be included in the mailing list!) so I guess this will do.

To my long time readers: I’ve really changed, haven’t I? From a super happy-go-lucky and silly, naive, immature girl, to a really dark, emotional person last year, to this person I am today.

This is actually my first birthday in 4 years that was spent very low-key-ly because the past few years had been quite crazy. In school, birthdays for me meant it was time to get allllll my friends together in my house and talk until midnight! In college, frankly, birthdays were just a time to party like crazy and to get err, intoxicated. It was great fun but I really wanted something quiet this year! I spent an awesome time with my loved ones this weekend, and today with my kids. I couldn’t have asked for a better celebration 🙂

To myself: I’m glad you’ve become a better person this year and though there are nights where life uncertainties still creep up beneath you in the dark, know that life will always get better if you want it to be. Also, please always remember to appreciate the people around you and to appreciate all the little moments in life *getting cheesy wtf

Happy birthday to myself, and to all September babies!